Glazed Expressions

Glazed Expressions is a well-illustrated magazine published twice a year, containing a wide range of national and international articles dealing with tiles and architectural ceramics, conservation issues, interviews, book reviews, tile identification, collectors corner and up-to-the-minute news items

2024 Index to Glazed Expressions Nos. 1–92 & TACS Journal Nos. 1–29

No. 92 2023

The Pilkington’s Exhibit at the Glasgow Exhibition 1901 (Angela and Barry Corbett)
Coalville Catalogue and ‘Photographic’ Tile (Rob Higgins)
Contemporary Tilemaker: Hilke Macintyre (Hilke Macintyre)
Medieval Tiles at Allestree Library, Christ Church College, Oxford (Lesley Durbin)
Victorian Floor Tiling – Troubles Down Under (Michael Rieveley)
Glazed Expressions – 40, 30 and 20 Years Ago (Rob Higgins)
Pulpit Angels by Mary Seton Watts in Little Gaddesden Church (Louise Boreham and Hilary Calvert)
Maw Designs for the United States of America (Rob Higgins)
Thorpe Lodge and Leighton House, Holland Park, London (Rob Higgins)
Former Public Library in Stoke and The Old Library in Liverpool (Penny Beckett)

No. 91 2023

The Arts and Craft Style Tiles of Quentin Bell (Ian M Betts)
The Banbury Buildings Tile Mural by Reeves and Clarkes (Lily Crowther)
Glazed Expressions 40, 30 and 20 Years Ago (Rob Higgins)
Snippets from the Tile File: Updates and Additions (Rob Higgins)
The Unfolding Story of the Winter Gardens, Morecambe (Lesley Durbin, Paul Rothery and Cynthia Church)
Tiled Buildings in Jersey (Trudy Mirza)

No. 90 2022

Restoration of the Minton Floor of York Minster Chapter House (Mark Taylor and Chris Blanchett)  Wedgwood in Scotland: Henderson’s Butchers, Castle Douglas (Penny Beckett)  Seasonal and Pub Tiles in Keele and Newcastle-under-Lyme (Ian M Betts)  Snippets from the Tile File: Tiles and Terracotta from Coalville (Rob Higgins)  The Thomas Elsley Tile Cards Revisited (Hans van Lemmen)  Rescue and Restoration of the Doulton House Murals (Lesley Durbin and Alan Swale)

No. 89 2022

Tiles in Indo Portuguese Architecture and their Legacy in India (Radhika Vaidyanathan) The Derby Tile Company (Marshall Colman) Hidden Delights – the former Green Man Pub in Southwark (Penny Beckett) Snippets from the Tile File – Stoke on Trent, 1880-1914 (Rob Higgins) Sgraffito Tile from Maw & Co. (Georgina Grant) Dutch Tiles Decorated by William De Morgan (Rob Higgins)

No. 88 2021

George Mayer-Marton, Mural Design, Materials and Techniques (Gordon Millar) Contemporary Tilemaker – Aleta Doran (Aleta Doran) Medieval Tiles at St John the Baptist, Claines, Worcestershire (Lesley Durbin) More Dust Pressed Blanks used by William De Morgan (Rob Higgins) Tiles from the Gateshead Art Pottery? (Andrew Greg) Conservation of Medieval Tile Pavements (Lesley Durbin) Kenneth Townsend – a Chronology and New Finds (Rob Higgins)

No. 87 2021

Behind Close Doors – Paisley’s Hidden Tenement Tiles (Catherine Watt) INAX Museums in Japan (Yoshino Tachibana, Curator) Walter Crane – Flora’s Train for Pilkington’s (Angela and Barry Corbett) The Cross on the Hill (David Henry) Bringing Glazed Bricks Back Into The Future (Maria Gasparian) Some Thoughts on the 40th Anniversary of TACS (Penny Beckett, TACS Chair) Celebratory TACS Cakes Through The Years (Hans van Lemmen) 40th Anniversary Messages from Tile Friends in America(1) Joseph A. Taylor (2) Cleota Reed Dundee Tiles – A Licence to Collect (Hans van Lemmen) Ceramic Mural by Bernd Trasberger Commemorating Burmantofts (Hannah Platt) The Gilliot & Roelants Tile Museum in Hemiksem, Belgium (Mario Baeck) Delft Blue Tiles in The Hague (José den Hartog)


No. 86 2020 

Camm Brothers – Ceramic Tiles from a Stained Glass Studio (John Merilion and John L. Wray) A Tile Treat in Blackpool by Alphonse Mucha (Angela and Barry Corbett) Dust Pressed Industrial Tiles used by William De Morgan (Rob Higgins) ‘Building with Ceramics’ and 24 Savile Row, London (Penny Hampson) The Buildings of Droitwich Mural Philippa Threlfall (Kerri Stevenson) £6.00 Buy

No. 85 2020 

Voysey’s Tile Designs (Tony Peart) •  Female Painters in the V&A Tile Collection  (Rebecca Luffman) A Tale of Two Sides (Rob Higgins) Rare Doulton Domesday Tiles Discovered (Steve Wright)•  Coalbrookdale Company Terracotta (Georgina Grant) •  Delftware Tiles Discovered in Ispwich (Kerri Stevenson)  £6.00 Buy


