Andrew O’Donnell: ‘Conservation case study – the Dorothy Annan panels’


Andrew O’Donnell, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM)


The relocation of a Grade II listed mural, designed by Dorothy Annan, from the former Central Telegraph Office on Farringdon Street to the highwalk between Speed House and the Barbican Centre is another chapter in the ever-evolving story of AHMM’s interventions into the Barbican. Originally commissioned in 1960 by the Ministry of Works, the mural comprises nine large tiled panels arranged as a linear series depicting abstractions of the telecommunications industry that formed part of the ‘white heat of British technology’ referred to by Harold Wilson at the time. Each panel is a bespoke and handsomely-made object, composed of 40 individually textured, painted and fired ceramic tiles. This session will explore the story of the mural’s relocation recognising significant contributions from a wide range of organisations including Lesley Durbin of The Jackfield Conservation Studio.