‘Terracotta – common causes of degradation’ with Lesley Durbin

TACS Virtual Events 2021

This talk covers common causes of degradation in external terracotta and faience. It will be of benefit to architects, conservators and local authorities. However, all terracotta enthusiasts are welcome! Terracotta became a popular building material in the later 19th C up to the beginning of WW2. It has proved to be extremely durable, but one 150 years on from the early uses of the material many of our buildings are now in need of restoration, conservation and refurbishment. The talk focusses on problems encountered through neglect, pollution, unsympathetic repairs and manufacturing faults. Whilst not delving deeply into methods of repair, the talk will set the tone for discussion and encourage a shared exploration of the way forward for the future of this extraordinarily varied material.

Lesley Durbin began working in tile conservation in 1983 and is Senior Conservator at The Jackfield Conservation Studio. She has worked in the conservation of architectural ceramics for over 30 years. She holds Emeritus status of the Institute for Conservation and has acted as a reviewer for the Getty Institute in Los Angeles. She is author of Architectural Tiles, Conservation and Restoration, 2nd ed, Routledge 2015, ISBN 978-0-415-84058-3, the only standard industry text on conservation and restoration of tiles. She also acts as Conservation Advisor to TACS in a voluntary capacity. More info and help concerning conservation of architectural tiles can be found at www.jackfieldconservation.co.uk

Viewing time 45:50