No. 84 2019 

Graphic Variety and Christina Sheppard at the V&A (Rebecca Luffman) •  Two London Decorative Tile Panels by Thomas Foy Evans (Ian M. Betts and Vince Gardiner) Battle of the Somme Tile Memorial, Heaton Park, Manchester (Barry Corbett) Restoration at Woolwich Garrison Church of St George (Abigail Brown and Dave Hutchins)•  Frances Priest’s Tiled Corridor at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital (Fay Handley) •  Faïence on the 2017 Tate St Ives Extension (Alan Swale) William Aston Hall, Glyndwr University, Wrexham (Penny Beckett) £6.00 Buy


No. 83 2019 

Tiles by Peggy Angus in the Victoria & Albert Museum (Terry Bloxham) • A Moving Story: Galkoff ’s Family Butcher, Liverpool (Liz Stewart and Lynne Edge) • Tile Exports to Southern India and Mumbai from the 19th to 20th C (Radhika Vaidyanathan) Geoff Brandwood’s Talk on Pub Ceramics in the North-West (Elizabeth Dobson) • Contemporary Tilemaker – Douglas Watson Studio (Douglas Watson) £6.00 Buy


No. 82 2018 

Modern Tiles and Vanessa Bell at the V&A (Rebecca Luffman) • Miguel Nolla and his Tile Factory in Meliana near Valencia (Hans van Lemmen) • The Petre Chapel, Thorndon Park, Warley, Essex (Lesley Durbin) • Tiles at Leicester Secular Hall (Ned Newitt) • Recent Discovery of a Tile Panel by Nicholas Vergette  (Chris Blanchett) • Chelsea  Pottery – Request for Information (Noorah Al-Gailani) • Dutch Tile Society Visit to Britain (Hans van Lemmen) • Musical Tile Panels and Art Nouveau Tiles from Luton  (Ian M. Betts) £6.00 Buy


No. 81 2018

Porch Tiles: a 19th and Early 20th Century Trend (Rachael Sewell) • The Church of St. Gregory the Great, Farnworth (Angela and Barry Corbett) • Sally Anderson (Ceramics) Ltd. at the V&A Museum (Rebecca Luffman) • North Eastern Railway Tile Maps (Jeremy Clarke) • TACS Visit to Darwen Terracotta & Faience in October 2017 (Penny Beckett) • 3D Printing of Minton Encaustic Tile Patterns (Bret Shah) . £6.00 Buy


ge77-100No. 80 2017

Pictorial Tiles in Pubs: More Discoveries and Edinburgh Revisited (Geoff Brandwood and Michael Slaughter) • Architectural Ceramic Art in New Builds (Adele Howitt) • The Tile Associations – An Incomplete History – Part 4 (Barry and Angela Corbett) •  The Tile Associations – An Insider ’s View (Lawrence Burton) •  Henry Rust in France (Janet Smith). Homage to Catalonian Ceramists (Penny Hampson) • Tile-Mosaic and Inlaid Tiles in the Victoria & Albert Museum (Terry Bloxham) • Tiles, Mosaic and Glazed Bricks at Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt (Hans van Lemmen). £6.00 Buy


ge79No. 79 2017

Jesse Rust & His Son, Vitreous Mosaic Manufacturers of Battersea (Rita Ensing) • Hull City of Culture 2017 (Hans van Lemmen) • The Tile Associations – An Incomplete History – Part 3 (Barry and Angela Corbett) • Painted Tin-Glazed Floor Tiles from the V&A Collection (Terry Bloxham) • Darwen Terracotta and Faïence – A Phoenix from the Ashes (Alan Swale).
£6.00 Buy


No. 78 2016

Pictorial Tiles in Pubs: Part 8 (Geoff Brandwood and Michael Slaughter) • West Tofts Church, Norfolk (Lynn Pearson) • The Spanish Pottery Town of Talavera de la Reina (Penny Beckett) • A Delftware Fireplace at The Jackdaw, Mortimer West End (Ian Betts) • The Tile Associations – An Incomplete History – Part 2 (Barry and Angela Corbett) • The Victoria and Albert Museum’s Study Collection of Tiles (Terry Bloxham) • A New Tiled Tunnel in Amsterdam (Hans van Lemmen).£6.00 Buy


ge77No. 77 2016

Pictorial Tiles in Pubs: Part 7 – Here and There  (Geoff Brandwood and Michael Slaughter) • A Tiled Pavement in Santa Maria del Riposo, Fano, Italy (Maarten van Veen and Mark van Veen)  • The Keswick Underpass (Penny Hampson)  • A Maypole Panel from Filey, North Yorkshire (Ian Betts) •  The Tile Associations – An Incomplete History – Part 1 (Barry and Angela Corbett)  •  Terracotta Scenes from Shakespeare (Alison Morgan)  •  Carters Pictorial Tile Panel at Llandough Hospital (Jeremy Southorn)  • A Tale of a Tile: A Queen’s Boudoir to a Millionaire’s Mansion (Dennis Hadley)  •  The Preservation of the Merrion Centre Mosaics in Leeds (Hans van Lemmen). £6.00 Buy



