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2023 Index to Glazed Expressions Nos. 1–90 & TACS Journal Nos. 1–28


(This index, compiled by Peter Hyland, incorporates previous cumulative indexes – one compiled in 1989, one in 1995 and a combined index covering entries in Glazed Expressions and the TACS Journal from 1981 to 2006 compiled by Carolyn Wraight and Pat van Lemmen.)


Journal entries are indicated by ‘J’ followed by the issue number in bold and the page number.

Glazed Expressions entries have just the issue number in bold and the page number.

Book Reviews are entered by author under the heading ‘Book Reviews’.






Yorkshire, tiles in: J4 p.11-14; 22 p.1-3

See also under name of abbey

Academy of International Ceramics (AIC), Biennial Congress: 80 p.14-15

Acton, W Burrows fish & chip shop: 61 p.12-13; 62 p.15; 63 p.9


John (artist): J6 p.32-36

Norman (artist): 57 p.5

William, & Sons, Stoke & Tunstall, decorators of blanks: 86 p.16-17

‘Aesthetic Sabotage’ murals: 62 p.19-20

Afghanistan, Herat Mosque tile factory: 33 p.10-12

Airmen on tiles: 7-8 p.11

Allegorical figures on tiles:

‘Earth’, ‘Air’, ‘Fire’ etc: 4 p.4-5

Italian, on Copeland tiles: 6 p.7

manual arts, and commerce and trade: 13 p.6-7

months, Wedgwood Institute: J2 p.25

‘Philosophy’: 2 p.3

‘Rustic Humours’, Minton: 6 p.6

‘Spirit of Truth’ frieze: 5 p.6


Charles (tile maker): 67 p.8-9

Gallery, Alton, tile collection: 74 p.13

Thomas (designer): J5 p.21-33

Altrincham, Pizza Hut mural, rescue sought: 83 p.22

Amsterdam: see under Netherlands

Anderson, Sally (Ceramics) Ltd at the V&A: 81 p.8-10 &24

Andreotti, Federico (artist): 9 p.7

Andries, Frans and Guido (Flemish potters): J8 p.13

Anglo-Dutch tiles: J7 p.31-34

Anglo-Persian designs: 10 p.7-8

Angus, Peggy:

Angus Designs, Sussex: 13 p.1; 83 p.5

design sheet for Pilkington/Carter: 69 p.21

mural design for Carters of Poole: 46 p.3

Study Day, review: 46 p.13

tiles in the V&A: 83 p.1; 3-6

tiles in William Aston Hall, Wrexham: 84 p. 21-22 &24

Animals on tiles:

cats: J2 p.30

dog, setter, artist G Layland: 56 p.8-9

elephants: 11 p.9

farm animals, Jackfield collection: 7-8 p.6-7

frogs: 9 p.6

graves of: 13 p.11

horses: 9 p.6

London Zoo: 25 p.1

rabbits: 9 p.7

Ravesteijn designs: J7 p.19-22

sheep and pig: 10 p.8

tiger: 79 p.11

‘wolf turned shepherd’, Copeland tile: 9 p.7

see also Cattle on tiles; Sheep on tiles

Annan, Dorothy, panels by: see London: Fleet Building

Antigua, travel notes from: 65 p.19

Antwerp: see under Belgium

Aplin, J Kay (tile maker): 73 p.9-11

Appel, Karel (Dutch artist): 57 p.18

Appledore, Devon, plaque for station wall: 55 p.18 &20

Applications of Science to Fine and Useful Arts (reprint): J7 p.35-36

Arbroath, Lipton’s Keptie St: 58 p.3

Archer, Michael (historian): 14 p.3-4

‘Archers’ tile panels, Camm Bros: 86 p.5-6

Architects, Lancastrian: 21 p.8-10

Architectural ceramics:

‘Architectural Ceramics’, review (author H van Lemmen): 44 p.10

Art in new builds: 80 p.7-8

Fancy factories, Wallis, Gilbert & Partners: J5 p.34-40

French, Pasquier Collection: 74 p.18-20

Fritz Steller: J13 p.3-14

hand-made terra cotta chimney pots: 22 p.5-7

hand-painted tiles for surface decoration: 18 p.4

Indo-Gothic style: J26 p.26 &40

Lancashire, church terra cotta & tiles: 21 p.8-10

Refuge Assurance Company buildings, Manchester: J3 p.11-14

Romano-British brick & tile: J4 p.5-10

Theo van Doesburg, glazed bricks: 17 p.15-16

Architectural faience:

Burmantofts: Magazine of Art article 1885: J28 p.39-45

critical appraisal: J8 p.3-8

Fancy factories, Wallis, Gilbert & Partners: J5 p.34-40

Lyons Corner House: 55 p.14-15

Odeon facades: 3 p.3-4

Palatine Bank, Manchester: 27 p.1 &12

Refuge Assurance Company buildings, Manchester: J3 p.11-14

Shaws: see Shaws of Darwen (Ceramics) Ltd

Architectural terracotta:

‘Architectural Terra Cotta of Gladding, McBean’, review: 22 p.10

critical appraisal: J8 p.3-8

revival and renovation: 24 p.1 &11-12

Toronto: 27 p.4-5

Toulouse: J15 p.29-37

USA: 70 p.3-6

Watcombe Terra Cotta Clay Company: 23 p.11-12

see also Terracotta

‘Architectural Tiles: Conservation and Restoration’, review (author L Durbin): 52 p.18; 74 p.22

Argentina, Palacio de las Aguas, Buenos Aires: 55 p.17 &20

Arista technique: J24 p.4-5

Art deco:

‘Art Deco tiles’, review (author H van Lemmen): 71 p.23

buildings in France: 7-8 p.10-11

Art nouveau:

‘Art Nouveau Tiles’, review (authors van Lemmen & Verbrugge): 39 p.10

motifs on Dutch tiles: J1 p.4;

Royal Arcade, Norwich: 18 p.7-8

Artificial stone:

life before Mrs Coade: 64 p.18-19

sepulchral use: J24 p.15-17

tessera: J7 p.35-36; J8 p.3-8

through three centuries: 74 p.7-8

Ashbourne, St Oswald’s church: 18 p.1-2

Ashtrays from tile firms: 54 p.12

Atterbury, Paul, ‘Fired Earth’ review: 23 p.4


cottage tiles: 38 p.11-12

memorial tiles: 48 p.7

pubs: J8 p.33


Opera House, tiled structure: 36 p.4-5

tile hunting in: 35 p.6-7

tile-hunting in: 35 p.6-8

Austria, toilets at 43 Kegelgasse, Vienna: 39 p.10

Avant-garde artists on tiles: 17 p.15-16


‘Azulejos Laggioni’, review (eds L Pessa & E M DeFerrari): 61 p.21

murals in India: 89 p.5

17th C patterned: 70 p.16-18




Babylon Exhibition 2008-9: 62 p.14

Backs of tiles:

‘B’ marks: 86 p.16

‘Back Chat’ articles:

interview with P Clegg: 23 p.8-9

‘our first 20 years’: 48 p.3-5

Barratt, J H: 5 p.7

Birch, Elijah: 13 p.9-10

Birch Tile Company: J28 p.25-27

Boote, T & R: 7-8 p.2-3; 10 p.4; 15 p.16; J28 p.31

Booth, T G & F: 5 p.7; 6 p.6; 7-8 p.3

Brown Westhead Moore 19 p.12; 29 p.11-12

Burmantofts: 24 p.10

Carters: 11 p.3-4; 24 p.10

Corn Brothers, Staffordshire Tile Co: 11 p.3: 12 p.4; 27 p.11

Corn, W & E C: 11 p.3; 27 p.11

Craven Dunnill: 29 p.12; 86 p.11

Crystal Porcelain Pottery Co: 19 p.12

De Porceleyne Fles: 29 p.6

Derwent Foundry Co: 9 p.5; 18 p.8

Doulton: 10 p.4; 28 p.11-12

Doultons Patent Safety Back: 88 p.13

Edwards, J C: 29 p.12

George Swift’s ‘Keyed Back’ patent: 65 p.18

Gibbons Hinton: 25 p.11-12

Godwin, W: 29 p.12

Johnson, H & R: 17 p.16

Lea & Boulton: 26 p.12

Malkin Edge: 19 p.12; 24 p.10

Marsden Tile Co: 6 p.6; 10 p.4; 15 p.16; J28 p.31

Maw & Co: 20 p.8; 21 p.11-12; 22 p.11-12

Meakin, Alfred, & Co: 19 p.12

Minton and Minton Hollins: 32 p.8-9; 86 p.11

Minton encaustic tiles: 90 p.4-5

New Wharf Pottery Co: 9 p.5

Ollivant, H A: 28 p.11-12

Photographic Tile Co: 28 p.11-12

Pilkingtons: 12 p.4-5; 24 p.10

Ravenscroft’s patents: 3 p.8

Richards, H: 13 p.9

Sherwin & Cotton: 12 p.5

Sherwin, W, & Co: 17 p.16

Simpson, T A: 5 p.7; 12 p.5

Simpson, W B: 5 p.3

Smith, Ford & Jones: 9 p.5

unidentified: 24 p.10

Villeroy & Boch: 24 p.10

Wade, J & W: 19 p.12; 85 p.16-17

Wedgwood: 86 p.13

Wood, W, & Co: 11 p.3

Wright, Samuel: 28 p.11-12

Baeck, Mario, doctorate award: 77 p.22

Bangor Cathedral: 16 p.11-12

Bar: see Public house

Barcelona: see under Spain

Barlow, Albert Edward (Pilkington artist): J23 p.24

Barnfield Primary School, London, Carter panels: 68 p.17-19

Barratt, J H (maker), ‘fiddler’ tile: 86 p.16

Basel Mission Society, installations in India: J26 p.29-30 &40

Basildon, bus station: 46 p.3-4

Batchelder, Ernest (tile maker): 26 p.4-6


TACS visit 2012 report: 70 p.23

tile mural at the Royal School: 35 p.1-3

Batley, W Yorks, Batley Bats: 39 p.4-5; J14 p.39

Batty, Dora, nursery rhyme designs: 74 p.21

Baudoux, Henri Clément (tile maker): J20 p.18

Bawden, Edward, tile for Carter & Co: J27 p. 36

Bayes, Gilbert (sculptor): 12 p.1-2

Beaulah, G Kenneth:

interview: 22 p.1-3

medieval tiles, special interest in: J28 p.4-6

obituary: 28 p.1

two volume catalogue: J28 p.1-10


Hoffman brick kiln: 56 p.18

Hospital, tile pictures: 34 p.4-5; 83 p.10

Park, E Greeves tiles (book review): 84 p.23

Belfast, ‘The Crown’, ceramic counter: 69 p.7



Cathedral of Our Lady, neo-Gothic floors: J14 p.27-34

Den Salm workshop: J24 p.34-35

‘The Conversion of Saul’ tile panels, restoration: J24 p.34-45

art nouveau tiles: 34 p.8-10; 36 p.8-10

Boch Frères: see Boch Frères

Bruges, plague tile panel: 35 p.12

dust-pressing development: J25 p.31-32

Ghent, Marmo: 5 p.2

Hemiksem Tile Museum: 87 p.21-22

Hemixem NV Manufactures Ceramiques, Gilliot & Cie: 36 p.8-10

ornamental tiles in Art Nouveau period: J20 p.14-25

tile organisations: 19 p.11

Bell, A & Co, Northampton, tile agents: 67 p.11; J20 p.8-9

Bell, Vanessa (artist), painted tiles at V&A: 82 p.3-6

Bendiel, Solomon (dealer): J9 p.4-13

Berkowitz, Maggie:

obituary: 83 p.22

tile maker: 28 p.8; 66 p.5-8

Berlage, H.P. (architect), use of glazed bricks: 87 p.10

Berlin, Neue Museum, dust-pressed tesserae: J25 p.29

Bethell, John (photographer): 24 p.1 &11-12

Bharat Flooring Tile Company, India: J26 p.38

Biblical scenes:

‘Biblical Tiles (Bijbelregels/Bibelfliessen)’, review (author J Pluis): 30 p.11

‘Conversion of Saul’ tile panel, Antwerp: J24 p.34-45

Dutch wall tiles: 31 p.8-9; 33 p.8; 66 p.16-19

see also under Netherlands

Bideford, ceramic trade maps: 76 p.19-20

Birch & Collinson, Bristol (tile merchants): J28 p.24

Birch, Elijah (tile maker): 13 p.9-10; J2 p.34; J28 p.11-22

Birch tile companies of Stoke-on-Trent: J28 p.11-32

Birds on tiles:

Celtic bird of prey: 79 p.11-12

flying ducks, signed A H Wright: 13 p.4-5

grotesque, Malkin Edge: 11 p.11

Holland, Son & Holt (artists): 7-8 p.8-9

Lee Page Hanson tiles: 65 p.10-11

owl: 80 p.1 &10; 81 p.12; 82 p.1 &12

owl ridge tile: 55 p.19

swan and heron patterns, Morris & Co: J1 p.19;

terracotta panel, National History Museum: 12 p.11

various, Brown Westhead Moore: 3 p.6-7; 4 p.2

various, on Maples walnut washstand: 4 p.2


Pier Hotel: J8 p.30

Stork Hotel: 45 p.1-2; J8 p.29


Ansell’s Brewery (Aston ): J8 p.34

Bartons Arms Public House: 1 p.3; 73 p.4

Erdington, Red Lion: 69 p.5

Fighting Cocks (Goose at the), Moseley: 73 p.3

Goose at OVT, Selly Oak: 80 p.3

Lozells, Gunmakers Arms: 69 p.5

Marriage Rooms: 65 p.5-6

Moseley Road Baths: 51 p.8-9

Queen’s Head, Newhall St: 80 p.3

Oratory, St Philip Neri memorial: 66 p.15; J16 p.32

Rose Villa Tavern, Warstone Lane: 73 p.3

Waterloo Hotel, Smethwick: 73 p.4

Bismark portrait, Flaxman tile: 85 p.17

Black, Miss Amy E, painting student: 85 p.13

Blairgowrie, H W Irvine’s butcher’s shop: 58 p.3-4

Blanchard & Co: J2 p.23-24

Blanks (tile):

Maw & Co, for Simpsons: 5 p.3; 18 p.4

Minton, used for line-drawn nursery themes: 53 p.12; 58 p.12

T & R Boote, printed by Wedgwood: 10 p.9

Blashfield, John Marriott (manufacturer): J2 p.23-24; J11 p.4-7; 55 p.3-5

Block printing on tiles: J5 p.20-26

Blood, Michael, interview: 49 p.13-14

Blue plaques: 46 p.9 &18

Blyth, Northumberland, Harbour Commissioner’s Office: 64 p.20

Boats and ships on tiles:

back of tile with scratched ship: 65 p.22

Boston Deep Sea Fisheries, murals: 10 p.9

British Fleet panel: 3 p.1

Carters, ‘Welcome to Poole’ sign: 7-8 p.13

Cupola House, Bury St Edmunds, delft ship tiles: 75 p.19-20

galleon: see Galleon

Knowle, Sidmouth, ship tiles: 61 p.18

Malkin Tile Works, boat tiles: 13 p.4-5

Minton Hollins neo-delft: 4 p.3

Queen Mary swimming pool: 17 p.3-4

red-lustre tile, Wengers Ltd: 11 p.8

Spanish Armada panel: 69 p.9

‘Sportsman’, Huddersfield, yachting patterns: 76 p.5

tube-lined galleon, unidentified: 73 p.12

various, Minton Hollins: 6 p.6

Boch Frères (tile makers): J20 p.14 &20; J25 p.30-31

Boer War on tiles: 56 p.7

Boizenburg, 111 years of tile production: J20 p.26-35

Bolton, Church of St Stephen and All Martyrs: 21 p.8-10; 43 p.7-8; J8 p.4-5

Book illustrations on tiles: 18 p.5-6; 19 p.2-3

Book reviews:

Archer, ‘Delftware – the Tin-glazed Earthenware of the British Isles’: 36 p.11-12

BBC Radio 4 ‘Whatever Happened to the Teapots?’ 64 p.23

Brandwood, Davison, Slaughter, ‘Licensed to Sell – the Public House’: 52 p.19

Blanchett, ‘Pilkington’s Calendar & Promotional Tiles’: 81 p.21

Blanchett, ‘20th Century Decorative British Tiles’: 57 p.15

Bumpus, ‘Pâte-sur-Pâte: The Art of Ceramic Relief Decoration 1849-1992’: 26 p.11

Clark, ‘The Tile, Making, Designing and Using’: 45 p.5

Connelly, ‘Victorian Brickyards of Flintshire & Denbighshire’: 50 p.18

Corbett, ‘Pilkington’s Tiles 1891-2010’: 72 p.23

Corbett, ‘Tiles tell the Tale’: 49 p.17

Crumpton, ‘The John Scott Tile Collection’: 80 p.23

Dawes, ‘Majolica’: 24 p.9

De Nas, de Ree, Baas & Kamermans (eds), ‘Glazed Charm – the Beauty of Dutch Tiles’: 73 p.22

Durbin, ‘Architectural Tiles: Conservation and Restoration’: 52 p.18; 2nd edn 74 p.22

Eames, ‘English Tilers’: 25 p.8

Eames & Fanning, ‘Irish Medieval Tiles’: 20 p.4

Field, ‘Geometric Patterns from Islamic Art & Architecture’: 36 p.10

Florin, ‘Das Maiolikähauschen von Villeroy & Boch im Düsselfdorfer Hofgarten’: 61 p.20

Fontaine, ‘Merziger Terrakotta’: 61 p.20

Foundation Friends of Dutch Tile Museum, ‘Crossroads between East & West – Study of geometrical tile designs from The Netherlands’: 88 p.31

Frost, Susan Toomey, ‘Colors on Clay’: 64 p.21

Gould, ‘Coventry, the Making of a Modern City’: 78 p.22

Graves, ‘Tiles and Tilework in Europe’: 45 p.5

Greene, ‘Brightening the Long Days’: 15 p.4

Greenwood, ‘The Designs of William de Morgan’: 19 p.11-12

Hadley, ‘Opus Sectile: Art from Recycled Scrap’ (TACS publications download): 81 p.22

Hansen, ‘Lewis Foreman Day (1845-1910)’: 60 p.17

Heeney, ‘Brickworks’: 49 p.19

Hellman (ed), ‘Ceramic Art in Finland’: 65 p.23

Herbert & Huggins, ‘The Decorative Tile in Architecture and Interiors’: 31 p.12

Higgins & Farmer, ‘Arts & Crafts Tiles – William de Morgan’: 81 p.21

Higgins & Farmer, ‘Arts & Crafts Tiles – Morris to Voysey’: 81 p.21

Higgins & Farmer, ‘Mid-century Modern Tiles – a History & Collectors’ Guide’: 79 p.23

Historic England, ‘Earth, Brick & Terracotta – Practical Building Conservation’: 77 p.23

