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Welcome to the TACS searchable list of National Architectural Ceramics Locations

It must be stressed that mention of a building or other location in the list or the linked TACS Tile Gazetteer does not imply that it is open to the public. The reader should assume there is no public access, unless there is clear evidence of public admission. Every effort has been made to provide accurate location descriptions, but the reader should be aware that buildings are subject to change; tile pavements, for instance, may be hidden beneath carpets at short notice. Thus, the inclusion of a site in this listing does not guarantee any availability of public access or that any listed site remains in existence or is unchanged. The Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society and the Editor of the TACS Tile Gazetteer accept no liability of any kind whatsoever, however arising, which may result from the use of the database or the Gazetteer.

(N.B. Many locations may be inspected from the public highway, and the TACS programme of site visits often allows access to normally private locations, as do events such as Open or Heritage Days.)

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