No. 76 2015

Pictorial Tiles in Pubs: Part 6 – North-West and Yorkshire (Geoff Brandwood and Michael Slaughter)  •  Recollections of Work that Involved Ken Clark (Blake Mackinnon)  •  Round and Round the Maypole – Evans or Eyre? (Angela and Barry Corbett)  •  Poole Tiles on the Underground (Richard Dennis)  •  The ‘Naked Wall’ Project at The Dudson Museum, Stoke-on-Trent (Alison Morgan)  •  Maybole Co-op: A True Community Conservation Project (Lindsay Lennie)  •  The Making of the Bideford Port Memorial Ceramic Trade Maps (Maggie Curtis)  •  Maw & Co. and the Mysore Palace (Gillian Crumpton)  • South Western Pottery (Jo Amey). £6.00 Buy


ge75No.75 2015

Pictorial Tiles in Pubs: Part 5 – South- East and South-West (Geoff Brandwood and Michael Slaughter)  •  Victorian Terracotta Relief Panels (Alison Morgan)  •  Contemporary Tile Maker – Philippa Threlfall (Philippa Threlfall)  •  The potteries Tile Trail Project and its Legacy (Alan Swale)  •  A Delftware Fireplace from Cupola House in Bury St Edmunds (Ian M Betts)  • Ruan Hoffmann – Ceramic Artist (Hans van Lemmen)  •  Hereford Library and Museum and the use of Godwin Tiles (John Somers). £6.00 Buy 


TACS Glazed Expressions No 74 Front CoverNo.74 2014

Pictorial Tiles in Pubs: Part 4 – North East (Geoff Brandwood and Michael Slaughter)  •  Perceptions of Artificial Stone Through Three Centuries (Simon Scott)  •  Contemporary Tile Maker – Elspeth Gardner (Elspeth Gardner)  •  Collector’s Corner (Roger Hensman)  •  Some Observations on ‘Mosaic’ Tiles (John Merilion)  •  French Architectural Ceramics in the Pasquier Collection (Julie Brossier-Duclos)  •  Looking for Little Jack Horner (Hans van Lemmen)  •  TACS News & Views. £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 73 Front CoverNo.73 2014

Pictorial Tiles in Pubs: Part 3 – Midlands and East Anglia (Geoff Brandwood & Michael Slaughter)  •  Recollections of a Sales Trip Around the World in 1962 (David Malkin)  •  Contemporary Tile Maker – J Kay Aplin (J Kay Aplin)  •  Relocation and Restoration of Dorothy Annan Panels (Lesley Durbin)  •  Raku Fired Mural at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton (Penny Beckett)  •  Obituary: Eduardo Nery (1938-2013) (Alan Swale)  •   The Role of the UK in European and International Tile Standards (Lawrence D. Burton)  •   Tiles as Public Art in the Dutch Town of Lunteren (Hans van Lemmen)  •  Update on the 1953 Carter Mural at Lewis’s, Liverpool (Penny Beckett). £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 72 Front CoverNo.72 2013

Pictorial Tiles in Pubs: Part 2 – London (Geoff Brandwood & Michael Slaughter)  •  Recollections – Retiling the United States Capitol (David Malkin)  •  Request for Information – Anthony Ray’s Bequest (Timothy Wilson)  •  Contemporary Tile Maker – Jan O’Highway (Jan O’Highway). Tiles in Bournemouth – Unusual … or Not? (Jo Amey)  •  Heritage Lottery Fund – All Our Stories: The Potteries Tile Trail (Danny Callaghan)  •   Eduardo Nery’s Simple But Magical Tile (Jorge Rezende). £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 71 Front CoverNo.71 2013

Pictorial Tiles in Pubs: Part 1 – Scotland, Wales and Ireland (Geoff Brandwood & Michael Slaughter)  •   Recollections – The Second Encaustic Tile Revival (David Malkin)  •  Carter & Co. Tile Panels at W .H. Smith’s Branches (Ian Betts)  •  Contemporary Tile Maker – Royce Wood Studios (Peter Wood)  •  Minton Tile Ceiling, Bethesda Terrace, Central Park, New York (Danny Callaghan)  •  The Conservation of a Swedish Ceramic Stove (Oliver Heal). £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 70 Front CoverNo.70 2012

A Brief History of Architectural Terracotta in the USA (Amy Smit)  •   Recollections of Designs Trends in British Ceramic Tiles (David Malkin)  •   Missing Months of the Year Tiles (Ian Betts)  •  Contemporary Tile Maker – Victoria Ellis (Victoria Ellis)  •   Obituary – Kenneth Clark (Penny Beckett)  •  17th Century Patterned Azulejos from Portugal (Rosário Salema de Carvalho et al)  •  Chumy Chúmez Two Pictorial Tile Works in Madrid (Cleota Ree)  •  A Tale of Tenement Tiles is Glasgow (Fiona Sinclair). £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 69 Front CoverNo.69 2012

Ceramic Bar Counters in Public Houses (Geoff Brandwood and Michael Slaughter)  • Recollections of Tile Manufacturing (David Malkin)  •  Contemporary Tile Makers Carlo Briscoe and Ed Dunn (Carlo Briscoe and Ed Dunn)  •  Collins Hamtun Street Mural in Southampton (Karen Wardley)  •   A Decade of New Mural Designs by Eduardo Nery (Alan Swale)  • TACS Conference: Exporting Stoke and Beyond (Elaine Godina)  •   Pilkington’s Tiles Acquisitions – The Carter Group (Lawrence Burton). £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 68 Front CoverNo.68 2011