Hitching, ‘Rock Landscapes – The Pulham Legacy’: 71 p.23

Horne, ‘English Tin-Glazed Tiles’: 18 p.3

Johnson, ‘The Morris Ware, Tiles and Art of George Cartlidge’: 51 p.19

Joliet, ‘History of the Tile’’: 36 p.11

Jones, ‘Minton: the first two hundred years of design and production’: 26 p.11

Keefer et al, ‘Terra Cotta, Artful Deceivers’: 24 p.9

Keeling, ‘The Terracotta Gardener’: 21 p.11

Kelly, ‘Mrs Coade’s Stone’: 21 p.11

Kurutz & Swisher, ‘Architectural Terra Cotta of Gladding, McBean’: 22 p.10

Landler & Byer, ‘I Build the Tower’ (DVD): 61 p.21

Lang, ‘1000 Tiles’: 50 p.18

Lawrence, ‘The Bedford Park Tiles of Eleanor Greeves’: 84 p.23

Leboff, ‘Underground Stations of Leslie Green’: 46 p.19; 61 p.21

Mansfield, ‘Ceramics in the Environment – An International View’: 57 p.19

Millner, ‘Indian Tiles’: 89 p.23

Myers, ‘William Morris Tiles’: 32 p.10

Necipoglu, ‘Topkapi Scroll’: 33 p.6-7

Ostermann, ‘The Ceramic Narrative’: 57 p.19

Pearson, ‘A Field Guide to Postwar Murals’: 63 p.19-20

Pearson, ‘Tile Gazetteer’: 54 p.19

Pessa & DeFerrari (eds), ‘Azulejos Laggioni’: 61 p.21

Pickett, ‘Early Persian Tilework’: 36 p.10

Porter, ‘Islamic Tiles’: 30 p. 10

Pluis, ‘Biblical Tiles (Bijbeltegels/Bibelfliesen)’: 30 p.11

Quinterio, ‘Maiolica nell’Architettura del Rinascimento Italiano’: 24 p.9

Ray, ‘Liverpool Printed Tiles’: 29 p.8

Reilly, ‘Wedgwood’: 22 p.11

Rindge et al, ‘Ceramic Art of the Malibu Potteries, 1926-1932’: 20 p.5

Rodwell & Mortimer (eds), ‘Westminster Abbey Chapter House’: 66 p.23

Rose, ‘Tiles of the Unexpected Underground’: 61 p.21

Saporiti, ‘The Magic Square of Eduardo Nery’: 74 p.22-23

Schaap, ‘Dutch Floral Tiles in the Golden Age’: 30 p.12

Scott, ‘Ceramics & Print’: 30 p.11

Scott, ‘The Buttercup’ (dairy company): 69 p.23

Secord, ‘The Patterned Tiles of Wm. Tyelere of Otterbourne’: 88 p.31

Shifrin, ‘Victorian Turkish Baths’: 77 p.22-23

Simpson, ‘The Generations In Between’: 78 p.23

Skinner, ‘Form & Fancy: Factories & Factory Buildings by Wallis, Gilbert & Partners’: 36 p.11

Smith, ‘The Winter Gardens Tile Paintings Weston-super-Mare’: 89 p.23

Stopford, ‘Recording Medieval Floor Tiles’: 22 p.11

Stopford, ‘Medieval Floor Tiles of Northern England’: 54 p.16

Stratton, ‘The Terracotta Revival’: 27 p.10

Taylor, ‘California Tile’: 49 p.19

Tunick, ‘Terracotta Skyline, New York’s Architectural Ornament’: 36 p.11

van Lemmen, ‘Art Deco tiles’: 71 p.23

van Lemmen, ‘Ceramic Roofware’: 43 p.10-11

van Lemmen, ‘Coade Stone’: 55 p.19

van Lemmen, ‘Decorative Tiles throughout the Ages’: 18 p.3-4

van Lemmen, ‘Delftware Tiles (Shire)’: 13 p.12

van Lemmen, ‘Delftware Tiles (Laurence King)’: 35 p. 11

van Lemmen, ‘5000 Years of Tiles’: 73 p.23

van Lemmen, ‘Medieval Tiles’: 42 p.6

van Lemmen, ‘Tiled Furniture’: 20 p.5

van Lemmen, ‘Tiles in Architecture’: 27 p.10

van Lemmen & Blanchett, ‘Twentieth Century Tiles’: 38 p.7

van Lemmen & Malam, ‘Fired Earth – 1000 years of tiles in Europe’: 23 p.4

van Lemmen & Verbrugge, Art Nouveau Tiles: 39 p.10

van Sabben & Hollem, ‘Antieke Tegels’: 24 p.9

Williams, ‘Royal Berkshire Hospital Wall Tiles’: 78 p.22-23

Williams, ‘Victoria Baths, Manchester’s Water Palace’: 51 p. 19

Books about tiles:

development of tile literature: 23 p. 6-7

Richard Dennis publication list: 20 p.6-7

see also Book Reviews

Boote, T & R (manufacturers):

backs of tiles: 7-8 p.2-3; 10 p.4; 15 p.16

blank decorated with lady charioteer: 86 p.17

blanks printed by Wedgwood: 10 p.9

blanks used by William de Morgan: 86 p.11-12

catalogue covers: J27 p.11-12

Dickensian scenes: 7-8 p.6

factory history: 37 p.7-8

interview with Colonel C G M Boote: 37 p.7-8

lead content in glaze: 16 p.2

letterhead: J27 p.24

list of work undertaken c. 1900: 83 p.16

Booth, T G & F, later Booths Ltd (manufacturers): 5 p.7; 6 p.6

Boston, Lincs, Municipal Buildings: 63 p.10


General Hospital, rescued tiles: 26 p.1-2

unusual tile use: 72 p.14

Boyson, Alan (tile designer):

art and craft of: J16 p.31-44

list of architectural works: J16 p.36-41

St Philip Neri memorial, Birmingham: 66 p.15; J16 p.32

works endangered or lost: 65 p.12-13


John Percival Ward (designer): 33 p.3

John Windsor (designer): 30 p.4; 33 p. 3; J7 p.6-7; 75 p.15; J26 p.8

Braddock & Martin-Smith (architects): J16 p.33

Bragdy, Craig, Design of Denbigh: 73 p.13

Braintree, Essex, White Hart Hotel: 73 p.5

Brandis, Marion (tile artist): 28 p.7

Brandwood, Geoff, talk on NW pub ceramics: 83 p.15-16

Brangwyn, Frank, mosaic cycle: J6 p.23-28

Branlard, Pierre (agent): 30 p.1

Brazil, Recife: 45 p. 8-9

Breakages of tiles – advice: 37 p.9

Bredon, Worcs, St Giles’ Church: 24 p.8

Brennand, Francisco (ceramic work): 45 p.8-9

Brewery plaques: 49 p.7

Brewing industry, decorative ceramics in buildings: J8 p.26-36


glazed: 17 p. 15-16; 87 p.10-11

Prussian: 35 p. 3-5

Romano-British: J4 p.5-10

‘Brickworks’, review (author G Heeney): 49 p.19

Bridge of Allan, J Cullen’s butcher’s shop: 58 p.3

Brightlingsea, All Saints Church, commemorative frieze: J9 p.17


King & Queen pub: 75 p.5

Railway Bell pub: 75 p.5

Briglin Pottery, Crawford St, London: 78 p.11

Briscoe, Carlo (tile maker): 69 p.9-11


City Museum & Art Gallery: 38 p.2

Everard Building: J8 p.5

Goldney House: 10 p.5

“Matthew” fever: 38 p.1

British Museum, tile collection: J5 p.3-10; 25 p.6-8; 30 p.1-3

British tile making since 1820: J27 p. 22-40

Brittany Museum, Rennes, mosaic exhibition: 63 p. 17-18

Brook Tile Co, Willenhall: 78 p.11

Brooke’s Soap, advertising tile: 79 p.11

Broseley, Shropshire:

Broseley Brick and Tile Manufacturers’ Assn: 13 p. 12

Broseley Tileries: 14 p.1-2

census returns: 13 p.5-6

‘Broughton’ tiles: 20 p.8

Brown Westhead Moore & Co:

backs of tiles: 19 p.12; 29 p.11-12

export tiles: 3 p.6-7

tiles depicting birds: 3 p.6-7; 4 p.2

Browne, Hablot Knight (‘Phiz’): 18 p.5-6

Brumby, Robert (designer): 57 p.4

Buchanan, Gerald (new ceramic art): 48 p.16-17

Budd, Kenneth (mural designer): 72 p.18-19

Buenos Aires: see Argentina

Builder, The: see under Journals

Building Centre, London, ‘Building with Ceramics’: 86 p.18


animal tiles, relief moulded: 25 p.12

bibliography: J22 p.9

brief history: J22 p.5-9

commemorative mural: 87 p.21

decorative tiles for interiors: J22 p.2-47

Electra Palace Picture Hall, Sheffield: 54 p.14-15

factory & artists’ marks: J22 p.11

faience, Magazine of Art article 1885: J28 p.39-45

floral decorative tiles: J22 p.20-21

James Holroyd, development of works by: J10 p.3-8; J28 p.33 &42-45

Joseph Walmsley, designer: 60 p.6-7

Lyons Corner House, London: 55 p.14-15

Marmo: 5 p.1-2

Midland Hotel, Manchester: 52 p.14-15

National Liberal Club, London: 50 p.14-16

Pierre Mallet, designer: 36 p.7-8

propellor tile-back: 24 p.10

Refreshment Room, Central Station, Newcastle: 51 p.14-15

Refuge Assurance Offices, Manchester: J3 p. 11-14

relief tiles: J22 p.12-15

terracotta in Canada: J17 p.29-30 &35 &40

trading ethos: J10 p.3-8

visit to the works 1881, article in The British Architect: J28 p.33-38

Burne-Jones, Sir Edward: J1 p.20-22

Burr, Lesley, ceramic installations in Scotland: 67 p.12-13

Burrell, E M (tile painter): 74 p.14


Wedgwood statue: J2 p.23

Wedgwood Institute: J2 p.21-27; J8 p.7

Burton, William, and Pilkington Tiles: J4 p.29-40

Burton’s Patent metal clips: 49 p.12

Bury St Edmunds, Cupola house fireplace: 75 p.19-20

Buttercup Dairy Company:

James Duncan tilework: J15 p.5-7 &10; J18 p.28; 58 p.5; 87 p.20

list of surviving shops: J15 p.11-12

‘The Buttercup’, review (author Bill Scott): 69 p.23

Butterfield, William (architect):

All Saints church, Margaret St, London: 9 p.3-4

distinctive tilework: 19 p.8-9

Dorchester Abbey tiles: J6 p.13-22

Halsey Ricardo influenced by: J7 p.11-13 &16

Butterflies on tiles: 2 p.6; 5 p.2; 16 p.1-2


French dust-pressing techniques: J25 p.32

Prosser’s patent agate: J25 p.4-5

Byzantine mosaics: 88 p.4&6





Cafés: see under town or place names

Caiger-Smith, Alan, reduced lustre tile: J27 p.31

Cairo, tiles and museums in: 28 p.4-5

Caldecott, Randolph (illustrator): 19 p.2-3; 74 p.13-14

‘California Tile’, review (author J Taylor): 49 p.19

Camaraware: J8 p.7-8

Camberwell, St Giles’ Church: 17 p.13-15

Cambridge, Miss E, plaques painted by: 85 p.12-13

Cambridge, mosaic floor at Foster’s Bank: 79 p.4

Cambuslang, S Lanarkshire, mosaic mystery: 68 p.15

Camlough, Co Armagh, Carragher’s Bar, ceramic counter: 69 p.3

Camm Brothers, Smethwick, hand-decorated tiles: 86 p.3-6 &24


Brick & Tile Co: 18 p.1-2

memorial tile: J9 p.15

Tile Co: 16 p.2; 47 p.17

Tiles Ltd: 38 p.3-4


St Anne’s Chapel, Fredericton, New Brunswick: 43 p.1-3

Frontenac Floor & Wall Tile Co (Kingston, Ontario): 30 p.3

Medmenham tiles: 48 p.7

Ontario, St Alban memorial tiles: 65 p.3-5; 67 p.17-18

terracotta in: 24 p.9; 27 p.4-5; J17 p.28-41

terracotta, unglazed, manufacture: J17 p.28-30


Public Library: 30 p.3

terracotta in: 27 p.4-5

Candy & Co: J8 p.31

Canning, Charles (manufacturer): 57 p.9


Blackfriars Priory: 13 p.7-9

Golden Cross public house, ceramic counter: 69 p.3 &6; 71 p.4

Llandough Hospital mural: 77 p.18

Pierhead Building: 52 p.10-11

Carew Cheriton Church, Pembrokeshire, medieval tiles: 32 p.6-7


Howard Arms restoration: 64 p.19-20

Turkish Health Suite: 84 p.12

Carshalton House, Surrey, Dutch tiles: 64 p.12

Carter & Co of Poole:

Barnfield Primary School, London, panels & tiles: 68 p.17-19

Bath, landscape panel in shop: 1 p.3

‘Blue Dutch’ and ‘Coloured Dutch’ series: 29 p.1

brewery plaques: 49 p.7

decorative ceramics in pub context: J8 p.30

Faience for ‘Fancy Factories’: J5 p.34-40

Gibson St Baths panels, Newcastle upon Tyne: 36 p.1-2

Kent &Sussex Hospital tile panels saved: 62 p.21

King Edward Memorial Hospital, Ealing, panels: 1 p.6

medieval lady on white charger: 56 p.8

mural: 46 p.14-15

murals 1950-70: J10 p.12-16

nautical flavour, panels with: 3 p.1

Nursery Rhyme tiles: 74 p.21

Pilkington Tiles, acquisition by, 69 p.21-22

post-war panels: 46 p.3-5

Queen Mary swimming pool: 17 p.3-4

sale of collection: 49 p.2 &5

screen printed tiles: 29 p.1

tile panels: 49 p.5

tiles archive: 57 p.13

tiles, black terra cotta, white piping: 51 p.12

unrecorded tile-back: 24 p.10

‘Welcome to Poole’ sign: 7-8 p.13

‘White Hart’ public house, Poole: 20 p.4

W H Smith, panels made for: 15 p.1-2; 71 p.8; J21 p.19-23

Carter, Owen, on leadless glazes: 16 p.11

Cartlidge, George (tile decorator):

photographic tiles: 23 p.10

Sherwin & Cotton mini-tiles: 9 p.12

‘The Morris Ware Tiles and Art of George Cartlidge’, review

(author T Johnson): 51 p.19

Cartoon characters on tiles: 28 p.1

Cassell, Halima (clay sculptor): 68 p.20

Castle Douglas, Henderson’s butchers, Wedgwood frieze: 90 p.7-9

Castles: see under Houses

Castlewellan, Co Down, Savages Bar: 77 p.5


British Museum, medieval tile collection: 25 p.6

Chateau de Faience 1993: 30 p.1

Elsley, Thomas, Dutch tiles: J7 p.19-22

Fired Earth Exhibition: 23 p.4

Catleugh, Jon, obituary: 63 p.21

Cattle on tiles: 1 p.1&3; 6 p.3; 7-8 p.6 p.14; 11 p.1 &12; 16 p.3

CD- rom, The Tile Image Gallery: 37 p.8

Ceiling tiles: 7-8 p.12

Cement tile industry in Europe: J12 p.21-30


‘Ceramic Narrative’, review (author M Ostermann): 57 p.19

‘Ceramic Roofware’, review (author H van Lemmen): 43 p.10-11

finials: see Finials, ceramic

lunettes: see Lunettes, ceramic

stoves: see Stoves, ceramic

trade maps, Bideford: 76 p.19-20

‘Ceramics in the Environment’, review (author J Mansfield): 57 p.19

‘Ceramics & Print’, review (author P Scott): 30 p.11

Chamberlain & Co:

encaustic tiles at Slebech church: 28 p.9-11

Joseph Chamberlain: 5 p.5

trade tile: 12 p.5

Walter, of Worcester: J3 p.28-32; 28 p.9-11; J25 p.25

Chambers, John (designer): 57 p.7; 63 p.7-8; J23 p.25

Chambers, Mary (designer), tiles mis-attributed to: 58 p.12

Chapels: see under town or place names

Charlton Mackrell, Somerset, C of E School: 65 p.11

Chatham Theatre Royal, loss of tiles: 55 p.10

Cheadle, Staffs, Huntsman pub: 73 p.4

Chelsea Pottery, request for information: 82 p.19

Chemical analysis of Dutch tiles: J7 p.23-29

Chequerfield, W Yorks, Holy Family Church: 62 p.15


Bull & Stirrup pub, Northgate St: 76 p.4

Cathedral: 16 p.11-12; J11 p.12-13; 88 p.10

Odeon Cinema, tile display: 56 p.6

St Oswald & St Thomas Church, mosaic panel: 88 p.10

Chichester, Southgate Station: 49 p.11


educational tiles, Camm Brothers: 86 p.6

employed in tile making: 90 p.17

games on tiles: J3 p.22-27

Chimney pots:

A B Harris & Sons: 21 p.7-8

hand-made: 22 p.5-7

Tudor, in Norfolk: 44 p.10


roof tiles, Fonthill, Doylestown, USA: J9 p.8

screens: see Screens, Chinese

Chirk Castle, Clwyd: 26 p.3

Chislehurst, St Mary’s Church: 10 p.12

Chumy Chúmez, Madrid tile works: 70 p.19-20


ceramics: 57 p.18; 63 p.16-17

churches on tiles: 5 p.4


Lord Marney’s tomb: 7-8 p.2

sepulchral ceramics in England: J24 p.10-33


by G Tinworth: J3 p.15-21

by Lancaster architects: 21 p.8-10

Church and chapel tiles:

Bredon, Oxenton and Tredington, unusual tiles: 24 p.8

Chamberlain floor tiles at Slebech: 28 p.9-11

cuenca, Frederick Garrard: 26 p.10-11

Ely Cathedral floor, replacements: 22 p.10

encaustic, 19th century viewpoint: J4 p.15-20

glass tiles: 28 p.2-3

Lichfield and Ashbourne: 18 p.1-2

line-impressed, Victorian: 16 p.11-12

Minton floor design: 7-8 p.16

Mumbai, India, removal and restoration: J26 p.36-38

Old Radnor: 39 p.8-9

Petre Chapel, Thorndon Park, Warley, Essex: 82 p.13-14

Southern India, removal and restoration: J26 p.36-38

Spanish flavour: 25 p.9-10

William Butterfield: 19 p.8-9

see also Medieval tiles and see under town or place names


Odeon: see Odeon cinemas

see also under town or place names

Cleaning tiles: 37 p.9

Clark, Ann: obituary: 80 p.21-23

Clark, Kenneth (tile maker):

biography and interview: 54 p.3-7

Byzantine range: 70 p.7

nursery rhyme series: J27 p.30

obituary: 70 p.13

recollections of work involving: 76 p.7-8

Clegg, Peter, interview: 23 p.8-9

Cliff, Joseph, & Sons, Leeds:

Cliff Terracotta Works: 3 p.3

Hall’s patent hanging tiles: 23 p.10-11

salt-glazed tile: 52 p.12

terracotta trade sample: 14 p.1-2

tile with impressed oval mark: 78 p.10

Clinton, Margery (tile maker): 29 p.9-11

Cliveden, Minton Tiles Working Holidays: 62 p.3-6

Clock faces, ceramic: 7-8 p.11; 12 p.1

Coade Stone:

‘artificial stone’ introduced: J8 p.3-8

Canada, in: J17 p.31

‘Coade Stone’, review (author H van Lemmen): 55 p.19

follies: J14 p.35-36;

Greenwich, at: 65 p.20-21

Hooton Park monument: 68 p.13-14

lion at Lambeth: J8 p.26-27

‘Mrs Coade’s Stone’, review (author A Kelly): 21 p.11

Richard Holt catalogue: 64 p.18-19

sepulchral use: J24 p.15-16


Company terracotta: 85 p.20-21

Literary & Scientific Institute: J26 p.2-3

School of Art:

John Windsor Bradburn (designer) at: 30 p.4 &9

history: J26 p.1-11

Coalville, Leicestershire, area, tile production sites: 90 p.12-18

Coldstream, Telford’s butcher’s shop: 50 p.10

Cole, Henry (museum administrator): J8 p.3-8; J26 p.12 &20-23

Collecting tiles: J5 p.3-10; 20 p.6; 22 p.1-3; 23 p.6-7

Collections of tiles, housing: 19 p.1 &6-7

Collins, H & J, mural in Southampton: 69 p.14

Colour on tiles: 4 p.6-7

Commemorative tiles:

grouped into categories: 30 p.2-3

John Stanhope Arkwright 1893: J1 p.15

Compton: Lord Alwyne, and medieval tiles: J5 p.4

Compton Pottery:

memorial cross attributed to: 87 p.8-9

Watts Mortuary Chapel: 5 p.6; J14 p.37


Church Ceramics 2006: 57 p.18

Medieval Tiles 2005: 54 p.16

Spanish Tiles, at Museo del Azulejo, Castellón, Spain 2006: 58 p.18-19

Conrand, Africa: J6 p.31-36


Charlton Mackrell, Somerset, C of E School: 65 p.11

Conserving for the Future (Coventry): 56 p.7

Doulton House murals: 90 p.21-24

guidelines for protection and conservation of tiles: 16 p.3-10

‘Heritage Tile Conservation’, Jackfield: 9 p.8

Higham (South Suffolk): 56 p.13

Hospital tile panels: 57 p.10-11

Kentish Dovers pub, Old Kent Road, London: 86 p.17; 90 p.9

Leicester BBC building: 56 p.13-14

Magdalen College, Oxford, tile cleaning: 90 p.9

medieval tile pavements: 42 p.3-4; 88 p.21-24

Mounts Baths Turkish Suite, Northampton: 82 p.12

news and issues: 54 p.10-11

Oldham, Holy Rosary Church mosaic: 88 p.6-7; 90 p.9

‘Practical Building Conservation’, review: 77 p.23

simple mending of damaged tiles: 81 p.13

Stevenage, Co-op House mural: 90 p.9

top tips for local heritage groups: 56 p.14

see also Restoration, and under name of location

Construction History Conference 2006: 56 p.18

Conway & Co (tilers): 22 p.10

Cooper, Bobby St John (artist): 85 p.18

Cooper, James Robert (Pilkington designer): J23 p.25

Cooper, Thomas Sidney (artist): 1 p.1-2

Co-operative Society:

Provident, Paisley, interior: J15 p.9

Scottish: J18 p.29

Wholesale: J16 p.34

Coote, Kathleen, interview: 22 p.8-9


Bibliothèque Nationale: 61 p.8

encaustic tile maker, myth?: 10 p.3-4; 11 p.3

Copeland & Garrett:

fireplace panels: 31 p.7

printed tiles by: J23 p.3-4

tile makers: 60 p.12-13

tiles lost and found: 17 p.13-15

Corby, Church of the Epiphany: J16 p.33

Corn, Edward (Chairman of Richards Tiles Ltd), interview: 37 p.6

Corn, W & E: 11 p.3; 12 p.4

Cottingham, Lewis N (architect): J6 p.3-9

Cotton, Mr, portrait tile: 9 p.12


Cathedral, ceramics: 57 p.3

conserving for the Future: 56 p.7

‘Coventry, The Making of a Modern City’, review (authors J & C Gould): 78 p.22

Gordon Cullen Ceramic Murals: GE Special Issue 2006 p.10

Hedley Lewis mosaics, update: 61 p.22-23


& Son: 48 p.12

Chris (tilemaker): 32 p.11

Cragside, Northumbria, Garrard tiles: J19 p.14-15 &18

Craig Bragdy Design, Denbigh, N Wales: 51 p.16-18 &20

Crane, Walter:

designer for Maw & Co: 33 p.4

‘Flora’s Train’ for Pilkington’s: 87 p.7

letter from William Burton: J4 p.38

nursery rhyme designs: 10 p.2-3; 84 p.10

Craven Dunnill:

backs of tiles: 29 p.12

catalogue covers: J27 p.14

Charles Lynam (designer): J4 p.21-28

Chester and Bangor Cathedrals: 16 p.11-12

Henry Dunnill, Tilemaster: J3 p.3-10

‘House that Jack Built’ series: 10 p.3 p.6-7

India, Southern, tilework in: J26 p.27 &29

Jackfield Encaustic Tile Works: 23 p.9-10

LNER tile maps: 81 p.14-17

London Underground contracts: 55 p.8

Shrewsbury station restoration: 11 p.9

William de Morgan, tiles decorated by: 86 p.10

Crich, tramway village & Red Lion Pub: 47 p.17

Crystal Porcelain Pottery Co: 19 p.12

Cuban mortar tiles: 67 p.3-6

Cuenca tiles: 25 p.9-10; 26 p.10-11

Cuerda seca techniques: J8 p.12; J24 p.3-4

Cullen, Gordon (ceramic murals, Coventry): 46 p.14-15; 47 p.14-15

Cullinan, Thomas (manufacturer): J6 p.30-31

Cunliffe, Mitzi, obituary: 58 p.13

Curie, Thelma (designer): J6 p.32-36

Curtis, Maggie (ceramic artist): 55 p.18-20

Cutting, John & Fiona, animal designs: J27 p. 31

Czechoslovakia, Alphonse Mucha tiles: 39 p.1-2




Dagradi, Chris (artist): 50 p.13

Danesfield House, Medmenham, restoration: 3 p.2


Black Swan pub: 74 p.4

Sloan’s Billiard Room: 49 p.17; 74 p.3

Darwen Terracotta & Faience:

formation of firm: 79 p.20-22

TACS visit, 2017: 81 p.17-19

Database, TACS: see under Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society

Davies R & Co: 6 p.4

Dawson, Robert, ‘Aesthetic Sabotage’ murals: 62 p.19-20

Day, Lewis Foreman (designer):

designs for Pilkingtons: 64 p.7 & p.15-17; J15 p.14-28

letters to: J4 p.36-37

‘Lewis Foreman Day (1845-1910)’, review (author J M Hansen): 60 p.17

lion designs: 10 p.6-7

De Morgan, William:

‘Arts & Crafts Tiles – William de Morgan’, review (authors R Higgins & W Farmer): 81 p.21

ceramic designs, mathematics behind: 78 p.10

colours discovery: 4 p.6-7

co-operation with Morris & Co: J1 p.19-21

dust pressed tiles: 86 p.9-15; 88 p.16

Dutch blanks, decoration of: 89 p.17-22

fireplaces at Law Society’s Hall: 18 p.4

Leicester Secular Hall façade: 82 p.15

lustre tile with bird: 68 p.21

lustres, competition & imitation: 10 p.6-7

memorial tablets, Postman’s Park: J10 p.19-21

No 8 Addison Road tiles: J7 p.13

‘Sinbad & the Roc’, sale of panel: 55 p.9

slabbed up tiles: 85 p.14-16; 86 p.23

South London Art Gallery exhibits: 42 p.2

‘The Designs of William De Morgan’ (catalogue review) 19 p.11-12

Thomas Elsley, tiles stocked by: J2 p.6-7

Wightwick tiles: 2 p.1-2

De Porceleyne Fles (tile maker):

‘At the sign of the porcelain bottle’ (article): 29 p.2-6

delft tiles abroad: J20 p.3-13

panels at Forsyth Institute, Boston, Mass: 56 p.16

trademark: 15 p.13

UK agents: 67 p.11; J20 p.8-9

De Ree, Ger (Chairman, Friends of Dutch Tile Museum, Otterlo): 43 p.9

Dean, James E (tile artist): 57 p.14

Dean, William (nature printer): 44 p.2-3


Art Tile Co:

back of tile design: 2 p.7

back of tile with name on: 47 p.13

history and products: J2 p.28-35; J28 p.18 &29

lead content of glaze: 16 p.2

letterhead: 89 p.12

‘Decorative Tile in Architecture and Interiors’, review: 31 p.12

‘Decorative Tiles throughout the Ages’, review: 18 p.3-4

techniques for tiles:

block process, Alfred Reynolds: J5 p.20-26

illustrated list: 17 p.5-12

tin-glazed tiles: 45 p.4

use of fine art: 21 p.10

Delft, TACS visit report: 60 p.9

Delft tiles; Delftware tiles:

‘Delftware – the Tin-glazed Earthenware of the British Isles’,

review (author M Archer): 36 p.11-12

‘Delftware Tiles’, review (author H van Lemmen): 13 p.12; 35 p.11

‘Delftware Tiles’ (2nd edition), review (author H van Lemmen): 53 p.18

designs: 65 p.6-8


castles of Brandenburg: 21 p.1-3

children’s games on: J3 p.22-27

chateau at Beauregard: 9 p.3

De Bloempot tile factory sign: 29 p.7-8

Delfshaven, in Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh: 25 p.2-4

Hartog, José den, tile maker, The Hague: 87 p.23-24

Holyrood House, Edinburgh: 22 p.4;

see also De Porceleyne Fles; Dutch tiles

English: 17 p.4; 18 p.3; 29 p.1

export to Britain: J7 p.19-22; 38 p.8

fireplace, Bury St Edmunds: 75 p.19-20

Delft blue tiles in The Hague: 87 p.23-24

Ipswich, discovered in: 85 p.22

neo-Delft: 1 p.4; 4 p.3

Della Robbia Pottery, Birkenhead:

Conrad Dressler, joint venture: 12 p.8

panels at Law Society’s Hall: 18 p.4

production techniques: 2 p.3

‘sailing boat’ tiles: 14 p.1-2

Den Salm workshop, Antwerp (16th C tile makers): J24 p.34-35

Dennis, Richard, interview: 20 p.6-7

Derby Tile Company: 89 p.8-9

Derwent Foundry Co: 2 p.7; 9 p.5; 18 p.8

Design registration: 66 p.9

Diamond, pattern numbers contained within: 89 p.13-14

Dickens, Charles:

‘A Christmas Carol’: 29 p.11

works illustrated on tiles: 18 p.5-6

Displaying tiles: 19 p.1 &6-7

Doran, Aleta, contemporary tile maker: 88 p.9-11

Dorchester Abbey: J6 p13-22

Dorincourt Industries: 54 p.12-13; 63 p.5-6

Double-decker (tile glued on tile): 49 p.12

Doulton & Co:

Australia, in: 35 p.7

backs of tiles: 28 p.11-12

brewery ceramics: J8 p.28; 49 p.7

bricklayers’ strike: 10 p.11-12

Camberwell, ceramic butterfly: 2 p.6; 5 p.2

Canada, in: J17 p.29-30

Christchurch Hospital, Canterbury, NZ, panels: 26 p.1-2

Clevedon drinking fountain: 11 p.5

Domesday tiles: J12 p.11-19; 85 p.19

Doulton House murals, restoration: 90 p.21-24

Dunedin, NZ, railway station tiles: 9 p. 11

exports: J11 p.29-30

faience: J8 p.7-8

George Tinworth, artist in terracotta: J3 p. 15-21

Havant War Memorial Hospital panels: 49 p.8

Lloyds Bank, Strand, tiling: 18 p.4

mausoleums and memorials: J24 p.20-21

memorial tablets: J10 p.19-22

Palatine Bank, Manchester, faience and mosaics: 27 p.1&p.12

Patent Safety Back: 88 p.13

Portsmouth Hospital panels: 3 p.2

Queen Alexandra’s House, architectural ceramics: 6 p.4-5

Royal Arcade, Norwich, restoration: 18 p.7-8

St Thomas Hospital, London, panels stolen: 30 p.2

Sidney St Estate, architectural ceramics: 12 p.1-2;

‘Slater’s Patent’ decoration: 10 p.4-5

terracotta for Royal Observatory: J12 p.32-36

washing line post figures: 12 p.1; J14 p.38-39

West Kirby, Wirral, tile panels: 63 p.3-4

Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh: 70 p.15

Dragons and dragon-slaying on tiles: 10 p.6-7: 15 p.7

Dresser, Christopher: attribution of designs to: 52 p.12; 64 p.7; 76 p.12

Dressler, Conrad (tile maker):

artist, as: 12 p.10

Law Society’s Hall, designs at: 18 p.4

life and work: 12 p.8-10

Medmenham Pottery set up by: 6 p.1-3

Sunlight Chambers, Dublin, panels: 15 p.3

see also Medmenham Pottery

Drinking fountains: 11 p.5

Droitwich mural: 86 p.21

Dudley, Hobbs’ fish & chips shop: 55 p.10-11; 57 p.14; 63 p.10

Dudson Museum, Naked Wall project: 76 p.16-17

Duensing, Hans: see Boizenburg

Dujardin, Edouard Romain (sculptor): 57 p.9

Dulwich College: J8 p.6-7

Dunbar, James Duncan tilework at: J15 p.6 &10

Duncan, James:

list of surviving shops: J15 p.12

panel in Dundee: 87 p.20

research project: 68 p.23

Scotland’s tiler: J18 p.27-32

tiled shops by: J15 p.3-13

Dundee tiles, licence to collect: 87 p.19-20

Dunn, Ed (tile maker): 69 p.9-11

Dunnill, Henry Powell (tile master): J3 p.3-10

Dunsmore Tiles:

fish design: 51 p.12

‘jolly elephants’: 65 p.8

overdue recognition: 48 p.13

Voysey’s tile designs for: 85 p.10 &24

Durham, Half Moon Inn: 74 p.5

Durlacher Brothers, Oxford St (tile suppliers): 82 p.15

Dust-pressed tiles:

dust-pressing die: 13 p.11-12

early European developments: J25 p.22-38

early history: J25 p.9-10

Prosser’s patent: see Prosser

William de Morgan, used by: 86 p.9-15; 88 p.16

Dutch tiles:

Anglo-Dutch tiles: J7 p.31-34

Blyth, Harbour Commissioner’s Office: 64 p.20

Carshalton House, Surrey, found at: 64 p.12

castles of Brandenburg, Prussia: 21 p.1-3

characteristics: 89 p.17

children’s games on: 3 p.5; J3 p.22-27;

Delfshaven, in Royal Scottish Museum: 25 p.2-4

De Porceleyne Fles: see De Porceleyne Fles

‘Dutch Floral Tiles in the Golden Age’, review (author E Schaap): 30 p.12

‘Dutch’ series tiles by Carter: 29 p.1

Dutch Tile Society:

Lisbon visit: 62 p.11-13

visit to Britain: 82 p.20

factories: 29 p.2-6; 7-8 p.9

figures on horseback: 47 p.6-7

Fonthill, Doylestown, USA: J9 p.4-12

French castles, in: J7 p.23-29

Germany, in: 50 p.6

‘Glazed Charm – The Beauty of Dutch Tiles’, review (author N de Nas et al): 73 p.22

historian, Jan Pluis interview: 27 p.2-3

Holyroodhouse Palace, Edinburgh: 22 p.4

Knowle, Sidmouth: 61 p.17-19

‘Little Dutch Tiles’ (song): 54 p.17

London agent: 2 p.8

Marks and Elsley, importers: J2 p.1-9

Otterlo Tile Museum: 1 p.4; 43 p.9; 68 p.21

Ragıb Mehmed Pasha Library, Istanbul: J23 p.11-23

Ravesteyn: see Ravesteyn

Rozenburg, production techniques: J16 p.3-13

Waterloo, panels commemorating: 60 p.17

Wightwick Manor: 2 p.1

William de Morgan, decorated by: 89 p.17-22

William Morris, use by: J1 p.17

see also Delft tiles; Netherlands

Duthie, Arthur Louis (Pilkington designer): J23 p.26-27




Eames, Elizabeth:

interview: 25 p.6-8

obituary: 63 p.22-23

‘Earth, Fire & Water’, Jean Powell exhibition: 58 p.8

Eastbourne, King’s Arms pub: 75 p.3

Eastop, Geoffrey (artist-potter): 57 p.5

Eaton Hall, Cheshire, Parrot House: J14 p.37

Eccles, Lamb Hotel: 83 p.15

Edgar, Robert (architect): J2 p.22-27


Barony Bar, landscape panels: 80 p.5-6

Bennets Bar, pictorial tiling: 71 p.4; 80 p.3-4 &24

Café Royal, figurative panels: 71 p.3; 80 p.3-4

Central Bar, sporting scene panels: 71 p.4

Holyroodhouse, delftware tiles: 22 p.4

John Knox House: 38 p.10-11

Mary Erskine School: 29 p.9-11

Physic Garden, on tiles: 29 p.9-11

Royal Hospital, tiled corridor by F Priest: 84 p.16-19

Royal Scottish Museum: 25 p.2-4

St John the Evangelist: J11 p.13

Edlesborough, Bucks, St Mary’s Church: J11 p.14

Edmunds, Michael (tile designer): 77 p.18

Edward the Confessor tile, Westminster Abbey: J12 p.3-7

Edwards, J C:

back of tile: 29 p.12

floor tiles, Bangalore Palace, Karnataka, India: J26 p.28

moulded pot-stand, self-caricature of C F A Voysey: 18 p.3

red lustre tiles: 10 p.6-7

St John the Evangelist Church, Rhosymedre, Clwyd: 14 p.7-8

Voysey’s tile designs for: 85 p.3

Egypt, tiles and museums in Cairo: 28 p.4-5


Charles Alfred, Governor of Bengal, memorial cross: 87 p.8-9

Gilbert (tile factory manager): J9 p.35-40

Gordon, hand-made plaques: 72 p.14

Ellis, Victoria (tile maker): 70 p.9-13

Elsley, Thomas:

tile cards revisited: 90 p.19-20

tile merchant: J2 p.1-9; J7 p.9-22

Ely Cathedral, Prior Crauden’s Chapel: 22 p.10

Emett, Roland, tableaux in tiles: J27 p. 37

Encaustic tiles:

Blackfriars Priory, Cardiff, pavement: 13 p.7-9

Boulenger, at Auneuil, France: 21 p.4-6

British Rail: 11 p.9

Camberwell, St Giles church: 17 p.13-15

Chamberlain & Co, trade tile: 12 p.5

Copeland?: 11 p.3

Copeland myth?: 10 p.3-5

English, collecting: 64 p.8-9; 65 p.17

Godwins of Hereford: J1 p.8-16

Hereford, St Peter’s: J9 p.24-33

Jackfield Encaustic Tile Works: 23 p.9-10

John Gough Nichols, tiles guardbook: J6 p.3-9

Maw & Co, royal arms: 66 p.9


churches in Southern India: J26 p.35-39

heraldic: 66 p.10

Jedburgh church tiles: 47 p.10-11

marks on backs of tiles: 90 p.4

3D printing of patterns: 81 p.20; 82 p.23

Temple Church: 7-8 p.8-9

Westminster Abbey tile designs: J6 p.3-9

York Minster Chapter House, restoration: 90 p.3-7

Muskingum County (Ohio) Courthouse: J9 p.35-40

Napoleonic, at Chislehurst: 10 p.12

Netherlands, not produced in: 1 p.2-3

nineteenth-century viewpoint: J4 p.15-20

Petre Chapel, Thorndon Park, Warley, Essex: 82 p.13-14

revival: 32 p.11-12; 71 p.7-8

Samuel Wright of Shelton: J3 p.28-32

Samuel Wright patent: J3 p.28; J14 p.36

Slebech church, Wales: 28 p.9-10

Yorkshire churches, in, questions: 4 p.1; 6 p.2

English Tiles, 700 Years of, Exhibition: 63 p.19

Espantaleón, Carlos (tile artist): 63 p.11-15


Angela (tilemaker): 35 p.6

E J G (tile designer): 7-8 p.14

Ernest (Pilkington designer): J23 p.27-29

Thomas Foy (tile painter): 57 p.7; 76 p.9-10; 84 p.6-8

Evatt of Coalville (firm): 1 p.3

Everton Football Club, tile panel: 20 p.5

Exhibiting tiles: 19 p.1 &6-7


Ceramic Culture Innovation Exhibition: 47 p.9; 48 p.10

Chateau de Faience 1993: 30 p.1

Fired Earth: 23 p.1-4

first, of tiles 1978: 23 p.6

Industrial Tiles: 49 p.18; 51 p.9

Pugin: A Gothic Passion: 28 p.12

Staffordshire Industrial Exhibition: 44 p.2-3

William Morris, at the V&A: 32 p.10

Export of tiles:

from GB 1840-1940: J11 p.27-31

from Portugal: 53 p.8

old tile makers: 55 p.13

to Southern India & Mumbai: 83 p.11-14

Eyre, John (tile painter): 6 p.5; 57 p.7; 76 p.9-11





‘Fancy’: J5 p.34-40

‘Form & Fancy: Factories & Factory Buildings by Wallis, Gilbert &

Partners’, review (author J Skinner): 36 p.11

Wallis, Gilbert &Partners (architects): J5 p.34-40

see also Tile manufacturers

Faience, architectural: see Architectural faience; Marmo

Fairies on tiles: 5 p.4

‘Falconers’ tile panels, Camm Bros: 86 p.5

Falkirk Museum, tiled fireplace collection: 24 p.6-7

Fareham, Rising Sun pub, Warsash, fascia panel: 75 p.4

Farnham Pottery: 21 p.7-8

Farnworth, Church of St Gregory the Great: 81 p.6-7

Farrago: see Hornsea

Faulkner, Kate (tile painter): J1 p.18

Finials, ceramic: 12 p.1-2

Finland, ‘Ceramic Art in Finland– a Contemporary Tradition’, review (ed A Hellman): 65 p.23

