Tile Makers & Manufacturers

 Atelier Colorante
Japan based pottery painting studio of Majolica and Cuerda seca tiles, sometimes using Japanese pottery techniques or designs.

 Maggie Angus Berkowitz
Ceramic Tile Artist.

 Company of Artisans
Building Conservation, Historic Building Demonstrations, Medieval Tile making, Living History and Arts and Crafts for events, museums and schools.

 Maggie Curtis
Site specific Architectural Ceramics.

 Victoria Ellis
Contemporary Tile Maker (see GE70)

 Hunter Art & Tile Studio
Handpainted Ceramic Tiles and Murals from the Scottish Borders. A small country workshop using traditional pottery techniques to create ceramic tiles and murals of original quality rather than high volume.

 Mizner Tile Studio
A one-of-a-kind tile studio producing custom hand-painted designs inspired from cultures around the world. Mizner Industries collaborates with architects, designers, builders and discerning homeowners across the United States and Europe to create beautiful tiles and trims to accent kitchens, swimming pools, niches, fountains, stair risers bathrooms and fireplaces.

 Matthew Raw
Artist working with clay in London & Paris.

 REPTILE tiles & ceramics
Highly original hand painted tiles and ceramics.

Amy Smith
Translucent porcelain lighting and bespoke surfaces, handmade in my beach studio in England.
Hand painted quartz Iznik Tiles

 Philippa Threlfall is a record of all the many ceramic and other murals carried out by Philippa Threlfall and her husband Kennedy Collings from the 1960s onward

Unique Tiles
Design Your Own Tiles
For those who want more than just ordinary tiles!

 Verdant Tile Co.
Hand Made Art Tiles & Vessels Made in the Spirit and Philosophy of the Arts & Crafts Movement. Our Ceramics are inspired by the Landscape, Flora and Fauna of France; The Colours of Provence and is mixed with the Aesthetics of William Morris and the English Arts & Crafts Movement. A Roycroft Master Artisan.


 The Jackfield Conservation Studio
Conservation and Restoration of Architectural Ceramics. New web site launched recently, which contains much free advice and information about historic tiles and their care. PACR Accredited Conservator.

Antique Tile Dealers

 The Hive, Cambridge
Antiques shop specialising in antique tiles, fireplace sets and hearth tiles


 Mario Baeck
Doctor of art science at Ghent University Belgium – researcher in art history – historic building materials. Researches the development of the Belgian industrial ceramic and cement tile for walls and floors during the 19th and 20th century in a European context. Attention is also given to the (im)possibilities of restoring historical tiling in interiors as well as exteriors.

 Hans van Lemmen
A free-lance tile historian, author and lecturer specialising in the history of medieval tiles, Coade stone, Dutch and English Delftware tiles, Victorian tiles and Art Nouveau tiles. He is a founder member and presently President of the Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society

 Dr Lynn Pearson
Independent architectural historian, writer and photographer specialising in architectural ceramics, the seaside and the buildings of the brewing industry. Author of the TACS Tile Gazetteer and editor of the TACS Journal.

Michael Padwee Michael Padwee
Tiles in New York blog and Historic U.S. Tiles Installation website.

Angella Rodgers Angella Rodgers
A researcher of Gibbs and Canning of Tamworth for many years, she is keen to share her research, and to receive any help others might offer. Her main interest is the terracotta and faience found on buildings, but she also gathers information on the factory and its other products. Her principal aim is to regularly increase the list of buildings with Gibbs and Canning architectural ceramics (which at the time of writing stands at 266.) This ambition also includes the acquisition of pictures of as many as possible.

Rachael D Sewell’s Instagram Photo Blog. Admirer of Victorian and Edwardian porch tiles, and wall tiles. This typology is a celebration of as many that she can find!

Tile Collectors

Paul Pitkin
I have a very modest collection of tiles. Some 3- 400 tiles, fairly eclectic but mainly interested in Carter of Poole [as I live there!] and of course Packard & Ord, Particularly the Trays. Also have a number of other tiles of various periods which I enjoy looking at. Always open to offers of exchange or purchase of the above products and also if any TACS member is in the area, give me a call, always happy to chat “Tiles”, —it is probably one of the most insular of collecting subjects and not the most social of activities. Appitkin @

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