Pilkington’s Persian Schemes of Colour (Angela and Barry Corbett) •  Hunting Murals in Helsinki (Lynn Pearson)  •  Contemporary Tile Maker – Bronwyn Williams-Ellis (Bronwyn Williams-Ellis) • A Coade Stone Monument at Hooton Park, Cheshire (Bill Thacker)  • Carter Picture Panels and Other Tiling, Barnfield Primary School (Ian Betts & Chris Blanchett)  •  Halima Cassell, Clay Sculptor (Lynn Pearson)  •  50th Anniversary of the Dutch Tile Museum (Hans van Lemmen) • An Encounter with William de Morgan? (Kath Adams). £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 67 Front CoverNo.67 2011

Cuban Mortar Tiles Anna Joynt • The Gingerbread Palace of Rail Lynn Pearson • Contemporary Tile Maker – Charles Allen Charles Allen • Scottish Surprises: Ceramic Installations by Lesley Burr Alan Swale •  Scottish Mountain Update Lynn Pearson • Import/Export of the St Alban Memorial Tiles Diane Berlet and Graem Coles • The TACS Online Database Penny Beckett  • Tokoname and The Inax Tile Museum Maggie Berkowitz  •  700 Years of English Tiles in Spain Hans van Lemmen £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 66 Front CoverNo.66 Summer 2010

The Church of the Wisdom of God Martin Brandon •  Contemporary Tile Maker – Maggie Berkowitz Maggie Berkowitz •  TACS Events 2010 Pat van Lemmen • TACS Visit to Hull and Hornsea Shirley Scotney  •  From the Archives – Tiles from the 1960’s and 70’s John Merilion  • Shaws of Darwen: Two Recent New-Build Architectural Schemes Alan Swale  • Information about Rotterdam Bible tiles from the Baroque Castle of Wachau Wilhelm Joliet  • About ‘Evolution of Life in the Sea’ Philippa Threlfall. Playing With Light – The Gum Bi-chromate Process Kit Anderson  • The New Ceramics Study Galleries at the V&A Hans van Lemmen. £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 65 Front CoverNo.65 Autumn 2009

Memorial Tiles in a Rural Ontario Church Diane Berlet and Graem Coles • Birmingham Marriage Rooms John Merilion • Five Sisters: An Installation at York St Mary’s Emma Biggs and Matthew Collings • Contemporary Tile Maker – Lee Page Hanson Lee Page Hanson •  A Throne for the Common Man Alan Swale • George Swift and the Swan Tile Works Penny Beckett • Travel Notes From Antigua Elaine Godina • Coade Stone at Greenwich Hans van Lemmen £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 64 Front CoverNo.64 Winter 2009

The Ormond Building: Minton tiles in Victorian Manchester. Lance Fuller • Collecting English Encaustic Tiles. John Scott •  Colour in Architecture: the ceramic murals of Susan Tunick. Alan Swale • Tile designs by Lewis Foreman Day for Pilkington’s Tile & Pottery CompanyBarry & Angela Corbett, Pilkington’s Lancastrian Pottery SocietyArtificial Stone – Life before Mrs Coade? Richard Smith • Restoration at the howard Arms, Carlisle. Lesley Durbin • Dutch tiles at the Harbour Commissioner’s Office, Blyth, Northumberland. Hans van Lemmen. £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 63 Front CoverNo.63 Spring 2009

West Kirby Residential School: Doulton tile panels at former children’s convalescent home Penny Beckett • A North West Treasure A. & B. Corbett • The Golden Fountain and the Grill Room: The Evolution of a Design in Tile: Cleota Reed • Church Ceramics Richard Brook. £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 62 Front CoverNo.62 Autumn 2008

Cliveden Minton Tiles Working Holidays: how to start solving a giant jigsaw puzzle Vicki Marsland • Conservation as a Holiday option Elaine Godina • Roundwood Grange, Basildon Steve Walker • Tiles in Portugal Hans Van Lemmen • Babylon Exhibition Carolyn Wraight • Reproduction and restoration at the Maison Emile Zola/Musee Dreyfus, Medan, France John Marilion • A Relic in Rochdale Lynn Pearson • ‘Aesthetic Sabotage’: two new murals by Robert Dawson Alan Swale • Tiles at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery Caroline Jordan • A Surprise in South Uist Lynn Pearson. £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 61 Front CoverNo.61 Spring 2008

Pilkington’s tile backs A. & B. Corbett • Japanese tiles Hans van Lemmen  • The Bibliotheque Nationale Robert Copeland Hinchcliffe Mill Co-operative Society Butcher’s Shop A. & B. Corbett • Dutch tiles at Knowle, Sidmouth David Jenkinson • Update on the Hedley Lewis mosaics, Coventry Lesley Durbin £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 60 Front CoverNo 60 Winter 2007

The significance of the terracotta decorations at the Roman Baths (Romischen Bader) in Potsdam-Sanssouci Katharina Lippold  • Joseph Walmsley’s design for Burmantofts pottery and tiles Ruth Baumberg  • Tiles in Japan. Denis Gaughan. Remarkable terracotta roof finials Simon Hall  • Dutch tile panels commemorating the events leading up to the battle of Waterloo Wilhelm Joile. £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 59 Front CoverNo.59 Summer 2007