Fireplace tiles: 9 p.1-2: 11 p.6-8; 12 p.3 &9-10

Fireplaces, tiled: 24 p.6-7; 78 p.13-15; 82 p.3-4

Firestone factory: J5 p.34-40

First German Tile Museum, English tile exhibition: 63 p.19

Fischer & Lansing (tile manufacturers): J9 p.37-38

Fish on tiles: 5 p.3 &7; 7-8 p.6; 10 p.2; 12 p.9; 13 p.4-5; 57 p.6-7


John (sculptor): 6 p.4

Tile Works, Burslem: 19 p.12; 85 p.16-18

Fleming Tiles, Britannia Pottery, Glasgow: 83 p.9

Flemish tiles:

Antwerp panels, ‘The Conversion of Saul’, restoration: J24 p.34-45

The Vyne Chapel: 3 p.1-2

inlaid: 11 p.6-8

tiles in Flemish paintings: 27 p.9

Floor tiles:

Angus Designs, Sussex: 13 p.1

Blackfriars Priory, Cardiff, pavement: 13 p.7-9

diamond-shaped: 24 p.8

Flemish inlaid: 11 p.6-8

fourteenth century, Titchfield Abbey: 7-8 p.3

Goldney House, Bristol: 10 p.5

Minton, early layout: 7-8 p.16

neo-Gothic, at Antwerp: J14 p.27-34

painted tin-glazed, from V&A Collection: 79 p.16-19

‘Recording Medieval Floor Tiles’, review (author J Stopford): 22 p.11

Skane, Sweden: 48 p.8

The Vyne Chapel, Hampshire: 3 p.1-2; 41 p.3-31

see also Encaustic tiles

Florian Studios: 57 p.12

‘Flow blue’ prints: 69 p.12

Flue tiles: 14 p.4-5

Follies, ceramic: J14 p.35-40

Forsyth, Gordon, cartoons for panels: 48 p.7

FOTC: see Friends of Terra Cotta

Fountains: 11 p.5; 12 p.2; 16 p.9; 53 p. 15

Fowke, Francis (architect): J26 p.12-14 &18 &21

Fowler, Frederick Harold, designs at Coalbrookdale: J26 p.5-6

Framing tiles: 37 p.9


Auneuil: 21 p.4-6

Beauregard: 9 p.2-3


encaustic tiles: 21 p.4-6

firm: 10 p.12

Museum: 43 p.11-12

Caen, Abbey of St Stephen: J4 p.18-20

Chartres Post Office: 7-8 p.11

Chenonceaux: 9 p.2-3

Domfront, St Julien: 7-8 p.10-11

dust-pressing development in: J25 p.24-25 &31-32

Fourmaintraux (firm): 4 p.7

Gentil Bourdet (firm): 7-8 p.10-11

Giverny, tiles in: 7-8 p.11

Louveciennes, Chateau de Marly: 30 p.1

Marly-le-Roi, Dutch tiles in Chateau: 30 p.1

Marly (Yvelines) Chateau: J7 p.23-29


Bibliothèque Nationale: 61 p.8

Chateau de Labbeville: 35 p.8; J7 p.23-29

Exposition Universelle 1878, Camm Bros. exhibition: 86 p.4

Pasquier Collection of architectural ceramics: 74 p.18-20

Rochechouart Castle (Haute Vienne): J7 p.23-25

tile organisations in: 19 p.11

Toulouse, capital of architectural terracotta: J15 p.29-37

Franks, Augustus Wollaston, British Museum tile collection: J5 p.3-10

Frenzel, Franz, tile maker: 53 p.6-7; 54 p.12

Friends of Terra Cotta, USA: 12 p.3-4; 19 p.11


Medmenham Pottery: 6 p.1

Minton ‘Bulls Head’: 11 p.12

painted, at Sheffield: 11 p.1

Sunlight Chambers, Dublin: 6 p.1; 15 p.3

terracotta, Wedgwood Institute: J2 p.23

Frogs on tiles: 9 p.6; 16 p.1

Fulham Pottery: 10 p.10

Furniture, tiled: 20 p.5; 24 p.6-7

Furnival, William J, author & advocate of leadless glazes: 16 p.11





‘Galleon’ tile: 73 p.12; 81 p.1 &11

Games on tiles: see Sports and games on tiles

Garden furniture, ceramic: 21 p.7-8 11

Gardner, Elspeth (tile maker): 74 p.9-12

Garrard, Frederick (tile maker): 26 p.10-11; J19 p.3-19; 89 p.19

Gateshead Art Pottery, tiles from: 88 p.17-20

Gaudi, Antoni (architect): 12 p.12; 37 p.10-11

Gazetteer, Tile: see under Tile

Geldart, Ernest (church restorer): J9 p.13-24

‘Geometric Patterns from Islamic Art & Architecture’, review (author R Field): 36 p.10


Berlin, Karl-Marx-Allee: J18 p.10-17


111 years of tile production: J20 p.26-35

Tile Museum: 37 p.5

Brandenburg Castles, Dutch tiles in: 21 p.1-3

Darmstadt, Mathildenhöhe Russian Chapel: 32 p.1-2; 80 p.19-21

De Porceleyne Fles tiles in: J20 p.7-8

Dresden Castle: 29 p.1-2

dust-pressing development in: J25 p.28-31

Kandern Tonwerke: 37 p.3

Karlsruhe Studio: 37 p.4

Meissen tiles: 29 p.2

Potsdam, Sanssouci: 35 p.4-5

Schloss Falkenlust (Dutch tiles): 50 p.6

Villeroy & Boch: 24 p.10; 32 p.1


Francis (designer): J26 p.5; 89 p.16

Hinton & Co: 25 p.11-12; 72 p.14

Owen (designer): 3 p.8; 9 p.1-2; 49 p.12; J26 p.4-5; 89 p.16

Gibbs, Alexander (tile painter): 9 p.4

Gibbs & Canning (terracotta manufacturers):

Glascote, Tamworth, factory: 55 p.6-7

history of founders: J13 p.28-40

link with 1613 bible: 57 p.9

work in Canada: J17 p.30

work in London: 46 p.6-7

Gilliot & Roelants Tile Museum: 87 p.21-22

Gilliot, Georges (tile maker): J20 p.18-20

Girls on tiles: see Women on tiles

Gladding, McBean (terracotta manufacturers): 22 p.10


Alex Reid, fishmonger, lobby panel: J15 p.9

Horseshoe Bar, Drury St: 77 p.5

tenement tiles: 70 p.21-22

Victoria Fountain, Glasgow Green: 16 p.4

Glass tiles: 28 p.2-3

Glazed bricks: 17 p.15-16; 87 p.10-11

Gods and goddesses on tiles: see Allegorical figures on tiles


& Hewitt: J1 p.13-14

& Son: 1 p.2-3; J1 p.8-13

& Thynne: J1 p.14

Godwins of Hereford, history: J1 p.8-16

Harry: J1 p.14

Henry: J1 p.8; 49 p.3-5

William: J1 p.8-16; J9 p.24; J22 p.7

William Henry: J1 p.8-16

Godwin tiles:

backs of tiles: 1 p.9; 29 p.12

Dorchester Abbey: J6 p.13-22

Hereford Library & Museum, in: 75 p.22

St James’ Church, Hereford: 43 p.5-7

St Mary’s Shrewsbury: J8 p.16-25

St Peter’s Hereford: J9 p.24-34

US reservoir, in: 66 p.23


William (designer): 46 p.3

William (potter): 57 p.4

Gosforth (Tyne & Wear), St Nicholas’ Hospital: 12 p.11

Gothic Revival: 28 p.12

Grantex or Grancotta, types of fireclay memorial: J24 p.25-26

Grantham, railway station: 11 p.9

Gravesend, ceramic shops and pubs: 52 p.10

Great Yarmouth:

Blackfriars Tavern: 73 p.5

Clipper Schooner pub: 73 p.5

‘Greek Musicians’ tiles: J5 p.27-33

Green, Guy:

‘Pluralist and Old Soldier’ tile: 55 p.12

transfer-printed tiles 1756-1854: J23 p.1-3


Betty, obituary: 64 p.5

John (author): 9 p.2; 15 p.4; 26 p.1-2; 27 p.6

Greenock, The Esplanade: J18 p.31

Greenwich, Coade Stone at: 65 p.20-21

Grimshaw John Atkinson (artist): 14 p.5

Grimsley gravestones: J24 p.18-19

Grottoes: 10 p.5

Grundy, George Henry (tile decorator): 17 p.1-3; 77 p.10; 82 p.11

Gum Bi-chromate process: 66 p.21




Haban family: 14 p.1-2

Haberly, Lloyd, tile patterns at Dorchester Abbey: J6 p.13-22

Halifax, Plummett Line Hotel: 76 p.6


Albert, Pilkington artist: 57 p.7; J23 p.29

Diana (tile maker): 22 p.10

Frederick H (American tile manufacturer): J9 p.36-37

Henry (architect): 7-8 p.12; 23 p.10-11

Hall’s Patent Hanging Tiles: 23 p.10-11

Hammond, Edward (artist): J22 p.7 &33 &47

Hand-painted tiles:

Carter murals: 15 p.2

ceramic picture method 1869: 18 p.4

Chinese screen: 10 p.1-3

Minton: 7-8 p.12-13

Morris & Co: J1 p.17-22

The Hague: 87 p.23-24

Thomas Elsley, sold by: 2 p.8


Clarence Street Works, Birch tile companies: J28 p.11-32

Masons Arms pub: 78 p.5

Plain & Encaustic Tile Co: J28 p.16

Hanson, Lee Page (tile maker): 65 p.10-11

Hardaker, Philip, Staffs community artist: 65 p.14-17

Harmer terracotta: 60 p.13


A B & Sons (Farnham Pottery): 21 p.7-8

Frederick James (designer): J26 p.9


Cynthia (tile maker): 28 p.7-8

Robert (American ceramicist): 40 p.10

Hartlepool, Cleveland, St Hilda’s Hospital: 16 p.4

Hartog, José den, tile maker, The Hague: 87 p.23-24


General Havelock pub: 75 p.3

Kenneth Townsend tiles: 88 p.25-27

Hathern Station Brick & Terracotta Co:

contracts in Canada: J17 p.30

Frank Matcham theatres: 5 p.7-8

Odeon designs: 3 p.3

terracotta manufacturer for pubs: J8 p.30

Hathernware Ceramics Ltd:

business acquired by Charnwood Forest Brick Ltd: 64 p.22

closure of company: 50 p.7

contemporary terracotta work: 40 p.5-8

decorative terracotta in Liverpool: 10 p.11

Havant, War Memorial Hospital: 49 p.8; 68 p.16; 69 p.15

Heads on tiles: J1 p.17; 2 p.2; 3 p.7-8; 5 p.5; 6 p.6; 10 p.10

Heath, Arthur, & Co, Burslem, tile maker: 89 p.11

Heaton, Clement (designer): 48 p.12

Heeney, Gwen (artist): 49 p.15-17

Helensburgh, Ashton pub, Moyr Smith tiles: 78 p.3

Helsinki, hunting murals: 68 p.7

Henry, Paul (tile maker): 15 p.14

Hensman, Roger, tribute: 90 p.25

Heraldic devices and mottoes: 10 p.7 &12; 11 p.6-8; 15 p.6 &8-10; J1 p.24-25

Herbert, Tony, obituary: 83 p.21


Library & Museum: 75 p.22

St James Church (Godwin tiles): 43 p.5-7

St Peter’s Church: J9 p.23-33

Heroes on tiles: 5 p.1

Hewitt, William (tile manufacturer): J9 p.24-33

Heywood, Ned (tile artist): 50 p.11

Hills, Robert (illustrator): 1 p.1

Hispano-Moresque tiles:

designs: 27 p.9

techniques: J24 p.1-9

Historical events on tiles: 15 p.8

‘History of the Tile’, review (author W Joliet): 36 p. 11

Hodgkinson, Derek (designer), ‘Effects’ range: J27 p. 37

Hoffman, Ruan (ceramic artist): 75 p.21-22

Holiday, Henry (designer): 46 p.11

Holland (country): see Netherlands

Holland, Son & Holt: 7-8 p.8; J27 p. 34

Holmfirth, Huddersfield:

Co-op Butcher’s Shop: 60 p.11; 61 p.15-16

Virginia House: 63 p.9

Holroyd, James, Burmantofts: J10 p.3-5; J28 p.33 &42-45

Hong Kong tile: 48 p.9

Hooton Park, Cheshire, Coade stone monument: 68 p.13

Horne, Jonathan:

interview: 32 p.2

obituary: 66 p.19

Hornsea, Farrago (house): 11 p.1; 64 p.22; J16 p.14-30; 66 p.11-12

Horsemen on tiles: 7-8 p.7; 9 p.3; 11 p.6 &9; 55 p.20; 86 p.16


‘Brightening the Long Days’, review (author J Greene): 15 p.4

Chapel Allerton Hospital, Leeds, new tiles: 28 p.6-8

Hospital for Women (Soho, London): 12 p.10

Kent & Sussex Hospital (Tunbridge Wells): 9 p.2

King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (Ealing): 1 p.6; 5 p.8

Portsmouth Royal Hospital: 3 p.2

St Hilda’s Hospital (Hartlepool, Cleveland): 16 p.4

St Nicholas Hospital (Gosforth, Tyne & Wear): 12 p.11

St Thomas’s, London, tiles saved: 17 p.4

survey and listing: 24 p.5

tile panel crisis: 57 p.10-11

tile pictures, various hospitals, update: 26 p.1-2

Victorian & Edwardian tile panels, tracing: 9 p.2


Avenue House, Finchley: 12 p.3

Bovingdon House, Marlow: 12 p.9-10

Castle Acre Priory, Kings Lynn, C14 tiles: 31 p.2

Castle By The Sea, Scarborough: 14 p.5; 15 p.14

Chirk Castle, Clwyd: 26 p.3

Danesfield, Medmenham: 3 p.2

Dunloran Park, Tunbridge Wells: 53 p.15

Farrago, Hornsea: 11 p.1

Goldney House, Bristol: 10 p.5

Kingswood, Marlow: 12 p.10

Kilmory Castle, Argyll: J3 p.28-32

Layer Marney Tower: 4 p.6

Queen Alexandra’s House, London: 6 p.4-5

Sutton Place, Surrey: 4 p.8

Titchfield Abbey: 7-8 p.3-4

Tredegar House, Newport, S Wales: 47 p.6-7

Tredington Court: 24 p.8

Tylers Green, Penn: 48 p.14-15

Westfield Farm Cottages, Medmenham: 6 p.3

Wightwick Manor: 2 p.1; J2 p.7

Hoover factory: J5 p.34-40

Houghton, E Ellen, ‘Days of the Week’ series: J14 p.12

Hove, Sussex Building Society mural: 39 p.3-4

Howells, Frederick C (tile designer): 47 p.4; J23 p. 30

Howitt, Samuel: 9 p.6-7


Herbert’s Bar: 77 p.5

Palace Theatre: 63 p.9

Queensgate Market: 62 p.15; 63 p.9

Sportsman pub, St John’s Rd: 76 p.4

Hughes, Sheila, tile collection auction: 61 p.9-11


Castle Hill Hospital, architectural ceramic art: 80 p.7-8

‘Polar Bear’ pub, ceramic bar counter: 69 p.5

porch tiles: 81 p.3-6

TACS visit: 66 p.11-12

‘Three Ships’ panel listed: 85 p.18

Tile Trail: 79 p.9-10

‘White Hart’ pub, ceramic bar counter: 69 p.6

Hunting on tiles: 16 p.7

Hyde, Greater Manchester, White Lion pub: 80 p.3




Ibstock Hathernware, TACS visit: 46 p.8

Iconographic & iconological approach to analysis: J12 p.3-7

‘Iconologia’ by Cesare Ripa, designs based on: 62 p.9-10

Ilfracombe, picture tiles in shops: 51 p.10-11

INAX Museums, Japan: 87 p.5-6

Incised tiles: 9 p.9

Index of TACS publications:

1989: 18 p.i-iv

1995: 30 p.5-8

2006: 59 p.5-18


Bikaner Fort: 14 p.3

Goa, Indo-Portuguese tiles: 89 p.3-7

Inchinnan, of (building): 45 p.10-12

‘Indian Tiles’, review (author A. Millner): 89 p.23

Indo-Portuguese architecture, tiles in: 89 p.3-7

Japanese majolica tiles in: J27 p.1-7

Lahore Fort tile mosaics: 19 p.10

Legacy in, Indo-Portuguese tiles: 89 p.3-7

Mysore Palace:

Maw & Co archive: 76 p.20-21

peacock: J7 p.3-11

Nath & Wacziarg, Arts and Crafts of Rajasthan (extracts): 18 p.6-7

Southern, & Mumbai (Bombay):

British tiles in colonial period buildings: J26 p.26-42

tile exports to, 19/20th century: 83 p.11-14

tile exports to: 14 p.2-3; 83 p.11-14

tiles in: 18 p.6-7; 19 p.10

Udaipur Palace: 14 p.3

Industry on tiles: 15 p.3; J2 p.21-27

Inlaid tiles:

Flemish: 11 p.6-8

in V&A Museum: 80 p.15-18

medieval tiles, British Museum: J5 p.3-10

19th century viewpoint: J4 p.15-20

Samuel Wright: J3 p.28-32

see also Encaustic tiles

Insects on tiles:

butterflies: see Butterflies on tiles

spiders on tiles: 5 p.4

International Tile Standards, role of UK: 73 p.18-19


Cobbold’s Cliff Brewery: J8 p.26

delftware tiles discovered: 85 p.22


medieval tiles in: 20 p.4

Sunlight Chambers, Dublin: 6 p.1; 15 p.3

TACS visit 2005: 53 p.13-14

Tower Bar, Monaghan: 71 p.4

Ironbridge Gorge Museum:

acquisition of Jackfield Tile Factory: 4 p.1

Library, Arthur Maw photos: 33 p.7

new Curatorial Officer: 66 p.22-23

Iron-founders: 2 p.7; J27 p. 30-32

Irwin, Henry (architect): J7 p.3-10

Islamic Architecture, Colour & Symbolism, Geometry & Ornament: 33 p.6

‘Islamic Tiles’, review (author V Porter): 30 p. 10

Istanbul, Ragıb Mehmed Pasha Library, Dutch tiles at: J23 p.11-23


Italian tiles: 6 p.7

Maiolica tiles; 24 p.9

Sicilian tiles: J9 p.6

tiles with Italian titles: 62 p.9-10




Jackfield Tile Factory:

acquisition by Ironbridge Gorge Museum: 4 p.1

Charles Lynam, architect: J4 p.21-28

‘Encaustic Tile Works’: 23 p.9-10

H P Dunnill, Victorian tilemaster: J3 p.1-10

Jackfield Tile Museum:

formerly Craven Dunnill factory: J4 p.27-29

John Scott Collection: J21 p.1-8

restoration grant: 46 p.9


Brothers, Shelton, Stoke: 2 p.2; 12 p.4; 30 p.3-4 &9-10

Thomas G (architect): 28 p.2-3

James, John Lewis (tile maker): J19 p.3-19


INAX Museums, 87 p.5-6

Japanese majolica tiles in colonial India: J27 p.1-7

Japanoiserie style: 7-8 p.15; 9 p.1-2; 10 p.12

majolica tiles: 61 p.7

tiles in: 60 p.14-15; 87 p.5-6

Tokoname, Inax Tile Museum: 67 p.21

Jedburgh, St John’s Episcopal Church: 47 p.10-11

Jeffrey Tiles Ltd: J1 p.15

Jenks, Samuel: 38 p.5-6

Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock: J9 p.5-6

Johnson, H & R:

dado tiles, Chettinadu Mansion, Tamil Nadu, India: J26 p.31

history: 36 p.6

patent lock back: 17 p.16;

