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Place Description Manufacturers County (pre-1974) Country Verification Other Verification
ARMITAGE St John's Church Minton & Co Staffordshire England VG28 2010
ARNCROACH Kellie Castle (NTS, 1970) Fife Scotland VO 2011
ARNOLD Dairy Farm, Mansfield Road. Octagonal dairy (LBD) (no public access) Nottinghamshire England VG24 NPA
ARUNDEL St Nicholas Church Godwin, William SussexW England VG31-2 2010
ASH MAGNA Church (LBD) Encaustic tiled floor Shropshire England
ASH PRIORS Holy Trinity Church (LBD) Somerset England VO LBD270216
ASHBOURNE St Oswald’s Church Derbyshire England VG8 2010
ASHBOURNE Methodist Church Derbyshire England VG8 2010
ASHBOURNE shop, Dig Street Derbyshire England VG8 2010
ASHBRITTLE St John Baptist Church Somerset England VG27 2010
ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH Coleorton Hall Coade's Artificial Stone Manufactory Leicestershire England VG19 2010
ASHFORD St Peter’s Church Maw & Co Devon England VG9 2010
ASHILL St Stephen’s Church Devon England VG9 2010
ASHILL St Nicholas Church. East wall tiling (LBD) Norfolk England VO LBD
ASHINGTON St Vincent's Church. Tiled reredos Somerset England VO 1995
ASHLEY St Mary's Church Northamptonshire England VG22 2010
ASHREIGNEY St James Church. Medieval tiles Devon England VG9 2010
ASHTON-U-LYNE Albion United Reformed Church Pilkingtons Lancashire England VG18 2010
ASHTON-U-LYNE Clarence Arcade, now offices & gated, Stamford St/Delamere St. White glazed brick interior. 1894 Lancashire England VO 2009
ASHTON-U-LYNE ex-Metro Cinema, Old Street/Delamere St. 1920. Closed 2003. Cream faience facade Lancashire England VO 2009

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