Index to Glazed Expressions nos. 1-57 & TACS Journal nos. 1-1£6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 58 Front CoverNo.58 Spring 2007

Tile Schemes in Scottish Shops, Lindsay Lennie • A Railway Miscellany, Lynn Pearson • Susan Mussi of BenSu Ceramica Barcelona. Tunisia, A Tilemaker’s Paradise, Karen Singer • Philippa Threlfall and the Black Dog of Wells, Somerset Spanish Tiles at the Museo del Azulejo, Hans van Lemmen. £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 57 Front CoverNo.57 Winter 2006

Decorative ceramics in the twentieth century church Lynn Pearson  • Hobbs Fish & Chip Shop, Dudley Angela & Barry Corbett • Terracotta Tales, Penny Beckett • Minton Tile Panel at the V&A:Penny Beckett  • Unswept Floor 2005 A mosaic for BBC Radio Leicester Artist: Cleo Mussi £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 56 Front CoverNo.56 Summer 2006

Celebrating 25 years of TACS. Recollections of Founder Members of TACS De Porceleyne Fles Tile Panels at the Forsyth Institute, Boston Massachusetts University Hans van Lemmen. £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions No 55 Front CoverNo.55 Spring 2006

John Marriott Blashfield (1811-1882), Mario Baeck  • Gibbs & Canning of Glascote, Tamworth, Angella Streluk • Burmantofts’ Stories in Faience: The Oxford Corner House, London, Julie Gillam Wood • Maggie’s Train: The Appledore Plaque, John Walmsley. £6.00 Buy


TACS Glazed Expressions Special Edition 2006 Front CoverGE Special Edition 2006

The Ceramic Murals of the Armada Way, Plymouth (1988-2004) produced in response to the dramatic loss in 2004 of Edward Pond’s 1988 Armada Way ceramic tile murals in Plymouth City Centre, Penny Beckett. £6.00 Buy


No.54 Winter 2005: Kenneth Clark MBE; Burmantoft’s Stories in Faience: The Electra Palace Picture Hall, Fitzalan Square, Sheffield; London Underground Stations . £6.00 Buy

No.53 Summer 2005: Tiles at the V&A; Photographic Portrait and Picture Tiles, Gazetteer News, Final Installment;Collectors’ Corner; TACS trip to Ireland report; Pulhamite & Terracotta Fountain at Dunloran Park.; The Bedford Park Chunks. £6.00 Buy

No.52 Spring 2005: TileWeb: Paving-tile watercolours online – a new resource, Ceramics in the South Caucasus, Churchill Fellowship Terracotta Tour, Looking Forward: TACS in Bristol, Burmantofts’ Stories in Faience, Interview with the American tile auctioneer, Susanne Perrault + regular features. £6.00 Buy

No.51 Winter 2004: Altered Images – Digital Interpretations Inspired by George Cartlidge’s Portrait Tiles, Builders’ Surplus Tiles, Burmantofts First Class Refreshment Room at Central Station in Newcastle upon Tyne, Craig Bragdy Design of Denbigh in Wales, along with all the regular features. £6.00 Buy

No.50 Summer 2004: Early Minton majolica floor tiles, Dutch tile installations at Schloss Falkenlust in Germany, New Ceramic Art by Ned Heywood, Burmantofts stories in faience – the National Liberal Club in London,
Stamp marks of early terracotta manufacturers, and regular items including Collectors’ Corner and book reviews. £6.00 Buy

No.49 Spring 2004: Mayfield House – home of Henry Godwin, Martin van Straaten – importer of Dutch tiles, Ceramic brewery plaques, Interview with Mike Blood, Architectural sculpture of Gwen Heeney, Birkbeck Bank – lost ceramic extravagance £6.00 Buy

No.48 Winter 2003: Back Chat – Our First 20 Years (tile backs), King Alfred’s Chapel Winchester, Ceramic decoration in modern British mosques, Penn tiles from Tylers Green, New Ceramic Art by Gerald Buchanan, Revelations tiles of J. P. Seddon at Sunningwell Church Oxfordshire £6.00 Buy

No.47 Summer 2003: Victoria Baths, Manchester; Dutch Tiles in Tredegar House, Wales; St John’s Episcopal Church, Jedburgh (Minton pavement); Collectors’ Corner; Gordon Cullen Murals, Coventry, part 2; Lister Drive Baths, Liverpool; Red Lion PH, Crich Tramway Village £6.00 Buy

No 46, Spring 2003: Post- war Tile Panels; Gibbs & Canning; Ibstock Hathernware visit report; Collectors’ Corner; Gordon Cullen Murals, Coventry, part 1; Interview with Kate Malone; New Ceramic Art £6.00 Buy

No.45 Autumn 2002: Swann Tile Works, Liverpool; Roman Mosaics in Cordoba; New Decoration Techniques for Tin Glazed Tiles; Terracotta Memorial; TACS Database report; The Ceramic Work of Francisco Brennand in Recife, Brazil; Carter & Co and the First Screen Printed Tiles, India of Inchinnan (Factory restoration). £6.00 Buy

