TACS Journal – Notes for Contributors

Editor: Drs Mario Baeck
Production Editor: Dr Lindsay Lennie
Email: journal.editor@tilesoc.org.uk

Editorial Board:

  • Tony Herbert Lecturer, Ironbridge Institute, University of Birmingham
  • Judy Rudoe British Museum
  • Alan Swale Lecturer, ceramic designer and historian
  • Hans van Lemmen Tile historian and author

Papers should be submitted in accordance with the Notes for Contributors

1. Articles submitted for publication in the TACS Journal are expected to be an in-depth study of a particular topic relating to tiles and architectural ceramics based on original research. Submission of an article implies that it has not been published elsewhere and it is not currently under submission for publication elsewhere. Articles should not be longer than 3000 words in length, unless specifically agreed with the editor beforehand. The title should indicate as briefly as possible the subject of the article.

2. Bibliographical references in the text should be numbered sequentially in superscript. They should be listed numerically at the end of the article using the Harvard style according to the following format. Books: Barnard, J. (1972) Victorian Ceramic Tiles. London, Studio Vista. Articles: Greene, B. (1982) The Godwins of Hereford, Journal of the Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society, Vol. 1, pp. 8-16. Websites: Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society TACS Publications (cited 11th January 2005).

3. Illustrations should be of good quality and can be in the form of black­and-white photographs, colour photographs, transparencies, or digital images. Print-outs of digital images must be accompanied by the original jpeg based images on floppy disc. Usually there is room for 5 or 6 illustrations within the average length article. Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission to publish illustrations of which they do not own the copyright.

4. Publication is speeded by care in preparation. Submitted articles should be typed in double spacing with wide margins using only one side of each sheet. Sheets should be numbered. The top copy and five good duplicates should be submitted and a copy retained by the author. An article already accepted for publication may be submitted as an electronic file; if footnotes have been created using field codes, these field codes must be removed.

5. The Journal operates a policy of peer review. Papers will be normally read and commented on by at least two referees as well as the Editor. Papers should be submitted before the 1st December annually to be considered for publication in the Journal of the following year.

6. Proofs are sent to authors for correcting of printing errors, but not for introduction of new or different material. Corrected proofs should be returned to the Editor as quickly as possible. Proofs not returned on time will be regarded as not requiring correction.

7. To protect the interest of authors against unauthorised reproduction TACS requires the copyright to be assigned to the Society, but on the express condition that authors may use their own material elsewhere at any time without permission. Authors will receive two complimentary copies of the Journal on publication.

8. The Editor reserves the right to make stylistic or biographical amendments.