Richards Tiles Ltd: 37 p.6

tile in Indian antique shop: J26 p.28

Jones, Owen (designer): J11 p.3-8

Jones, Samuel & Co: 2 p.6

Journals, extracts from:

Builder: 18 p.4

Building News: 23 p.10

Bulletin of the American Ceramic Society: 23 p.10

Country Life: 24 p.1 &11-12

Saturday Magazine: J4 p.16-20

Tiles and Tiling: 18 p.7-8

Windsor Magazine: 29 p.2-6




Kaagman, Hugo (Dutch artist): 47 p.13

Ka’ba tile: 36 p.12

Kamlish, Ivor (mural designer): 44 p.4

Keble College, Oxford: 50 p.8

Keele University Chancellors Building, ‘seasons’ tiles: 90 p.10

Kemenyffy, Susan & Steven (American tile artists): 40 p.12

Kent, Edmund (designer): 57 p.7

Kentish Town, London, former Sainsbury’s: 62 p.15

Keswick underpass: 77 p.8-9

Kiggia, Peter, portraits on tiles: J27 p. 37

Kilmory Castle, Argyll, pavements: J3 p.28-32

King, Leonard (tile artist): J22 p.7 &30

Kings Lynn:

Castle Acre priory C14 tiles: 31 p.2

Wheatsheaf Inn, Heacham: 63 p.10

Kipling, John Lockwood, terracotta modeller: 14 p.2; J2 p.2-27

Kirkcaldy, Feuars Arms public house: 69 p.3; 71 p.4


Robert Hawthorne: J6 p.23-28

Sydney (architect): J6 p.23-28

Kleyn, F J (Dutch tile manufacturer): 25 p.2-4

Knights on tiles: see Horsemen

Kossowski, Adam (tile artist): 46 p.4; 57 p.3-5; 72 p.19

Kozloff, Joyce (artist): 6 p.2-3

Kremer, Victor (tile artist): J22 p.8 &30

Kwiatkowski, Anton Joseph (tile modeller): J23 p.30-31




Lacon’s Brewery: J8 p.2

Laeuger, Max (German ceramic artist): 37 p.3

Lancaster & Sandland, Stoke: J27 p.30

Langham, Suffolk, St Mary’s Church: J11 p.13

Lanyon, Peter (artist): 46 p.4

Layer Marney Tower, Essex: 4 p.6

Lea & Boulton: 26 p.12

Leach, Harold (tile artist): J22 p.7 &17-19

Leach Pottery restoration, 62 p. 22


compounds in tile factories: J4 p.31-32

poisoning: 16 p.2 &11


Airport mural: 39 p.3

Chapel Allerton Hospital: 28 p.6-8

‘Garden Gate’, Hunslet, ceramic bar counter: 69 p.6

Leeds Fireclay Co: 5 p.1-2; J24 p.24-25

Little Woodhouse Hall, mosaic pavement: J25 p.10-11

Merrion Centre mosaics: 77 p.21

Swan with two Necks pub, Raglan Rd: 80 p.3

St Aidan’s Church: J6 p.23-28


BBC building: 56 p.13-14

Secular Hall: 82 p.15-16 &24

TACS visit (2006): 57 p.8

Turkey Cafe: 9 p.12

Leighton, John (Victorian designer): 7-8 p.4-5

Lewis, Esther (tile painter): 6 p.5

Liebermann, Mary, obituary: 60 p. 19

Lime mortar and quicklime, use of: 88 p.6

Lincoln, tiled porches: 34 p.6-7

Line-impressed tiles: 16 p.11-12; 18 p.1-2; 19 p.4-5; 21 p.8-10

Lipton’s, Arbroath, James Duncan tiles: 58 p.3; J18 p.28

Lisbon: see under Portugal

Literary works on tiles:

A Christmas Carol: 29 p.11

Beauty & the Beast: J1 p.18

Charles Dickens illustrations: 18 p. 5-6

Fables (La Fontaine): 9 p.6-7

House of Seven Gables (Hawthorne): 15 p.16

John Gilpin: 19 p.2-3

Legend of Good Women (Chaucer): J1 p.21

Nursery rhymes: see Nursery rhymes

Odyssey (Homer): 6 p.4

Pickwick Papers: 7-8 p.6; 15 p.11

Pilgrim’s Progress: 6 p.1

Sherlock Holmes: 12 p.6-7

The House that Jack Built: 19 p.2-3

The Mad Dog: 19 p.2-3

Literature about tiles, 19th-century: J4 p.15-20

Littlehampton, W Sussex, St Mary’s Church: 60 p.18


Crown Hotel, Lime Street: 83 p.16

Edge Conservation Services, work at Galkoff’s shop: 83 p.8

Galkoff’s Family Butcher, tiled façade: 83 p.7-8

Gregson Memorial Institution Hall: 61 p.13-14; 62 p.15

Lewis’s Department Store, updates: 60 p.10-11; 62 p.15; 63 p.10; 65 p.13; 71 p.18; 73 p.21-22

Lister Drive Baths: 47 p.16

Lion Tavern, unidentified tiles: 54 p.13

Philharmonic pub: 69 p.7; 83 p.16

Pier Head, Brian Moore murals: 72 p.17

Prince Arthur, Walton, public house, ceramic counter: 69 p.3

printed tiles: 29 p.8; 55 p.12; 81 p.12

St James Church mosaic war memorial: 46 p.10

Ship & Mitre pub, Dale St: 76 p.4

Swan Tile Works: see Swan Tile Works

Tile Fire (tile makers): 84 p.9

War Memorial (mosaics): 4 p.10

Lloyd, George (tile maker): J1 p.15

Lockett, Terry, obituary: 83 p.22

London Architectural Terracotta Co: 24 p.12


Acton, W Burrows fish & chip shop: 61 p.12-13; 62 p.15; 63 p.9

All Saints, Margaret Street: 9 p.3-4

Avenue House, Finchley: 12 p.3

Baker Street underground station: 10 p.6-7

Bedford Park: 53 p.16-17

Belsize Park underground station: 3 p.4-5

Birkbeck Bank: 49 p.10

Bishopsgate churchyard, Turkish Baths kiosk: J14 p.38

Bloomsbury petrol station, tile panel: 78 p.12

Bolingbroke Hospital, Wandsworth: 67 p.16

Bond Street underground station: 12 p.6-7

Brixton, porch tiles: 81 p.4

Bull Inn Court: 74 p.5

Camberwell, St Giles’ church: 17 p.13-14

Carshalton Bath, tiled: J7 p.31-34

Castle pub, Holland Park: 77 p.4

Cock Tavern, Kilburn: 77 p.3

Criterion Restaurant and Theatre: J11 p.15

Cutlers Hall, Creswick relief frieze: 75 p.7

Debenham House: 49 p.14

Dolphin pub, Mare St, Hackney: 72 p.4

Drovers pub (former), Peckham: 77 p.3

Duke of Sussex pub, Chiswick: 77 p.4

Duke on the Green pub, Parsons Green: 72 p.6

Durbar Court: J11 p.12

Empress telephone exchange, Warwick Rd: 71 p.18-19

Fleet Building, Farringdon St: 67 p.15; 69 p.15; J18 p.18-26; 71 p.19; 73 p.14-15

Fox & Anchor pub, Smithfield: 78 p.4

George pub, Great Portland St: 72 p.6

George Tavern, Commercial Rd: 72 p.4

Green Man Pub, Southwark: 89 p.11

Greenwich District Hospital murals: 39 p.2-3

Hackney Empire: 5 p.7-8; 7-8 p.5

Harrods meat hall: 16 p.7

Holland House: 29 p. 6; 51 p.10

Holloway, porch tiles: 81 p.5

Horatia pub, Holloway: 78 p.4

Hospital for Women (Soho): 12 p.10

Joiners Arms pub, Denmark Hill: 72 p.5

Jolly Butchers pub, Stoke Newington: 77 p.3

Kentish Drovers pub, Peckham: 67 p.15; 86 p.17-18; 90 p.9

King’s Cross underground station: 12 p.6

King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, Ealing: 1 p.6; 5 p.8

Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market: 72 p.4

Lambeth, Lion Brewery: J8 p.26

Lambeth, Royal Doulton premises: 24 p.12

Law Society’s Hall, Chancery Lane: 18 p.4

Lloyds Bank, Fleet Street: J8 p.8

Lloyds Bank, The Strand: 18 p.4

London Zoo: 25 p.1

Lord Clyde pub, Borough: 78 p.4

Lyons Corner House: 55 p.14-15

Macbeth pub, Hoxton St: 72 p.3

Marylebone Magistrates’ Court: J11 p.16

Millwall Pottery: J19 p.5

Museums: see under Museums

Muswell Hill Odeon: 3 p.3

National Liberal Club: 50 p.14-16

Natural History Museum: 24 p.1 &11-12; J8 p.6-8

Nelson Arms pub, Merton High St: 72 p.4

Old Tiger’s Head pub, Lea High Rd: 72 p.5

Oxford Arms pub, Camden High St: 72 p.5

Peasant pub, St John St: 72 p.4

Prince Edward pub, Holloway: 78 p.4

Prince of Wales pub, Battersea Bridge Rd: 72 p.6

Prince pub, Wood Green: 77 p.3

Princess Louise pub, High Holborn: J11 p.14; 74 p.5

Queen Alexandra’s House: 6 p.4-5

Red Bull pub (former), Peckham: 77 p.4

Rochester Castle pub, Stoke Newington High St, 72 p.6

Royal Albert Hall: J8 p.6 – 7; 16 p.5

Royal Bank of Scotland: 16 p.8

Royal Oak pub, Harlesden: 77 p.3

Royal Observatory, Greenwich, South Building: J12 p.31-36

St Augustine, Kensington: 53 p.10

St James Tavern, Windmill St: 72 p.3

St Pancras Chambers, Euston Rd: 58 p.11

St Pancras Church: J8 p.4

St Paul’s Church, Knightsbridge: 36 p.1-2

St Thomas’s Chapel, H Doulton memorial: 75 p.7

St Thomas’s Hospital, stolen Doulton panels: 30 p.2

Savile Row, No 24, tile façade: 86 p.18-20

Science Schools, Exhibition Rd, use of terracotta: J26 p.16-19

Shipwrights Arms pub, Tooley St: 72 p.5

Sidney Street estate: 12 p.1-2; J14 p.38-39

South Kensington Museum complex, terracotta construction: J26 p.12-25

Streatham, porch tiles: 81 p.4

Tabard pub, Bath Road, Bedford Park: 72 p.6

Temple Church: 7-8 p.8-9

Ten Bells pub, Commercial St: 72 p.4

Tottenham Court Road station, Paolozzi’s commission: 12 p.6-7

Underground: see Underground Railway

Upper Tooting Rd, No 13, T F Evans panel: 84 p.6

Victoria & Albert Museum: see Victoria & Albert Museum

Washington pub, England’s Lane: 74 p.5

Warren Street underground station: 12 p.6

Watts Memorial Cloister: J10 p.18-23

Well and Bucket pub, Bethnal Green Road: 67 p.16; 69 p.15

Wembley, Olympic Commemoration plaques: J18 p.8

‘Westminster Abbey Chapter House’, review (eds W Rodwell & R Mortimer): 66 p.23

Westminster Abbey encaustic tile designs: J6 p.3-9

Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital: 9 p.2

Westminster, Palace of, floor restoration: 71 p.7-8

Windmill pub (former), Cricklewood: 77 p.3

Woolwich Garrison Church, tile restoration: 84 p.13-16

‘Lord’s Supper’ reredos, Camm Bros. Birmingham: 86 p.4-5

Lower Kingswood, Surrey, Church of the Wisdom of God: 66 p.3-4

Lowestoft, Boston Deep Sea Fisheries Co: 10 p.9

Lunettes, ceramic: 12 p.2

Lunn, Richard, Derby Tile Co art director: 89 p.8-9

Lustre: 10 p.6-7

Luton, musical & art nouveau tiles: 82 p.21-22

Lynam, Charles (architect): J4 p.21-28; 23 p.9-10

Lytham St Anne’s, tiled bar counters:

Burlington Bar: 83 p.2 &15

Town House: 69 p.4




Macfarlane, Biddy, obituary: 85 p.23

McCormick (Spices & Herbs) Ltd trade tile: 14 p.1-2


John: 6 p.5

John Henry (tile painter): 27 p.1 &12

Madrid: see Spain

Mahoney, J (illustrator): 18 p.5-6

Maidenhead, terracotta roof finials: 60 p.16

Maillard, Anne, research on trade catalogues: J27 p.11-12


Chenonceaux, France, guard room floor: 9 p.3

dust-pressed tiles, Minton: J25 p.17-18

floor tiles, early Minton: 50 p.3-5

Japanese tiles, in colonial India: J27 p.1-7

‘Maiolica nell’Architettura del Rinascimento Italiano’, review: 24 p.9

‘Majolica’, review (author N Dawes): 24 p.9

Maw tiles at Worcester station: 11 p.9

Pugin’s ceramic stove: 7-8 p.1-2

The Vyne Chapel floor tiles: 3 p.1-2; 41 p.3-31



interview: 39 p.5-6

sales trip round the world: 73 p.7-8

Edge: 3 p.8; 19 p.12; 24 p.10

Tile Works Co:

fish, game and boat tiles: 13 p.4-5

geometrical floor tiles in India: J26 p.30 &34

Leonard King, designer: 70 p.7

Mallet, Pierre (Burmantofts designer): 36 p.7-8; J22 p.8 &31-33

Malone, Kate:

interview: 46 p.16-17

tile façade at 24 Savile Row, London: 86 p.18-20

Malvern tiles: J4 p. 16-18; 32 p.6-7


Alexandra Brewery: J8 p.28

Britons Protection pub: 83 p.16

Castle Hotel: 83 p.15

Heaton Park, Somme Tile Memorial: 84 p.8-10

Holy Trinity Church, Fallowfield: 21 p.8-10; J8 p.6-7

Marble Arch Inn: 83 p.15

Midland Hotel: 52 p.14-15

Ormond Building: 64 p.3-5

Palatine Bank: 27 p.1 &12

Peveril of the Peak pub: 83 p.2 &16

Public houses: 22 p.10

Refuge Assurance Company: J3 p.11-14

Salford: see Salford

Towler pub, Tottington, ceramic counter: 69 p.4

University Faraday Building: 77 p.14

Victoria Baths: 47 p.3-5; 48 p.7; 50 p.8; 51 p.8 &19; 61 p.20

White Lion, Westhoughton: 78 p.5

Mansfield Brothers: 2 p.7; 81 p.5

Manufacturers of tiles: see under Tile

Maps: see under Tile

March, Ernst (tile maker): J25 p.28-29


Charles: 2 p.8; J2 p.1

manufacturers’: see Backs of tiles

Murray: J2 p.1-9; 82 p.16

Stacy, Henry, watercolours copied: 85 p.12-13

Márkus, Lili (tile designer): 72 p.18

Marlborough Tiles: 17 p.13; 20 p.1-3; 22 p.8; 35 p.2-3

Marlow, Bucks:

Bovingdon House: 12 p.9-10

Kingswood: 12 p.10

Marmo (white faience): 5 p.1-2; J10 p.5-8; 55 p.14

Marquise tiles: 11 p.6

Marsden, George Anthony: 10 p.5; J28 p.119

Marsden Tile Co:

patent art tiles: 34 p.1-3; 68 p.12; J28 p.19

tile reverses: 6 p.6; 10 p.4; 15 p.16

tiles misattributed to Voysey: 85 p.10

Mary Tavy Church, Devon, porch memorial plaque: J9 p.16

Matcham, Frank (architect): 5 p.7-8; 7-8 p.5

Mausoleums, British (tiles and terracotta): 44 p.8-9


Arthur, at home: 33 p.7-8

Cecilia, student at Coalbrookdale: J26 p.9-10

Maw & Co:

aerial photograph: J4 p. 27

‘Anglo-Persian’ tiles: 10 p.7-8

backs of tiles: 20 p.8; 21 p.11-12

Bombay Victoria Terminus, tiles for: 14 p.3

Bradburn, John W (designer & modeller): 30 p.4 &9-10; 33 p.3-5

Capitol Building, Washington, DC, floor tiles: 51 p.9

church cuenca tiles, attribution problem: 26 p.10-11

church tiles: 1 p.3; J9 p.12-22

Conway & Co, pubs of Manchester: 22 p.10-12

dust-pressing die: 13 p.11-12

1880 prices: 3 p.6

factory design: J4 p.26-27

‘Hanging of the Crane’ series: 73 p.12; 75 p.16

India, Southern, tilework in: J26 p.27 &30-34

inlaid tiles at York: 15 p.15

lustre tiles: 10 p.6-8

majolica tiles at Worcester: 11 p.9

‘Month of the Year’ tile: 73 p.13

Mysore Palace: J7 p.3-11

New York, replacement tiles for Central Park: 55 p.17

North American installations: J11 p.28-30

Owen Gibbons’ designs for: 3 p.8; 9 p.1-2

‘pomegranate’ tile: 83 p.10

Ripon butcher’s shop panel: 6 p.8

‘seasons’ tiles: 90 p.10 &28

sgraffito tile: 89 p.16

ship-wrecked cargo, Australia: 35 p.6

Shrewsbury, tiles in: J8 p.16-25

Simpsons, blanks for: 5 p.3; 18 p.4

tiles at the V&A, explanation: 82 p.11

Voysey’s tile designs: 85 p.3

Maxwell, Donald (designer):

designs used by Doulton: J12 p.10-13

Domesday tiles: J12 p.11-19

early training: J12 p.9-19

Pembury Ware: J12 p.10

Maybole Co-op, Ayrshire: J15 p.9; J18 p.29-30; 76 p.17-18

Mayer-Marton, George, mural designer: 88 p.3-8

Maypole Dairy Co: 76 p.9-10; 77 p.11

Meakin, Alfred & Co: 19 p.12

Meaux Abbey, tiles found at: J28 p.8-10

Medieval tiles:

art designs on: 13 p.1-4

Beaulah Catalogue, in: J28 p.4-6

Blackfriars Priory, Cardiff, encaustic pavement: 13 p.7-9

Bredon, Oxenton and Tredington, unusual tiles: 24 p.8

British Museum collection: J5 p.3-10; 25 p.6

Dorchester Abbey: J6 p.13-22

Elizabeth Eames (historian), interview: 25 p.6-8

Flemish: 11 p.8-10

floor patterns: J5 p.11-19

inlaid, in V&A Collection: 80 p.15-18

medieval figures on tiles: 2 p.4-5; 3 p.2

‘Medieval Floor Tiles of Northern Britain’, review (author J Stopford): 54 p.16

‘Medieval Tiles’, review (author H van Lemmen): 42 p.6

pavement conservation: 42 p.3-4; 88 p.21-24

‘Recording Medieval Floor Tiles’, review (author J Stopford): 22 p.11

Sandwell Priory: 19 p.4-5

seminar 1982, report: 4 p.1-2

Sneinton: 20 p.4

subject matter on: 35 p.11

Titchfield Abbey: 7-8 p.3-4

Worcester: 25 p.5; 88 p.14-15

Yorkshire Medieval Tile Project: J4 p.11-14

see also Church tiles

Medmenham Pottery:

Canada, in: 48 p.7

catalogue: 6 p.1 &3

Danesfield House, Bucks, tiling: 3 p.2

Law Society’s Hall, fireplace and frieze: 18 p.4

London depot: 7-8 p.8; 11 p.4

Pottery buildings: 12 p.8-10

Sunlight Chambers, Dublin, friezes: 15 p.3

Voysey’s tile designs and catalogue: 85 p.9

Meière, Hildreth, US architectural decorator: 81 p.12

Meissen tiles: 29 p.2

Memorials: 5 p.1

Meo, Gaetano (designer): J7 p.13

Mercer, Henry Chapman (tile maker): 15 p.5-12; 31 p.1-3; J9 p.3-12

Mesves, France, Faience de: 64 p.23

Mettlach, Germany, dust-pressed encaustic tiles: J25 p.30

Micklethwait & Co: 2 p.7; J2 p.34

Mijnlieff (tile maker), supplier to Thomas Elsley: 90 p.19-20

Milnthorpe, Kossowski relief figure: 72 p.19

Milton Keynes ‘Bicycle Wall Mural’ threatened: 83 p. 10; 85 p.18; 86 p.17


backs of tiles: 32 p.8-9; 90 p.4-5

block printing process: J5 p.20-26

butcher’s shop tiles: 11 p.12

Canada, in: 43 p.1-3

Chirk Castle tiles: 26 p.3

Cliveden, Tiles Working Holidays: 62 p.3-6

commemorative church tiles: J9 p.14-23

Dorchester Abbey tile designs: J6 p.13-22

dust-pressed tiles: see Prosser

‘Edwardian Beauty’ tile: 57 p.13

encaustic tiles: see under Encaustic tiles

exports of decorative tiles: 44 p.4-5; J11 p.27-29

export tile by?: 11 p.11

floor, early layout for: 7-8 p.16

graves and memorials: J24 p.12-14

hand-painted tiles: 7-8 p.12-13


Alfred Reynolds, links with: J5 p.21-23

church tile donations: 32 p.3-6

Prosser’s patent, share purchased: J11 p.4

Samuel Wright, negotiations with: J3 p.28-32

Hollins & Co: see Minton Hollins & Co

‘Minton – The First 200 Years of Design & Production’, review (author J Jones): 26 p.11

Moyr Smith, John (designer): see Moyr Smith, John

Myles Standish commemorative tile: 55 p.13

New York, Central Park, ceiling: 69 p.22-23; 71 p.15-17

Ormond Building, Manchester, tilework: 64 p.4-5

printed tiles by: J23 p.6-7

printing plates for tiles, rescue: J14 p.3-16

Prosser’s patent tiles: J25 p.8-21

Pugin’s ceramic stove: 7-8 p.1-2

Shrewsbury tiles: J8 p.16-25

Stoke Library panels: 49 p.8

tile making in 1848: 9 p.9

V&A tile panel: 57 p.14-15

York Minster floor, restoration: 90 p.3-7

Yorkshire churches, tiles in: 1 p.2-3

Minton Hollins & Co:

Albert Slater’s tile pictures: 9 p.9

Barton Arms, Birmingham, tiling: 1 p.3

factory: J4 p.25-28

farmyard scenes & animals, tile set: 7-8 p.6-7

Hall’s patent tiles, use of: 7-8 p.12

Moyr Smith, John (designer): see Moyr Smith, John

neo-Delftware tile: 4 p.3

promotional tile: 14 p.1-2

Sheffield butcher’s shop panel: 11 p.1

tile glaze, lead content: 16 p.2

Monastic Buildings: see Abbeys or under name or town

Monasteries, tiled pavements: J4 p.11-14; 19 p.4-5

Monkeys on tiles: 25 p.1

‘Months of the Year’ tiles: 70 p.8

Moore, Albert (painter): J5 p.27-33


Morecambe Hotel, tiled tables: 78 p.4

Winter Gardens, restoration project: 89 p.16

Moreton, Pamela, Ceramics: 55 p.9

Morgan, William de: see De Morgan

Morris & Co:

ceramic tiles: J1 p.17-22; 32 p.10; 64 p.22

tile survey: 1 p.2

‘William Morris Tiles’, review (authors R & H Myers): 32 p.10

Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co:

foundation & aims: 1 p.2; J1 p.17

tiles from: J27 p. 35

‘Morris Ware, Tiles and Art of George Cartlidge’, review

(author Tony Johnson): 51 p.19

Morris, Rowland James (designer and modeller): J2 p.23-27

Morse, Henry (New York architect): J9 p.5-6

Mortimer West End, near Reading, Jackdaw pub: 78 p.13-15


Brangwyn, St Aidan’s, Leeds: J6 p.23-28

Chester Cathedral: 88 p.10

dust-pressed tiles: J25 p.9-12

Ely Cathedral theft: 22 p.10

George Swift, Swan Tile Works: J10 p.24-26

graves, on: J24 p.27-28

Jesse Rust: 79 p.3-8

Lahore Fort: 19 p.10

Mayer-Marton, George, use by: 88 p.3-8

Meaux Abbey: 22 p.3

Medieval floor patterns: J5 p.11-19

Miguel Nolla, Valencia: 82 p.7-9

France, mosaic decoration in: 7-8 p.10-11

Leeds, Little Woodhouse Hall: J25 p.10-11

Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt, Germany: 80 p.19-21

Mosaic Tile Co: 15 p.15-16

Odorico exhibition: 63 p.17-18

Owen Jones designs: J11 p.3-10; J25 p.10-11

Roman and Byzantine, difference: 88 p.4&6

Sandwell Priory, floor tiles: 19 p.4-5

some observations: 74 p.15-17

Somerleyton Hall, Suffolk: J25 p.12

V&A, tile-mosaic in: 80 p.15-18

Yorkshire Medieval Tile Project: J4 p.11-14

Moscow: see under Russia

Mosques, tiles in:

Cairo: 28 p.4-5

Istanbul: 26 p.7-9

modern British ceramic decoration: 48 p.11

Mottoes on tiles: see Heraldic devices and mottoes

Mounting tiles: 37 p.9-10

Moyr Smith, John (designer):

biography & archives: 9 p.10-11

book with list of designs: 47 p.13

designs for Minton: 9 p.11

designs for Minton Hollins & Co: 6 p.1; 9 p.9; 82 p.11

‘Jack & the Beanstalk’ tile: 77 p.10

‘Legendary Studies for Decorative Panels’: 7-8 p.15

mass-production of designs: 2 p.5

‘Old Mortality’ tile: 80 p.9

photograph: 11 p.2

‘The Death of Marmion’ tile: 82 p.11

tile from unrecorded series: 6 p.1

Mucha, Alphonse, designs for Pilkington’s: 86 p.7-8

Mumbai (Bombay): see India

Museum: see under name or place

Musical instruments on tiles: 12 p.7; 82 p.21-22

Musicians on tiles: 2 p.4-5; J5 p.27-33; 86 p.16

Mussi, Cleo (tile artist), Radio Leicester mosaic: 57 p.17

Mussi, Susan (Barcelona artist): 58 p.9

Mycock, W S (designer): 57 p.7

Myer, Harry Edward (architect): J9 p.35-40

Myers, Richard, obituary: 75 p.23




Name panels: 11 p.4

Napoleon III, Emperor of the French: 10 p.72

National Trust, cataloguing of tile collections 78 p.12

Natural History Museum, South Kensington: J8 p.6-8; 1 p.5-6; 12 p.10-11

Nature painting: 44 p.2-3

Neatby, W J (tile designer): 18 p.7-8; J12 p.32-36; J22 p.34

Nery, Eduardo (tile artist):

new mural designs: 69 p.17-18

obituary: 73 p.17

Portuguese tile murals: 44 p.1-2

simple but magical tile: 72 p.20-21

‘The Magic Square of Eduardo Nery’, review (author T Saporiti): 74 p.22-23

Netherlands, The:


former Stock Exchange: 58 p.7

new tiled tunnel: 78 p.21

TACS visit report: 60 p.9

biblical tiles in Utrecht: 31 p.8-9; 33 p.9

biblical tiles in Rotterdam: 33 p.9; 66 p.16-19

Bloempot factory, Rotterdam: 29 p.7-8

de Distel: 56 p.7

De Porceleyne Fles factory, Delft: see De Porceleyne Fles

Delfshaven tiles: 25 p.2-4

Delft blue tiles in The Hague: 87 p.23-24

Friesland Biblical tiles: 38 p.9-10

geometrical tile designs, book review: 88 p.31

Lunteren, tiles as public art: 73 p.20-21

Makkum tile factory: 29 p.9

Piet Hein workshop: 25 p.2-4

Ravesteijn; Ravesteyn, Utrecht (manufacturers): see Ravesteijn; Ravesteyn

Tichelaar tile factory: 29 p.9

tile industry: 11 p.2

tile museums: 4 p.3-4

tile organisations: 19 p.11

VARA Radio & TV Station (Heuvellaan, Hilversum): 15 p.13

Westraven: see under Ravesteijn; Ravesteyn

see also Delft tiles; Delftware; Dutch tiles

New Birch Tile Co Ltd: J28 p.22-25

New Wharf Pottery Co: 7-8 p.15

New York, Central Park:

Maw & Co replacement tiles: 55 p.17

Minton ceiling: 69 p.22-23; 71 p.15-17

New Zealand:

Dunedin Railway Station: 9 p.11; 67 p.7

tile making: 40 p.11


Albert pub: 77 p.5; 90 p.10-11

Old Bull’s Head inn: 77 p.5

Newcastle upon Tyne:

Central Railway station: 51 p.14-15

Gibson Street Baths: 36 p.1-2

Museum of Science and Engineering: 27 p.6

St Mary’s RC Cathedral: 60 p.11

Townsend & Co premises, tiles for: 27 p.6

Newport, South Wales:

Chartist mural by Kenneth Budd: 72 p.18-19

Dutch tiles in Tredegar House: 47 p.6-7

Waterloo Hotel, ceramic bar counter: 69 p.6


& Son, publisher: J6 p.3

John Gough (author): J4 p.15-20; J5 p.4-5; J6 p.3-9

Niculoso, Francisco (tile maker): J8 p.12-13

Nolla, Miguel, tile factory near Valencia: 82 p.7-10


Tudor chimneys & terracotta: 44 p.10

West Tofts Church: 78 p.6

North Bitchburn Coal Co (memorial manufacturer): J24 p.24


Iron Duke pub (now Duke of Wellington): 73 p.5

Royal Arcade: 18 p.7-8

TACS weekend in, report: 60 p.8

Nottingham, Sneinton district tiles: 20 p.4

Nunn, Walter (tile painter): 6 p.5

Nursery rhyme themes:

Bolingbroke Hospital, Wandsworth: 67 p.16

‘Brightening the Long Days’, review (author J Greene): 15 p.4

Carter & Co series: 74 p.21

House that Jack built: 10 p.3

King & Queen of Hearts: 7-8 p.15

King Edward Memorial Hospital, Ealing: 1 p.6

Little Bo-Peep: 5 p.5; 10 p.3

Little Boy Blue: 9 p.2; 16 p.4

Little Jack Horner: 4 p.7

Little Nell (Nancy) Etticoat: 4 p.7

Minton blanks, line-drawn on: 53 p.12; 58 p.12

Nursery Mealtime tile, 1882: 5 p.5

Portsmouth Royal Hospital: 3 p.2

‘Rhymes & Reasons’, review (Bedford Hospitals Charity): 58 p.9

Walter Crane designs: 10 p.2-3




Obituaries: see under name

O’Brien, Thomas & Co: J2 p.34

Occupations on tiles or in terracotta: 15 p.9; J2 p.23

Odeon cinemas:

Chester, Roman tile display: 56 p.6

facades: 3 p.3-4

good example of faience: J8 p.4-5

O’Highway, Jan (tile maker): 72 p.9-12

Olbrich, Joseph Maria (designer & architect): 32 p.1-2


Holy Rosary Church, mural at risk: 87 p.18; 88 p.6-7; 90 p.9

Town Hall, Pilkington tilework: 69 p.16

Old Malden, terracotta graveyard cross, 87 p.8-9

Ollivant, Henry Abraham (tile manufacturer): 28 p.11

Omega Workshops, exhibition at V&A: 82 p.3-6

Ontario: see under Canada

Ord, Rosalind, interview: 20 p.1-3

Osborne House, IoW, mosaic & geometrical tiles: J25 p. 11

Ottoman tiles: 26 p.7-9; 28 p.4-5

Outram, John (architect), use of glazed bricks, 87 p.10

Oxenton, Glos, St John’s Church: 24 p.8

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online: 55 p.19


Keble College, Oxford: 50 p.8

Sunningwell church: 48 p.18




Packard & Ord:

‘Brief History of Marlborough Tiles’, publication available: 17 p.13

Kathleen Coote interview: 22 p.8-9

Rosalind Ord interview: 20 p.1-3

tiles acquired from antiques stall: 40 p.11

‘Wild Animal’ series: 75 p.15

Packard, Sylvia, mural at Royal School, Bath: 35 p.1-3

Packing tiles: 37 p.9

Paintings by van Eyck, tiles in: 27 p.9


Provident Co-op Society interior: J15 p.9

Tenement tiles, hidden: 87 p.3-4

Palaces: see Houses

Paley & Austin (architects): 21 p.8-10

Panther Dairies: J18 p.28

Paolozzi, Eduardo (sculptor): 12 p.6-8; J27 p. 36

Paris: see under France

Parker-Hore Archive: 52 p.3-4

Pasquier Collection, French architectural ceramics: 74 p.18-20

Pate-sur-pate decoration: 26 p.11

Patent Architectural Pottery Company, Hamsworthy: 75 p.16


Burton’s patent metal clips: 49 p.12

Cliffs’ Shepwood patent partition brick: 3 p.3

George Swift’s ‘Keyed Back’ patent: 65 p.18

Hall’s patent hanging tiles: 7-8 p.12; 23 p.10-11

list of, 1800 and later: 1 p.4-5; 2 p.6-7

Marsden patent tiles: see under Marsden

Ravenscroft’s patents: 3 p.8; 4 p.2

Samuel Wright patent: J3 p.28; J14 p.36

‘Slater’s Patent’ decoration: 10 p.4-5

Pickings Patent Bricks: 47 p.4-5

Potter’s French patent for dust-pressing: J25 p.24-25

  1. Prosser’s patent for dust-pressing: see Prosser


medieval patterned: J5 p.11-19; 22 p.1-3; 25 p.6-8

plain tile patterns: 17 p.15-16; 24 p.8

tiled, in Fano, Italy: 77 p.6-7

Pearce, Alfred E (designer): 27 p.1

Pembrokeshire, Carew Cheriton Church, medieval tiles: 32 p.6-7

Pembury Ware: J12 p.10

Pena Castle (Portugal): 13 p.10

Penn, Buckinghamshire:

Holy Trinity Church, tiles restored: 48 p.7-8

tiles, ‘printing’ technique: J6 p.14

Tylers Green, medieval tile industry: 48 p.14-15

Permanent Decorative Glass Co: 3 p.4

Perrault, Suzanne, interview: 52 p.16-17

Persian, ‘Early Persian Tilework’, review (author D Picken): 36 p.10

Peterborough, Vergette mural: 69 p.15-16; 72 p.19; 75 p.17

‘Phiz’ (H K Browne): 18 p. 5-6

Photo-decorated tiles: 17 p.1-3; 23 p.10; 28 p.11-12


portrait tiles: 53 p.5-7

Tile Co: 28 p.11-12

Photographs of tiles:

advice on taking: 37 p.10

Sneinton collection: 20 p. 4

Pickings Patent Bricks: 47 p.4-5

Pickman, Charles (Spanish tile manufacturer): J8 p.13

Pictorial tiles in pubs: see under Public house

Pilkington’s (firm):

Alphonse Mucha designs: 86 p.7-8

artists pre-WWI, lesser known: J23 p.24-35

backs of tiles: 12 p.4-5; 24 p.10; 61 p.3-6

Carlisle Civic Centre mural: 46 p.4

Carter Group, acquisition of: 69 p.21-22

fish tiles 57 p.6-7

‘Flora’s Train’ by Walter Crane: 87 p.7

international status and legacy: 63 p.7-8

Lancastrian Pottery Society Exhibition review: 46 p.7

Les Fleurs panels: 39 p.1-2

Lewis Foreman Day designs: 64 p.15-17; J15 p.14-28

Liverpool, Lister Drive Baths: 47 p.16

Mary Chambers: 58 p.12

Persian schemes of colour: 68 p. 3-6

‘Pilkington’s Calendar & Promotional Tiles’, review (author C Blanchett): 81 p.21

‘Pilkington’s Tiles 1891-2010’, review (authors A & B Corbett): 72 p.23

tile schemes: 75 p.23

Victoria Baths, Manchester: 47 p.3-5

Voysey’s tile designs and catalogue: 85 p.4-8

Voysey, tiles in style of: 85 p.8

William Burton, review of career: J4 p.29-40

Piper, John (artist): 10 p.10

Plagiarism: 1 p.1; 9 p.6-7

Platt, Daniel & Sons (tile maker): J26 p.26 &34 &41

Ploughing on tiles: 13 p.1

Pluis, Jan (Dutch tile historian): 27 p.2-3


Armada Way: Special Edition 2006 p.1-11

invaluable guide books: 55 p.16

Membland Hall, de Morgan tiles: 72 p.13

Political tiles: 6 p.7

Pond, Edward (designer): Special Edition 2006 p.2-6

Poole, Dorset:

Parkway Shopping Centre, request to save tiles: 89 p.16

St Osmund’s Church, Parkstone: 11 p.10-11

South Western Pottery: 76 p.22-23

Swan Inn: 58 p.10; 60 p.10

tiles in: 7-8 p.13

Waterfront Museum: 20 p.4

White Hart public house: 20 p.4; 75 p.5

Poole, Henry, & Sons: 9 p.4

Poole Pottery:

archive and ceramics exhibition 2004: 49 p.9

Delphis tiles: 67 p.10

London Underground tiles: 76 p.13-15

Patent Architectural Pottery Co: 86 p.10

works tile panels, proposed sale: 49 p.1-2 5

see also Carter & Co


slabs for fireplaces: 31 p.5-6

term sometimes used for dust-pressed tiles: J25 p.19

Porch tiles: 81 p.3-6

Portadown, Mandeville Arms, ceramic counter: 69 p.3

Portrait tiles: 51 p.3-5


Coach & Horses pub, Hilsea: 75 p.3

India Arms pub (former), Southsea: 75 p.5

Mediterranean public house: 3 p.1; 75 p.4-5

Royal Hospital: 3 p.2

Tangier pub, Copnor: 75 p.4


Azulejos from, 17th C patterned: 70 p.16-18

Coimbra, Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha collection: J24 p.1-9

Dirck Stoop (artist 1618-1686) in: J19 p.28-36

Indo-Portuguese architecture, tiles in, 89 p.3-7


Dutch Tile Society visit: 62 p.11-13

Great Panorama in tiles: J19 p.20-27

National Museum of Azulejo: 13 p.10; 32 p.12

Parque Metro Station: 42 p.12

Sacavem, Fabrica de Louca de, English moulds: 33 p.5-6

National Palace, Sintra: 13 p.10

Pinheiro, Rafael Bordalo: 16 p.1-2

Portuguese tiles: 13 p.10-11; 32 p.12

‘Portuguese Tiles from National Museum of Azulejo’, review: 32 p.12

postage stamps commemorating tiles: 13 p.11

Queluz Royal Palace: J3 p.11

tile murals: 41 p.1-2

visit by P & C Wraight: 13 p.10-11

Postman’s Park, London: 5 p.1

Post-Medieval tiles: 24 p.8

‘Post-war Murals, A Field Guide’, review (author L Pearson): 63 p.19-20

Post-war tile panels: 46 p.3-5

‘Pot Churches’: J8 p.6-7

Potsdam, terracotta in Roman Baths: 60 p.3-5

Potteries Tile Trail: 71 p.22; 72 p.15-17; 75 p.18

Potter, Christopher, French dust-pressing patent: J25 p.24-25

Potter, Don (sculptor): 57 p.4

Powell & Sons:

opus sectile work: 47 p.8; 48 p.6

Powell’s List: 47 p.8

Tiles International Ltd, Denbigh: 48 p.13

Whitefriars Glass Works: 28 p.2-3; 77 p.19

Powell, Jean (ceramic artist): 58 p.8

Poynter, Sir Edward, designs used on tiles: 63 p.12-15


Black Horse public house, ceramic counter: 69 p.4

Harris Museum collection: 62 p.22-23

Preston, Julia Carter (potter): 57 p.5

Prices of tiles: 3 p.6

Priest, Frances, tiled corridor at Edinburgh: 84 p.16-19

Printed tiles: 2 p.4-5; 30 p.11

Printing plates, Minton, rescued: J14 p.3-16

Promotional ceramics: 14 p.1-2

Prosser, Richard:

dust-pressing patent: J7 p.35-36; 63 p.5; J25 p.3-5 &8-9 &22

engineer, inventor & patent law reformer: J25 p.2-7

international spread of knowledge: J25 p.26-28

majolica tiles: J25 p.17-18

mosaic & geometrical tiles: J25 p.9-12

Minton’s Prosser’s patent tiles: J25 p.8-21

patent agate button: J25 p.4-5

Prudential Assurance Co buildings, Manchester: J3 p.11-14

Prussian Brick and Terracotta: 35 p.3-5

Public buildings:

on tiles: 11 p.11

see also under town and national entries

Public house:

ceramic bar counters: 69 p.3-7

future of tiling schemes in: 24 p.2-5

‘Licensed to Sell – the Public House’, review (authors Brandwood, Davison, Slaughter): 52 p.19

pictorial tiles:

Edinburgh revisited: 80 p.3-6 &24

‘here & there’: 77 p.3

London: 72 p.3-6

Midlands & E Anglia: 73 p.3-6

more discoveries: 80 p.3

North-East: 74 p.3-6

North-West: 83 p.15-16

North-West & Yorkshire: 76 p.3-6

Scotland, Wales & Ireland: 71 p.3-6; 80 p.3-6

South-East & South-West: 75 p.3-6

varied selection: 78 p.3-5

tiles and faience: 20 p.4; 22 p.11; 24 p.2-5

see also under name of town or premises

Pugin, A W:

ceramic stove for 1851 Exhibition: 7-8 p.1-2

Chirk Castle, work in: 26 p.3

criticism of grave monuments: J24 p.31

dust-pressed tiles: J25 p.15-17

letter to Herbert Minton: 43 p.4; 44 p.11-12

Palace of Westminster, work in: J5 p.23

V&A Exhibition 1994: 28 p.12

Pugin, E W: J5 p.24; 26 p.3

Pulham, James, & Sons:

artificial stone makers: J24 p.16-17

‘Pulham Legacy, Rock Landscapes’, review (author C Hitching): 71 p.23

Purbeck Decorative Tile Co: 15 p.14-15

Pyne, W H (Victorian illustrator): 9 p.6




Quaker Oats, advertising tile: 79 p.11

Quantock Design (pottery): 67 p.10

Queen Mary, swimming pool: 17 p.3-4




Ragıb Mehmed Pasha Library, Istanbul, Dutch tiles at: J23 p.11-23

Railway stations; tram stations:

future of tiling schemes in: 24 p.2-5

in Brussels, Amsterdam and Haarlem: 58 p.6-7

see also under name of station or town

Raku fired mural: 73 p.16

Ransome, Frederick (artificial stone maker): J24 p.16

Rathbone, Harold (tile maker): 2 p.3; 12 p.8

Ravenscroft, Enoch (inventor): 3 p.8

Ravenscroft patent: 3 p.8; 4 p.2

Ravesteijn tile factory, Utrecht:

delftware tiles for export to Britain: J7 p.19-22

Tredegar House tiles: 47 p.7

name changed to Westraven: J7 p.22

Ravesteyn tile factory, Utrecht:

history: 13 p.7

tile panels at factory: 13 p.6-7

name changed to Westraven: 13 p.7

Ray, Anthony, bequest: 72 p.8 &13


A B, (mural designer Carter & Co): J10 p.13-15

Alfred (designer): 46 p.3; 64 p.6

Charles Hercules: 30 p.1

Red Bank Manufacturing Co, chimney pots: 22 p.5-7

Reichardt, Carrie, screen printed design: J27 p. 31

Religious scenes on tiles:

‘A little Child shall lead them’: 3 p.2

‘He walks on the sea’: 7-8 p.5

panel of saints: 9 p.4

see also Allegorical figures on tiles

Restaurants: see under town or place names


British Rail projects: 11 p.9

Danesfield House, Medmenham, Bucks: 3 p.2

Ealing Hospital tile panel: 5 p.8

Flemish 16th C panels: J24 p.34-45

Prior Crauden’s Chapel tiled floor, Ely Cathedral: 22 p.10

Ripon butcher’s shop, Maws panel: 6 p.8

Royal Arcade tiles, Norwich: 18 p.7-8

terracotta: 24 p.1 &11-12; 43 p.7-8

see also Conservation

Retaining walls: 4 p.8

Reverse of tiles: see Backs of tiles

Reviews of books: see Book Reviews

Reynolds, Alfred, and block printing: J5 p.20-26


family of tile artists: 47 p.12

Frederick Hurton, tile designer in USA: J17 p.16-17

Rhombic tiles: J1 p.23-27

Rhosymedre, Clwyd, St John the Evangelist: 14 p.7-8

Ricardo, Halsey Ralph (architect): J7 p.11-17; 89 p.18

Richards, Henry (tile manufacturer): 13 p.9

Richards Tiles Ltd:

D Johnson (Chairman & MD) interviewed: 36 p.5-6

E R G Corn (former chairman) interviewed: 37 p.6-7

Freddie Maw (Vice Chairman) interviewed: 38 p.3-4

‘peacock’ tile: 47 p.12; 48 p.12

‘Richards Group’ tile marked ‘CS’: 56 p.8-9

‘spotted cow’ tile: 63 p.5

Richmond, Surrey, theatre: 5 p.7

Road signs: 7-8 p.11

Robin Hood tiles, Green Man pub, Southwark: 89 p.10


Brown Cow pub, Norden: 76 p.3

Cemetery Hotel, Bury Rd: 76 p.3

Eagle Hotel, Oldham Rd: 76 p.3

Flower of the Valley pub, Smallbridge: 76 p.3

Nelson Hotel, Drake St: 76 p.3

Royd Arms pub, Roopley Moor Rd: 76 p.3

Slip Inn, Milnrow: 76 p.3

tower block murals: 62 p.18

Waggon & Horses pub, Sudden: 76 p.3

Roelants, Joseph (Belgian tile designer): 29 p.1; 36 p.9-12

‘Roman cement’ patent: 90 p.3

Romano-British brick and tile: J4 p.5-10; 14 p.4-5

Rossman, Robert, Company (tile maker): 77 p.19-20

Rothesay, Victoria St, mosaic scheme: 58 p.4-5

Roundwood Grange, Baildon, Dutch tiles: 62 p.7-8

Rowe, William John Monkhouse (Pilkington’s artist): J23 p.31

‘Royal Berkshire Hospital Wall Tiles’, review (author L F Williams): 78 p.22-23

Royce Wood Studios (tile maker): 71 p.9-12

Rozenburg (firm), mass production techniques: J16 p.3-13

Ruabon, Dennis (terracotta manufacturer): 14 p.1-2

Rudd, James Henry (Pilkington’s designer): J23 p.32-33

Ruins on tiles: 7-8 p.9

Runcorn Shopping Centre, Shaws Twintiles: J27 p. 39


Abramtsevo Museum, Moscow: 27 p.7-8

Ceramics in South Caucasus: 52 p.5

Russian tiles: 27 p.7-8

Rust, Henry, mosaics near Tours, France: 80 p.13

Rust, Jesse, & Son, mosaic manufacturers: 79 p. 3-8

Rustic Scenes on tiles: 5 p.5; 6 p.8; 7-8 p.7 &14-15; 9 p.6; 10 p. 10

Rutland Collection of tiles: J5 p.9; 25 p.6

Ryan, Rob, screen printed designs: J27 p. 31




Sadler & Green, printed tiles: 55 p.12; J23 p.1-3

Saint-Amans, Pierre (ceramicist & tile designer): J25 p.25

St Ives:

Tate St Ives extension, faience: 84 p. 20-21

view of, Richards Tiles Ltd: 63 p.5


Corporation, tiles commissioned: 81 p.11

Cromwell Secondary School for Girls: J16 p.35

St John the Evangelist, Higher Broughton: 14 p.6

sculptural panels, conservation: 64 p.10-12

Salopian Art Pottery, sgraffito work by: 89 p.16

Sandwell Priory, West Midlands: 19 p.4-5

Saturday Magazine: see under Journals

Savino, Guido di (Italian/Flemish potter): 3 p.1-2

Scaratt, William (nature painter): 44 p.2-3


Art Gallery: 23 p.2-3

Castle by the Sea: 14 p.5; 15 p.14

Christ Church, ‘Holy Lamb’ panel: J28 p.7-8

Nelson Inn: 76 p.6

Schein, Francoise (Lisbon Metro station tiles): 42 p.12

Schillemans, supplier to Thomas Elsley: 90 p.19-20

Schinkel, Karl Friedrich (German architect): 35 p.3-5

Scholz, Lothar (German tile artist): 36 p.10-11; 75 p.23


John, obituary: 85 p.23

John, tile collection: J21 p.1-8

Sir George Gilbert (architect): 18 p.1-2

Screen-printed tiles: 29 p.1; 45 p.9

Screens, Chinese: 10 p.1-2

Seaford, E Sussex, Seven Sisters pub: 75 p.5

Seasons on tiles: 2 p.4-5; 5 p.3-4 &10; 90 p.10 &28

Seddon, John Pollard (architect): 48 p.2 &8-9 &18

Sepulchral ceramics in England: J24 p.10-33

‘Seven Ages of Man’, Camm Brothers series: 86 p.6 &24

Seville: see under Spain

Seymour, Robert (illustrator): 18 p.5-6

Shakespeare terracotta panels, Stratford-upon-Avon: 77 p.14-17

Sharpe, Edmund (architect): 21 p.8-10; J8 p.5-6

Shaw, Norman (architect): 25 p.9-10

Shaws of Darwen (Ceramics) Ltd:

letter on closure of Hathernware: 51 p.13

new-build architectural schemes: 66 p.14-15

recent work: 4 p.2; 10 p.11; 40 p.5

revival as Darwen Terracotta & Faience: 79 p.20-22

tiled retaining wall, Telford: 4 p.8

Twintiles: J27 p. 39

work for Threlfalls: J8 p.32-33

see also Darwen Terracotta & Faience

Sheep on tiles: 6 p.8; 10 p.8; 11 p.12


Castle Market: 68 p.15-16

Electra Palace Picture Hall: 54 p.14-15; J14 p.38

Greyhound Inn (former), Attercliffe Rd: 77 p.5

St Marie’s RC Cathedral: 53 p.10-11

Ship Inn, Shalesmoor: 77 p.5

Shelley, John, scratched mark: 69 p.13

Sheppard, Christina (tile designer) at the V&A: 84 p.1 &3-5


& Cotton: 9 p.12; 12 p.5

W & Co: 17 p.16

Ships: see Boats and ships on tiles

Shops and restaurants:

butchers’ shops: 6 p.8; 11 p.1 &12; 16 p.3; 83 p.7-8

dairies: 1 p.3; 9 p.8; 16 p.10

fishmonger’s shops: 13 p.4-5; 15 p.2

future of tiling schemes in: 24 p.2-5

Harrods Meat Hall: 16 p.7

Kensington: 38 p.8

Scottish shops, tile schemes: 58 p.3-5

see also under town or place names

Short, Gladys (potter): J6 p.29-36


Railway Station: 11 p.9

St Catherine’s Chapel (Minton): J8 p.16-25

St Mary’s Church: J8 p.16-25

Sundorne Castle Chapel: 42 p.10-11

Shrigley & Hunt, stained glass maker: J27 p. 33-34

Sicard, Bernard (Burmantofts artist): J22 p.8 &35

Sicilian tiles: J9 p.6

Sidmouth, Knowle, Dutch tiles: 61 p.17-19

Simpson, T A: 5 p.7; 12 p.5

Simpson, the late Miss, design for Pilkington’s: J23 p.33-34

Simpson, W B, & Sons:

Bournemouth General Hospital, rescued tiles: 26 p.1-2

‘Domestic & Ecclesiastical Art Workmen’: J11 p.11-16;

London Underground tiling: 3 p.4-5

nursery rhyme panels, Bolingbroke Hospital: 67 p.16

150 years old, alive & well: 4 p.4-5

Robin Hood tiles, Green Man pub, Southwark: 89 p.10

suppliers of blanks to: 5 p.3

tile backs: 5 p.3

tile panels: 34 p.4-5; 42 p.5-6; 48 p.12; 77 p.14

tiles on ‘Antiques Road Show’: 71 p.14

vitreous painting process, development of: 18 p.4

Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital tiles: 9 p.2

Simpson, W P:

animal designs for Minton & Hollins: 7-8 p.6-7

plagiarism by: 9 p.6-7

Skeaping, John (tile designer): 25 p.1

Skelton, David (tile maker): 21 p.10

Skillington Workshop Ltd, restoration work at Woolwich: 84 p.15

Skinner, Joan, obituary: 56 p.15

Skipper, George (architect): 18 p.7-8

Slabbed up tile panels: 85 p. 14-16; 86 p.23

Slater, Albert (tile painter): 9 p.9

Slater’s Patent: 10 p.4-5

Slebech Church, Pembs: 28 p.9-11


Edward, & Co, Coalville: 83 p.10; 88 p.12; 90 p.13-16

Ford & Jones: 9 p.5

H & E, of Hanley: 18 p.7-8

John Moyr: see Moyr Smith

Rosie (tile maker): 38 p.1-2

S Pountney (architect): J8 p.16-17

William, & Co, South Stockton: 10 p.10-11; J23 p.4-6 &9

Smith, W H, & Son (booksellers):

decorative tile panels: 15 p.4; J21 p.19-38

lettered tile panels: 15 p.4; 71 p.8; J21 p.9-18

tiles in shops, design competition: 1 p.4

Sneinton, Nottingham: 20 p.4

Societies, foreign, for the study of tiles: 19 p.10-11


Albert (tile designer): J17 p.11-15


American Encaustic Tiling Co: J17 p.8-11

transfer-printed tile for Pilkington’s: J23 p.33

Marc Louis, ‘Cooks’ series: J14 p.12-13

Somerleyton Hall, Suffolk, mosaic floor panel: J25 p.12

Somerset, Hornblotton, tiled reredos: 86 p.14

South Africa:

Ceramic Studio, The: 33 p.8; J6 p.29-36

Ceramics Enterprise: 33 p.1-2

Durban School of Art: J6 p.32-33

Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town: J6 p.33-34

Johannesburg Railway Station: 33 p.2

Liebermann tiles: p.1-3

Linnware Studio: p.29-36

Olifantsfontein: J6 p.29-36; 33 p.1-2

Transvaal Potteries: J6 p.31-36

South Uist, Our Lady of Sorrows church mural: 62 p.23

South Western Pottery: 76 p.22-23


Butcher’s Hook pub: 75 p.5

Collins Hamtun St mural: 69 p.14

Southend-on-Sea, Cliff public house: 73 p.4



Architectural ceramics in: 12 p.12

Gaudi’s Park Guell: 37 p.10-11

Cordoba, Roman mosaics: 45 p.3

Hispano-Moresque tile design: 27 p.9


decorated tiles in: 63 p.11-15

pictorial tile works: 70 p.19-20

Museo del Azulejo, Onda, Castellón, tile conference 2006: 58 p.18-19


Alcazar Palace and gardens: J8 p.11-12

Casa de Pilatos: J8 p.12

Moorish tiling: J8 p.11-14

Parque de Maria Luisa: J8 p.14

Pickman tile factory, La Cartuja: J8 p.13; J27 p.16

San Clemente & San Isadoro (convent churches): J8 p.13

tiles in: J8 p.11-15

Spanish-style tiles: 25 p.9-10; 26 p.10-11; 27 p.9

Talavera de la Reina (tile producing town): J9 p.7; J14 p.17-26; 78 p.7-9

tile organisations in: 19 p.11


Miguel Nolla, tile factory in Meliana: 82 p.7-10

Museo Nacional de Cerámica: J15 p.38-44

Spode, printed tiles by: J23 p.3-4

Sports and games on tiles:

children’s games on Dutch delftware tiles: J3 p.22-27

croquet: 80 p.9

football panel, Goodison Park, Liverpool: 20 p.5

hunting scene on inlaid tile, 15th century: 11 p.7

‘Old English Sports and Games’, Minton: 7-8 p.12-13

Spruce, Edward Caldwell (Burmantofts artist): J22 p.7 &36-41

Spytkowska, Jola (tile maker): 46 p.18


Industrial Exhibition: 44 p.2-3

Tile Co: 11 p.3; 12 p.4

tile manufacturers 1880-1914, cross-tabulated: 89 p.15

Stained glass makers: J27 p. 32-34

Staines-upon-Thames, 92 High St, T F Evans panel: 84 p.7

Stalybridge, St Raphael, Stations of the Cross: J16 p.32-33

Statue, Wedgwood, Burslem: J2 p.23

Steele & Wood, tile makers: 84 p.10-12

Steele, Florence Harriet, Pilkington’s designer: J23 p.33

Steller, Fritz:

architectural ceramics: J13 p.3-14

transform tiling: 65 p.12

Stockport, Edgeley, Alexandra pub: 83 p.15

Stocksbridge, Friendship pub, Manchester Rd: 76 p.5


Blurton Church: J9 p.17

Charles Lynam, buildings designed by: J4 p.21-28

Dudson Museum, Naked Wall project: 76 p.16-17

Hanley: see Hanley

Hartshill Church: J9 p.16-17

Minton Hollins factory: J4 p.23-26

St Peter ad Vincula: J9 p.15-16

‘St Peter’s Bench’: 65 p.14

tile industry 1880-1914: 89 p.11-15

Tinworth’s works: J3 p.18-21

Trentham Church: J9 p.15

Stone, Staffs, ‘Throne for the Common Man’: 65 p.14

Stoop, Dirck (artist 1618-1686): J19 p.28-36

Storage of tiles: 37 p.9

Stoves, ceramic: 7-8 p.1-2; J11 p.20-25; 71 p.20-21


Swan Theatre panels: 77 p.14-15

HSBC Bank panels: 77 p.16-17

Stratton, Michael:

obituary: 39 p.72

terracotta memorial: 45 p.4-5

Strike, bricklayers’, at Doulton’s: 10 p.11-12

Stüler, August (tile designer): J25 p.28-29

Suicide images on tiles: 42 p.8-9

Sunday School tiles: 5 p.2; 7-8 p.5

Sunderland, Mountain Daisy Pub: J8 p.27; 69 p.4; 74 p.3

Sunningwell church, Oxfordshire: 48 p.18

Surplus tiles, uses of: 51 p.6-7

Sutcliffe, C P, & Sons: 20 p.8

Sutherland, Graham, painted tiles: J27 p. 36

Sutton Place, Surrey, use of terracotta: 4 p.8

Swann, Michael (collector), Internet services CD: 37 p.8

Swan Tile Works, Liverpool:

George Swift and, history: 45 p.1-2; J10 p.24-29

‘keyed back’ patent: 65 p.18

Stork Hotel, Birkenhead: J8 p.29

‘swan’ mark: 70 p.14


floor tiles in Skane: 48 p.8

tiled stoves: J11 p.20-25; 71 p.20-21

Swift, George (manufacturer):