No.44 Spring 2002: Portuguese Tile Murals by Eduardo Nery; Nature Printing; Tile Exports by British Manufacturers, 1850- 1910; Conservation & Restoration of Tin- glazed Tiles; Encaustic Tiles in 19th century American Popular Fiction; Tiles & Terracotta in British Mausoleums; Tudor Chimneys and Terracotta in Norfolk; An 1840 Letter from A W N Pugin to Herbert Minton cont’d £6.00Buy

No.43 Autumn 2001:
Minton Tiles in Canada – St Anne’s Chapel of Ease, Fredericton, New Brunswick; An 1840 Letter from A W N Pugin to Herbert Minton; Godwin Tiles in St James’ Church, Hereford; The Terracotta Restoration Work at the Church of St Stephen & All Martyrs, Lever Bridge, Bolton; An interview with Ger de Ree; Ceramic Roofware; The Boulenger Museum, France £6.00 Buy

No 42 Spring 2001: A de Morgan Discovery; Conservation of Medieval Tile Pavements; W B Simpson & Sons Tile Panels; The New Art Gallery, Walsall; Ghastly & Heroic Deaths: Images of Suicide on Tiles; Maw’s Tiling in a Disused Chapel near Shrewsbury;’ The Discoveries’: Tiles of Lisbon’s Parque Metro Station £6.00 Buy

No.41 SPECIAL EDITION: The Floor Tiles at The Vyne £6.00 Buy

No.40 Spring 2000: Tile Making at the Turn of the Century; Contemporary Terracotta and Faience; A Millennium Tile Mural at Wrexham; Recent Architectural Work form the United States; Collector’s Corner; Tile Making in New Zealand; Tile Mural at East High School, Erie, Pennsylvania £6.00 Buy

No.39 Autumn 1999: Alphonse Mucha Designs on Tiles; The Ceramic Murals of Philippa Threlfall; ‘The Batley Bats’; Interviews with Prominenet British Tile Manufacturers IV; Church Tiles at Old Radnor; Wacky Toilets in Vienna; Collector’s Corner; Obituary: Michael Stratton £6.00 Buy

No.38 Spring 1999: Rosie Smith & the Matthew; Interviews with Prominent British Tile Manufacturers III; The International Tile Company; Delftware Tiles in Kensington & Chelsea; An interview with Joseph Taylor; Tiles from Rotterdam in John Knox House, Edinburgh; Tiles in Australian Cottages £6.00 Buy

No.37 Autumn 1998: Liebermann Tiles; Max Laeuger; New German Tile Museum; Interviews with Prominent British Tile Manufacturers II; Collector’s Corner; Photographing Tiles, Gaudi s Parc Guell, Barcelona; A Day at the Royal Porcelain Works, Worcester £6.00 Buy

No.36 Spring 1998: Tile Discoveries in London & Newcastle; An interview with Susan Tunick; Tiles on the Sydney Opera House Roof; Interviews with Prominent British Tile Manufacturers I; Pierre Mallet – a Designer of Burmantofts Faience Tiles; Collector’s Corner £6.00 Buy

No.35 Autumn 1997: Tile Mural at the Royal School, Bath; Prussian Brick & Terracotta; Angela Evans, Tile Maker; Tile Hunting in the Antipodes; Dutch Tiles in the Chateau de Labbeville; Subject Matter on Medieval Tiles; A Plague Tile Panel in Bruges £6.00 Buy

No.34 Spring 1997: Marsden patent Art Tiles; Bedford Hospital Tile Pictures; Tiled Porches in Lincoln; The Zsolnay Tile Museum; N.V. Manufactures Ceramique d’Hemixem, Gilliot & Cie – a Major tile manufacturer in Belgium, 1896- 1977; Lothar Scholz, Tile Artist; Rustem Pasha Mosque, Istanbul £6.00 Buy

No.33 Autumn 1996: Tiles on the Veldt: a Pioneering South African Ceramics Enterprise; Training for Design and the Decline of Maw & Co; English Moulds for Relief Tiles of the Fabrica de Louca de Sacavem, Portugal; Arthur Maw at Home; Biblical Scenes on Dutch Wall Tiles;A Tile Factory in Central Asia; £6.00 Buy

No.32 Spring 1996: Tiles and Mosaic in Darmstadt, An interview with Jonathan Horne; An Original Obituary for Herbert Minton with a list of churches he endowed; The Medieval tiles of Carew Cheriton Church, Pembrokeshire;Back Chat 23; Encaustic Revival £6.00 Buy

No.31 Autumn 1995: A Discovery of Henry Mercer’s Tiles in the British Museum; Porcelain Slabs for Fireplaces; Biblical Tiles in Utrecht; Designs for Tiles by Samuel Wright; The Pewabic Pottery Detroit £6.00 Buy

No.30 Spring 1995: Tiles at Marly-le- Roi; Tile Panels Stolen from St Thomas’s Hospital; Tiles as Unique Commemoratives; John Windsor Bradburn – Designer and Modeller, Maw & Co; INDEX to issues 17 to 29 + Journals 3 to 5 £6.00 Buy

No.29 Autumn 1994: A Screen- Printed Joseph Roelants Design; The Procession of Princes in Dresden, At the Sign of ‘the Porcelain Bottle;’ The De Bloempot Tile Factory Sign in Rotterdam; 400 Years of Tichelaar in Makkum, The Mary Erskine School Tile Panels; Back Chat 22 £6.00 Buy

