TACS How to set about conservation of tiles, terracotta, and faience.

The Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society (TACS) has as one of its major aims the protection and conservation of tiles and architectural ceramics.

To pursue this aim, it relies on members of the public bringing to its attention proposals for the demolition or radical alteration of buildings which have interesting tiles or other ceramic architectural features – whether inside or out.

This information sheet is intended to help you take immediate steps to promote the conservation of any such building that you believe to be at risk. The advice applies equally to any tile panels located in public places, which you perceive to be under threat.

As a small charitable society TACS is limited in what it can do to help but is committed to supporting local campaigns to save important historic tiles and terracotta wherever possible.

Steps to take

Any re development must, by law, go through the local authority planning process. Plans for redevelopment must be advertised by means of a Planning Notice at the site.
If you see a Planning Notice which may affect tiles which you believe to have some importance to your local area or community take the following steps;

  • Make a note of the planning number and check it on your Local Authority Planning web site or go direct to the local planning offices.
  • Lodge an objection immediately
  • Encourage others to lodge objections also.

Once an objection is lodged the local conservation officer must then make a report to the planning committee which will make a decision on the development as a whole but must take the tiles into consideration. Talk to your local conservation officer and persuade him or her to support your case.
You may make your objections on a variety of material planning reasons; chiefly amongst those would be that;

  • The tiles are historically important in their own right
  • They represent an important part of the local social history
  • They are of amenity value

How can TACS help?

TACS may be able to help in several ways. Either you, the Conservation Officer or the local authority planning officer dealing with the case, can Contact TACS who will, if possible, give an historic background to the tiles and say why they are important.

TACS might also decide to contact Historic EnglandThe Twentieth Century Society or The Victorian Society

Local support

However local support is of paramount importance, gather as much local history about the tiles or terracotta as possible and;

  • Talk to the owner and get them on-side, they may not have understood the value of their assets.
  • Search the TACS locations data base,(insert link) you may find useful information about your tiles
  • alert your local civic or historic society
  • take photographs and gather information wherever possible.
  • start a press campaign and petition and involve your local museum
  • write to your local councillor or even your local MP, and if you have a local celebrity get them involved too.

The above information is for guidance only. TACS does not accept responsibility for any actions taken in response to information and advice