Swan Tile Works, history: 45 p.1-2; J10 p.24-29

‘George Swift’s Patent’ mark: 65 p.18

see also Swan Tile Works

Sydney International Exhibition 1879, Camm Bros. exhibits: 86 p.4-5

Sykes, Godfrey (architect): J8 p.6-8; J26 p.12-13 &17-19 &21

Syria, tiles in Raqqa: J9 p.8-9




TACS: see Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society

Talavera de la Reina: see under Spain

Tanner, Andrew (designer): 53 p.9

Tate St Ives extension, faience: 84 p.20-21

Taunton, Musgrove Park Hospital: 73 p.16


Joseph (President of Tile Heritage Foundation), interview: 38 p.9-10

Robert Minton (manufacturer): 9 p.7-8; J17 p.21-27

W Smethwick, embossed mark: 73 p.12

Tempesta, Antonio (Italian engraver): 47 p.6-7

Temple, Charles Henry (tile designer): 33 p.4

Terminology: 10 p.8-9; J2 p.10-20


chimney pots, hand-made manufacture: 22 p.5-7

Coalbrookdale Company: 85 p.20-21

cross, St John’s church, Old Malden: 87 p.8-9

damage and repair: 16 p.4-9

Frank Matcham, use by: 5 p.7-8

Gibbs & Canning: see Gibbs & Canning

graves and memorials: J24 p.18-25

Harmer, at Lewes, E Sussex: 60 p.13

Joseph Cliff & Sons, Wortley, Leeds: 3 p.3

Lancashire churches: 21 p.8-10

Layer Marney Tower: 4 p.6

Natural History Museum: 1 p.5-6; 12 p.10-11

‘Past Present & Future’, digital conference: 89 p.16

Prussian: 35 p.3-5

Refuge Assurance Offices, Manchester: J3 p.11-21

Renaissance tombs: 7-8 p.2-3

revival and renovation: 24 p.1 &11-12

Roman Baths, Potsdam: 60 p.3-5

Roof finials at Maidenhead: 60 p.16

South Kensington Museum complex: J26 p.12-25

stamp marks: 50 p.17

Sutton Place Heritage Trust, landscaping works: 4 p.8

TACS Conference 2020, postponement: 88 p.8

‘Terracotta Skyline, New York’s Architectural Ornament’, review: 36 p.11

‘The Terracotta Gardener’, review (author J Keeling): 21 p.11

‘The Terracotta Revival’, review (author M Stratton): 27 p.10

‘Three Graces’ sculpture at Coalbrookdale Institute: J26 p.3

Toronto, tracking in: 27 p. 4-5

upsurge of interest in use: 10 p.11;

Victorian relief panels: 75 p.7-9

Watcombe Terra Cotta Clay Company: 23 p.11-12

Wedgwood Institute, Burslem: J2 p.21-27

working definitions: J2 p.10-20

see also Architectural terracotta

Terrington, B D, Norfolk (tile artist): 64 p.6

The Vyne Chapel, Hampshire: 3 p.1-2; 41 p.3-31

Theatres and cinemas:

Odeon cinemas: 3 p.3

Frank Matcham theatres: 5 p.7-8

see also under town or place names

Theft of tiles: 22 p.10

Thin tiles: 63 p.5

Thompson, Margaret E (tile painter): 26 p.1-2

Thooft, Joost, of Delft (manufacturer):

acquisition of De Porceleyne Fles: 29 p.2-6

see also De Porceleyne Fles

Thornton Abbey (Humberside): J1 p.23-27

‘1000 Tiles’, review (ed G Lang): 50 p.18

Threlfall, Phillipa:

Black Dog of Wells: 58 p.17

ceramic murals: 39 p.2-4; 75 p.10-14

Droitwich mural: 86 p.21

‘Evolution of Life in the Sea’ mural, Loftus, Yorkshire: 66 p.20

Thynne, H & G (manufacturer): J1 p.14-15


acquisition of, suggested sources: 87 p.12-13

Associations (TTA), history: 77 p.11-13; 78 p.15-17; 79 p.13-15; 80 p.11-12

backs of: see Backs of tiles

British, design trends: 70 p.7-8

catalogues, study of: J27 p.8-21

collections, housing: 19 p.1 &6-7

conservation: see Conservation

‘double-decker’ (tile glued on tile): 49 p.12

eight-inch, firms specialising in: 50 p.12

File, TACS: see under Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society

‘5000 Years of Tiles’, review (author H van Lemmen): 73 p.23

from the 1960s and 1970s: 66 p.13


project and launch: 53 p.2; 54 p.2 &18

‘Tile Gazetteer’, review (author L Pearson): 54 p.19

Heritage Foundation, USA: 19 p.11; 38 p.9-10; J17 p.3-5

historian, Jan Pluis interview: 27 p.2-3

Identification Project: 86 p.22

machine pressed, invention: J14 p.36


British, since 1820: J27 p.22-40

English, in 1860s, Belgian publication: 2 p.2

process, R Minton Taylor: 9 p.7-8


British, in the USA: J17 p.6-20

Association: 37 p.6-7; J28 p.23-24

interviews with: 36 p.5-6; 37 p.6-8; 38 p.2-4; 39 p.5-7

manufacturing, recollections (D Malkin): 69 p.7-8

maps, North Eastern Railway: 81 p.14-17

mosaic: see Mosaics

organisations abroad: 19 p.10-11

panels, slabbed up: 85 p.14-16

postage stamps, on: 13 p.11

press technology at Rozenburg: J16 p.3-13

registration research: 2 p.7

restoration: see Restoration

schemes, future of, in pubs, shops and railway stations: 24 p.2-5

standards, European & International: 73 p.18-19

swap website: 55 p.13

thin: 63 p.5

transfer-printed, British 1756-1854: J23 p.1-10

workers and working conditions: 13 p.5-6; J4 p.31-32

Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society (TACS):

AGM, first virtual, report: 86 p.23

Amsterdam visit 2007: 60 p.9

Ashmolean visit 2013: 72 p.22

brief history: 23 p.5

cakes, celebratory: 87 p.15-16

Conference 2011: 69 p.19-20

Darwen Terracotta & Faience visit, 2017: 81 p.17-19


Locations Database Project: J18 p.5-9

online database: 67 p.19-20

events in 2007: 60 p.8-9

events in 2022: 90 p.25-27

Fourteenth Anniversary, messages from America: 87 p.17-18

Fourteenth Anniversary, thoughts on: 87 p.14

‘Glazed Expressions’, numbering scheme: 6 p.8

Journal, brief history: J18 p.3-4

Penny Beckett, retirement tribute: 88 p.31

recollections of founder members: 56 p.3-5

research grants 2011: 67 p.23

research grants 2014: 73 p.22-23

‘Retrospect and Prospect’ (article by T Lockett): 23 p.6-7

Richard Dennis, praise from: 20 p.7

Roger Hensman:

decease and tribute: 90 p.25

retirement and tribute: 88 p.31

Spode works visit 2016: 78 p.22

Tenth Anniversary Exhibition, Scarborough: 23 p.1-4

Terracotta Conference 2020, postponement: 88 p.8

Tile File:

British tile making since 1820: J27 p.22-40

Stoke on Trent, 1880-1914: 89 p.10-15

tiles & terracotta from Coalville: 90 p.12-18

Tile Identification Project: 86 p.22

Till, Reginald (designer): 17 p.3-4

Tin-glazed tiles:

conservation and restoration: 44 p.5-6

decoration techniques: 45 p.4

painted, V&A Collection: 79 p.16-19

Pas-de-Calais: 4 p.7

see also Delft tiles; Delftware

Tinworth, George (terracotta artist): J3 p.15-21

Titchfield Abbey, Hants: 7-8 p.3-4

Tomlins & Ford, Congleton: J27 p.30

Toposcopes, on Scottish mountains: 67 p.14

Tottenham Court Road station, Paolozzi’s commission: 12 p.6-7

Toulouse, architectural terracotta: J15 p.29-37

Townsend, Kenneth (designer): 48 p.8; 88 p.25-30 &32

Trade catalogues, study of: J27 p.8-21

Trade tiles: 12 p.5; 14 p.1-2

Training for Industrial Design: 33 p.3-5

Transform tiling: 65 p.12; 68 p.15

Tream lod Tilery & Pottery, Pembrokeshire (encaustic tiles): 32 p.11

Tredington Court, Glos: 24 p.8

Trentham, Staffs, St Mary & All Saints: 49 p.8

Tudor chimneys & terracotta in Norfolk: 44 p.10

Tunbridge Wells:

Dunloran Park: 53 p.15

Kent and Sussex Hospital: 9 p.2; 62 p.21

Tunick, Susan (designer):

ceramic murals: 64 p.13-14

interview: 36 p.3


tilemaker’s paradise: 58 p.14-17

tiles in Harem: J9 p.6

‘Turinese’ embossed tiles: 70 p.7-8



Rusten Pasa Mosque: 36 p.12

tiles in: 26 p.7-9

Topkapi Palace: 26 p.7-9

‘Topkapi Scroll’, review (author G Necipoglu): 33 p.6-7

‘Iznik Pottery’, review (author J Carswell): 36 p.10

Iznik tiles: 26 p.7-9

Ottoman tiles: 26 p.7-9; 28 p.4-5

Turkish figures: J7 p.19

‘Victorian Turkish Baths’, review (author M Shifrin): 77 p.22-23

‘Twentieth Century Decorative British Tiles’, review (author C Blanchett): 57 p.15

‘Twentieth Century Tiles’, review (authors H van Lemmen & C Blanchett): 38 p.7

Tylers Green, Penn: see Penn





Underground Railway, London:

H R Johnson & Craven Dunnill, tile contracts: 55 p.8

lighting and tiling: 54 p.17

new tiles & mosaics: 12 p.6-8

Poole tiles on: 76 p.13-15

‘Tiles of the Unexpected Underground’, review (author D Rose): 61 p.21

tiling, preliminary study: 3 p.4-5

‘Underground Stations of Leslie Green’, review (author D Leboff): 46 p.19

W B Simpson contract: 4 p.5

see also under names of stations

United States of America:

Albert Solon, tile maker and designer: J17 p.11-15

American Encaustic Tiling Company, Zanesville, Ohio: 11 p.4-5; J9 p.35-39; J17 p.8-11

architectural terracotta in, brief history: 70 p.3-6

Arts and Crafts Movement in: 26 p.4-5

Babylonian clay tablets, Fonthill, Doylestown: J9 p.8

British tile makers in: J17 p.3-20

Capitol, retiling: 72 p.7-8

Chicago, art tiles of Samuel M Nickerson House: J13 p.15-27

Detroit Public Library, Pewabic Pottery tiled fireplace: 31 p.11

encaustic tiles: J9 p.35-40

Fonthill Museum, Doylestown: J8 p.3-12; J9 p.5-10

Forsyth Children’s Dental Infirmary, Boston: J20 p.6

Forsyth Institute, Boston: 56 p.16

Harvard Square Subway Station, Cambridge, Mass: 6 p.3

International Tile Co Brooklyn: 38 p.4-6

Malibu Potteries: 20 p.5

Moravian Pottery & Tile Works: 15 p.5-12; 31 p.1-3; J9 p.3-12

Muskingham County Courthouse, Ohio: J9 p.35-40

New Jersey Terracotta Industry: 50 p.13

Pardee Works, New Jersey: J20 p.9

Pennsylvania Discovery of Tiles Guardbook: J6 p.3-9

Pennsylvania East High School tile mural; 40 p.12

Pewabic Pottery, Detroit: 31 p.11

photographic portrait tiles: 53 p.5-7

popular fiction on 19th century encaustic tiles: 44 p.7-8

Sea View Hospital, Staten Island NY: J20 p.5

Smithsonian Museum, Washington, collection: 10 p.2

terracotta in: 10 p.2; 12 p.3-4; 52 p.6-7

tile manufacturers: 20 p.5; 26 p.4-6

tile organisations in: 19 p.11

tiles and terracotta: 22 p.10; 27 p.10

United States Encaustic Tile Co, Indianapolis: J9 p.35-40

Warner Bros, film studios: 28 p.1




van der Leck, Bart (Dutch artist): 15 p.13

van Doesburg, Theo (Dutch artist): 17 p.15-16

van Eyck, Jan, tiles in painting by: 27 p.9

van Lemmen, Pat, obituary: 84 p.22

van Straaten, Martin (tile dealer):

importer of Dutch tiles: 49 p.6

tiles, use by C F A Voysey: 85 p.9

Vergette, Nicholas:

mural, Peterborough: 69 p.15-16; 72 p.19; 75 p.17

tile panel, recent discovery: 82 p.17-18

Victoria & Albert Museum:

ceramic study galleries: 66 p.22

Christina Sheppard tiles: 84 p.1 &3-5

content & aims of tile collection: 14 p.3-4

Peggy Angus tiles: 83 p.1 &3-6

Prince Albert portrait: 85 p.12-13

Pugin Exhibition 1994: 28 p.4

refreshment room toilets, tile restoration: 16 p.6 &8

Sally Anderson (Ceramics) Ltd: 81 p.8-10 &24

South Kensington Museum complex, use of terracotta: J26 p.12-25

South Kensington Museum, new wall tiles 1870: 55 p.5

spiral extension: J8 p.9

tile collection:

content and aims: 14 p.3-4; 53 p.3-4; 78 p.18-20

female painters: 85 p.11-13

painted tin-glazed floor tiles: 79 p.16-19

tile-mosaic and inlaid tiles: 80 p.15-18

Vanessa Bell painted tiles exhibition: 82 p.3-6

‘Victoria Baths, Manchester’s Water Palace’, review (author

P Williams): 51 p.19

‘Victorian Brickyards of Flintshire & Denbighshire’, review (author

A Connelly): 50 p. 18

Victorian tiles:

church tiles at Lichfield and Ashbourne: 18 p.1-2

line-impressed tiles: 16 p.11

source of designs: 7-8 p.4-5

Vienna: see Austria

Vietnamese tiles: 48 p.9

Villeroy & Boch: 24 p.10; 32 p.1; J25 p.31-32

Virebent Frères (tile makers): J15 p.30-35

Vis Collection: 57 p.8

Voysey, C F A (designer & architect):

Brighton Museum Exhibition 1978 catalogue: 64 p.7

links to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ designs: 64 p.7

Lister Drive Baths, Liverpool, tiles: 47 p.16

Pilkington ‘galleon’ tile: 81 p.11

self-caricature tile: 18 p.3

tile design and use, summary: 85 p.10

tile designs, various manufacturers: 85 p.3-11, &24

tiles misattributed to: 85 p.10

Vrubel, Mikhail (ceramist): 27 p.7-8

Vyne, The, Chapel, Hampshire: 3 p.1-2; 41 p.3-31





Wachau Castle, Saxony, Rotterdam Bible tiles: 66 p.16-19

Wade, J & W, Flaxman Tile Works: 19 p.12; 85 p.16-18

Wallasey, Unitarian Church, Della Robbia panels: 2 p.3

Wallis, Gilbert & partners (architects): J5 p.34-40; 36 p.11

Wally tiles, Paisley: 87 p.3-4

Walmsley, Joseph (tile designer): 60 p.6-7

Walsall, The New Art Gallery: 42 p.7; J8 p.9

Warden Abbey, Higham Ferrers, Northants: J1 p.23

Watcombe Terra Cotta Clay Co: 23 p.11-12


Alfred & Paul, architects: J3 p.11-14

Alfred, use of terracotta: 1 p.5; J8 p.7-8

Paul, advocate of leadless glazes: 16 p.11

Watson, Douglas, Studio, tile manufacturer: 83 p.17-20 &24


G F, (painter): 5 p.1 &6; J10 p.18-20; J24 p.23

Mary: 5 p.6

Mortuary Chapel, Compton, Surrey: 5 p.6; J14 p.37

Way, Albert, and medieval tiles: J5 p.7-10


& Co (manufacturer): 2 p.2; 80 p.9

Philip (designer & architect): J1 p.18-20


art nouveau tile: 74 p.13

blanks used by William de Morgan: 86 p.11-13

calendar tiles: 71 p.13

‘email ombrant’ decoration, 68 p.11

frieze at Henderson’s butchers, Castle Douglas: 90 p.7-9

Institute, Burslem: J2 p.21-27; J8 p.7; 75 p.5

Josiah, statue at Burslem: J2 p.23

Lady, opening of ‘Fired Earth’ Exhibition: 23 p.2-3

Marsden Patent Art Tiles: 10 p.4; 34 p.2-3; 68 p.12

new Museum announced: 55 p.9

Thomas Allen, designer: 68 p.12

Thomas Allen/Albert Moore link: J5 p.27-33

tile-making involvement: 68 p.11-12

‘Wedgwood’, review (author R Reilly): 22 p.11


Coachmakers Arms pub: 77 p.5

Horse & Jockey pub: 69 p.5

Wembley, Olympic Commemoration plaques: J18 p.8

West Kirby, Wirral, Doulton tile panels: 63 p.3-4; 66 p.10

Westfield Farm Cottages, Medmenham: 6 p.3

‘Weston-super-Mare Winter Gardens Tile Paintings’ (review): 89 p.23

Westraven: see under Ravesteyn

Whetstone, William, (manufacturer), Coalville: 17 p.14-15; 90 p.12-13

Whittington Church, Derbyshire: J9 p.13-14

Wigan, Pagefield Hotel: 76 p.4

Wightwick Manor, Wolverhampton: 2 p.1; J2 p.7

Wilcock & Co (manufacturer): see Burmantofts

Wilde, Frederick Henry (ceramist): 38 p.5-6; J17 p.15-16

Wileman & Co: 10 p.10

Williams-Ellis, Bronwyn (tile maker): 68 p.8-10

Willington, St Lawrence Church: 50 p.10

Wills, Frank (architect): 43 p.1-2

Wills, Frederick J, Lyons & Co architect: 55 p.14-15

Wilmington & Evered: 2 p.7

Winchester, King Alfred’s College Chapel: 48 p.6

Wincomlee Brick & Tile Works, Newcastle upon Tyne: 47 p.8

Winkle & Wood: 7-8 p.15

Wise, William (tile designer):

collaboration with Owen Gibbons: 9 p.2

sources for animal drawings: 1 p.1; 51 p.12

printing plates rescued: J14 p.11-12

Wolverhampton, Waggon & Horses pub: 78 p.5

Women in tile making: 90 p.17-18

Women on tiles:

advertising ‘Cervezas Mahou’: 77 p.5

‘aesthetic ladies’: 76 p.4

charioteer: 86 p.17

‘Dairy’ series, Carter & Co: 68 p.17

Diana the Huntress: 72 p.4

Doulton panels, West Kirby: 63 p.3; 66 p.11

‘Edwardian beauty’: 57 p.13

female figure, red lustre tile, Maw & Co: 10 p.7

girl on swing, girl with umbrella, Maw & Co: 3 p.8

Japanese Ladies, Maw & Co: 61 p.9

‘La Belle aux Chevaux d’Or’: 7-8 p.6

lady reclining: 5 p.4-5

Little Bo-Peep: 5 p.5; 10 p.3

months of the year: 70 p.8

Morris tiles: J1 p.17-18 &21

Renaissance girl’s heads, Malkin Edge: 3 p.8

scantily clad girls, Carters of Poole: 73 p.3

‘Summer’ and ‘Autumn’, Lucien Besche: 61 p.11

three maidens in classical settings: 74 p.6

Wood, W, & Co: 9 p.5; 11 p.3


George & Son Ltd: 18 p.8; 19 p.3

interview with: 39 p.7

Woolwich Garrison Church, tile restoration: 84 p.13-16


medieval tiles: 25 p.5; 88 p.14-15

Royal Porcelain Works – Victorian description: 37 p.12

Shrub Hill Railway Station: 11 p.9; 16 p.10

Working conditions in tile factories: J3 p.3-10; J4 p.31-32

Wraight, Carolyn, obituary: 79 p.23


millennium mural: 40 p.8-9

William Aston Hall, Peggy Angus tiles: 84 p. 21-22 &24

William Aston Hall


Albert H, (designer): 13 p.4-5

Samuel, of Shelton (manufacturer): J3 p.28-32; 28 p.11-12; 31 p.10

Wyatt, Parker & Co:

installation of York Minster floor: 90 p.3-6

invoice transcription: 90 p.4,6




Yale, William (tile decorator): 76 p.5


Minster Chapter House, restoration of Minton floor: 90 p.3-7

St Mary’s, Five Sisters installation: 65 p.8-9

Three Cranes pub, Sampson’s Square: 76 p.6


Abbeys, tiles in: J4 p.11-14; 22 p.1-3

East Riding NHS, Cottingham, architectural ceramic art: 80 p.7-8

Yorkshire Medieval Tile Project: J4 p.11-14

see also under names of towns




Zanesville trace tile: 14 p.1-2

Zola, Emile, Maison Médan, France, restoration: 62 p.16-17

Zoological Society London, tiles for: 25 p.1

Zsolnay, Vilmos (manufacturer): 34 p.7-8