No.28 Spring 1994: Cartoon Characters on Tiles; Obituary: Kenneth Beaulah: Glas Tiles; Tiles in Cairo; Tiles at Chapel Allerton Hospital, Leeds; Chamberlain Floor Tiles at Slebech, Church, Wales; Back Chat 21 £6.00 Buy

No.27 Winter 1993: A Newly Recognised Doulton Interior, Manchester; An interview with Jan Pluis; Tracking Terracotta in Toronto; Doulton Panels from the Premises of Townsend & Co, Newcastle- upon- Tyne; Russian Tiles by Mikhail Vrubel; Hispano­ Moresque Tiles in Paintings by Jan van Eyck; Back Chat 20 £6.00Buy

No.26 Spring 1993: Hospital Tile Pictures – an update; Minton/Pugin Tiles at Chirk Castle, Clwyd; The Tile Work of Ernest Batchelder; Tiles in Istanbul, Turkey, Cuenca Tiles and Frederick Garrard; Back Chat 19 £6.00 Buy

No.25 Winter 1992: 1930s Animal Tiles at London Zoo; Dutch Tiles in The Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh; Recent Discoveries of Medieval Tiles from Worcester; An interview with Elizabeth Eames; Spanish Flavour in Church Tiles; Back Chat 18; Burmantofts Tiles £6.00 Buy

No.24 Spring 1992: Decorating a Revival (Terracotta); The Future of Tiling Schemes in Pubs, Shops and Railway Stations; Tiled Fireplaces – The Falkirk Museum Collection; Some Unusual Tiles at Bredon, Oxenton and Tredington; Back Chat 17 £6.00 Buy

No.23 Winter 1991: Fired Earth: the TACS Exhibition; The Society 1980-1991; An interview with Terence Lockett; Chat Back an interview with Peter Clegg; Jackfield Encaustic Tile Works; Cartlidge Photographic Technique Exposed?; Hall’s Patent Hanging Tiles, The Watcombe Terra Cotta Clay Co £6.00 Buy

No.22 Spring 1991: An interview with Kenneth Beaulah; Delftware Tiles at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh; Hand-made Manufacture of Terracotta Chimney Pots; Packard & Ord: an interview with Kathleen Coote; Maw & Co, Conway & Co & the Pubs of Manchester; Prior Crauderi s Chapel, Ely Cathedral; Back Chat 16 £6.00 Buy

No.21 Winter 1990: Dutch Tiles in the Castles of Brandenburg, Prussia; Boulenger Encaustic Tiles at Auneuil, France; A B Harris & Sons, Farnham Pottery; Lancaster Architects – Church Terracotta and Tiles; David Skelton TilesBack Chat 15 £6.00 Buy

No.20 Spring 1990: An interview with Rosalind Ord; Sneinton (tiled porches); The White Hart, Poole; Soccer Tile Panel; An interview with Richard Dennis; Back Chat 14 £6.00 Buy

No.19 Winter 1989; Book Illustrators on tiles, 2: Randolph Caldecott; Medieval Floor Tiles from Sandwell Priory; Housing the Collection; tile display; Obliterating Butterfield; Tile Mosaics, Lahore Fort; Tile Organisations Abroad; Back Chat 13 £6.00 Buy

No.18 Spring 1989: Church Tiles at Lichfield and Ashbourne; Voysey ‘Demon’; Tiles in Legal London; Hand painted Tiles for Surface decoration; Book Illustrators on Tiles: 1: The Works of Charles Dickens; Tiles in India; Restoration of Royal Arcade, Norwich; Back Chat 12; FULL INDEX to issues 1 to 16 and Journals 1 & 2 £6.00 Buy

No.17 Autumn 1988: George Henry Grundy and his Photo- Decorated Tiles; RMS Queen Mary, Longbeach, California; St Thomas’s Hospital Tile Panels Saved; An Unrecorded Border on English Delftware Tiles; Packard & Ord, Marlborough Tiles, Copeland & Garrett Tiles; 20th C Tiles: Theo van Doesburg; Back Chat 11; SPECIAL FEATURE: Techniques Used in Tile Decoration £6.00 Buy

No.16 Spring/Summer 1988: Portuguese Tiles by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro; Poisonous Tiles; Victorian Line Impressed Tiles; Back Chat 10; SPECIAL FEATURE; Guidelines for the Protection and Conservation of Tiles £6.00 Buy

No.15 Winter 1987: Trade Tiles: W H Smith; Carter’s Fishmongers Panel; Sunlight Chambers, Dublin; 20th C Tiles: Bart van der Leck; Purbeck Decorative Tile Co; Atkinson Grimshaw; Encaustic Facade; Zanesville, Ohio, II; Back Chat 9; SPECIAL FEATURE: Henry Chapman Mercer, American Tile Maker £6.00 Buy

No.14 Spring/Summer 1987: Advertising Tiles; British Tiles in India; Tiles at the V& A; Romano Bitish Flue Tiles; Atkinson Grimshaw & Tiles; Wall Tiles in Churches; St John the Evangelist Church, Rhosymedre, Clwyd & J C Edwards; FULL INDEX to issues 1 to 13 £6.00 Buy

