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Little Holland House, 40 Beeches Avenue, was designed, built and furnished by the artist and craftsman Frank Reginald Dickinson (1874-1961) in 1902-4. Unable to afford the arts and crafts style home of his dreams, Dickinson - who was employed by Doulton’s at their Lambeth works - determined to build his own house. He was assisted by two of his brothers, a labourer, and his fiancée; the couple moved in on their wedding day and spent their honeymoon completing their ideal home. The furnishings include arts and crafts tiles in several fireplaces, most probably designed by Dickinson and perhaps made by Doulton. Little Holland House was bought by the Borough of Sutton in 1972.

The Water Tower, West Street, is a brick-built entertainment building put up in the pleasure garden of Sir John Fellowes’s Carshalton House around 1716-21; Fellowes was Sub-Governor of the South Sea Company. Inside the Tower is a suite of rooms including a pump room, saloon and orangery. The bathroom, with its huge and probably cold water bath, is lined with blue, manganese and white tin-glazed tiles; all the decorated tiles show flowers in vases (Fig 180). It is unclear whether the tiles were Dutch-made or imported (Skelton refers to them as Anglo-Dutch), and their date is uncertain, as the first reference to the tiled bath is in 1839.[1] However, it is possible that they were installed when the Water Tower or Water House was built, and in any case they constitute an unusual in situ survival of early tin-glazed tiles. The building is now administered by the Water Tower Trust and the Friends of Carshalton Water Tower.


1.^         Andrew Skelton, 'The Carshalton Water Tower Tiled Bath - a study in Anglo-Dutch tiles', TACS Journal, 7 (1998), pp31-4.

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