No.13 Autumn 1986: Peggy Angus/Diana Hall; Art Designs on Medieval Tiles; Albert Wright, Tile Designer; Working Conditions in the Victorian Tile Industry; Ravesteijn Tile Panels; Encaustic Tiles at Blackfriars Priory, Cardiff; Back Chat 8; Tiles in Portugal; A Maw & Co Die for Dust- pressing Tiles; The Broseley Brick & Tile Manufacturers Association £6.00 Buy

No.12 Summer 1986: Doultori s St Pancras Housing Tiles etc; Fireplace Tiles; Friends of Terra Cotta (USA); Back Chat 7; Chamberlain Trade Tile, New Tiles & Mosaics in London Underground Stations; Medmenham Pottery & Conrad Dressler; Terracotta Renovation at the Natural History Museum; Gaudi in Barcelona £6.00 Buy

No.11 Winter 1985: Sheffield Butchers Shop Rescued; ‘Farrago’ Listed; J Moyr Smith; A Copeland Encaustic?; Back Chat 6; Medmenham Pottery; Zanesville, Ohio I; Doulton Fountain Hunt; Flemish Inlaid Tiles; B R and Tiles; St Osmund’s Church Parkstone, Poole, Dorset; Ugly Bird Tiles by Malkin Edge; Minton US Export Tiles; Minton Butcher Shop Tiles £6.00 Buy

No.10 Summer 1985: A Chinese Screen; American Tiles, Nursery Rhyme Tiles; A Copeland Myth?; Back Chat 5; Slater’s Patent; Marsden’s Patent; Early Encaustics in Bristol; Lustre Tiles; Maw’s Anglo Persian; Words in Building Ceramics; T & R Boote American Tiles; Lowestoft Tile Panels; John Piper Tiles, Wileman & Co; Copeland’s Yorkshire Rivals contd; Terracotta for Today; Bricklayer’s Strike at Doultons; Napoleonic Tiles at Chiselhurst £6.00 Buy

No.9 Spring 1985: Owen Gibbons Fireplace; Hospital Tiles; Tiles in the Loire Valley; All Saints, Margaret Street, London; Back Chat 4; Tile Designers and Plagiarism; Robert Minton Taylor (Contemporary Report); Tile Making at Minton, 1848; Albert Slater Tiles; J Moyr Smith; Doulton in Dunedin, NZ; Sherwin & Cotton Mini Tiles; Turkey Cafe, Leicester £6.00 Buy

No.7/8 Summer/ Autumn 1984: Pugiris Ceramic Stove for the Great Exhibition; Early Terracotta; Back Chat 3; Titchfield Abbey; A Source of Victorian Tile Designs; Hackney Empire Inquiry; Sunday School Tiles the Answer?; Picture Tiles; Holland, Son and Holt; Medmenham Pottery; Minton Encaustics at the Temple Church; Art Deco Mosaics; Halls Patent Tiles; Hand Painted Minton Tiles; Tiles in Poole; E J G Evans; Copeland’s Yorkshire Rivals?; William Wood & Co; Moyr Smith ‘One offs’; Early Minton Floor Tile Layout £6.00Buy

No.6 Spring 1984: Moyr Smith Discovery; Medmenham Pottery; Encaustic Questions, American Tiles, Davies of Newcastle; Queen Alexandra’s House (Doulton Panels); Back Chat 2; Picture Tiles; Copeland ‘Italian’ Tiles; Attributed to Copeland (actually Wedgwood); Ripon Tile Panel Rescue £6.00Buy

No.5 Summer 1983: Postman’s Park Memorial Tiles; Burmantoft’s Marmo; Sunday School Tiles; Doulton Tiled Sign; W B Simpson; Picture Tiles; The Watts Chapel; Back Chat 1 (Tile Backs); Frank Matcham Theatres; Carter Tile Panel £6.00Out-of-Print

No.4 Spring 1983: Encaustic Questions; Medieval Tiles Seminar Report; Terracotta for Today; Victorian ‘Delft’; Tile Museums in Holland; W B Simpson & Sons; Layer Marney Tower; De Morgan Discovery; French Tiles; Picture Tiles £6.00 Buy

No.3 Summer 1982: Portsmouth Pub Tile Panel; The Vyne Chapel; Hospital Tiles; Medmenham Tiles, Danesfield House; Indestructable Terracotta – Cinemas etc; London Underground Tiles, 1880 Prices for Maw’s Tiles, Brown, Westhead Moore & Co Tiles; Tile designs by Owen Gibbons; a Malkin Edge Tile; Ravenscroft’s Patent Lockback £6.00 Buy

No.2 Autumn/Winter 1981: Wightwick Manor, Foreign Travellers in Potteries and Tileries; Jackson Bros; Webb & Co, Leeds; Della Robbia Pottery, Birkenhead, 1894-1906; Picture Tiles; In defence of the Printed Tile; Ceramics on the Wing; Tile Patents; Tile Registration Research; Mansfield Bros; London Agent for Dutch Tiles £6.00 Buy

No.1 Summer 1981: Was William Wise a Plagiarist?; William Morris Tile Survey; Yorkshire Church Tile Survey; Tiled Dairy Rescued; The Barton Arms Restored; Wanted: Evatt, Coalville; Tiles & W H Smith; News from Holland; Picture Tiles, Natural History under threat; Ironbridge Rescue for Ealing Tiles (Photocopies only) £6.00 Buy