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  Place Description Manufacturers County (pre-1974) Country Verification Other Verification
ANDREAS Church. One Rowley Hill memorial plaque Isle Man England
ANGLE Angle Church Pembrokeshire Wales VG39 2010
ANLABY St Peter's Church Craven Dunnill Yorks E England VG35-2 2010
ANNAN Jopson's Jewellers Dumfries&Galloway Scotland VG38 2010
ANNESLEY All Saints Church. Chancel pavement, 1874. Under carpet Powell & Sons Nottinghamshire England
ANSTEY Martin High School (no public access) Leicestershire England VG19 2010;NPA
APPERLEY Holy Trinity Church Gibbs & Canning Gloucestershire England VG13 2010
APPLEBY Appleby War Memorial Swimming Pool Cumbria England VG7 2010
APPLEDORE St Peter & St Paul Church Kent England VG17 2010
APPLEDORE The Appledore Plaque, old railway station. Artist: Maggie Curtis Devon England VO 2010
APPLEDRAM St Mary the Virgin Church SussexW England
ARBORFIELD St Bartholomew's Church Minton & Co Berkshire England VG2 2010
ARBROATH Smithies Angus Scotland VG38 2010
ARBROATH C.J. Fleming & Sons, butchers shop, 27 Westport - complete 1930s tiled interior, mildly art deco Angus Scotland VO 2010
ARBROATH Kirk Square - tile mosaic by Elizabeth McFall, 1991 Angus Scotland VO 2010
ARBROATH Arbroath Abbey Angus Scotland VG38 2010;HS
ARDINGTON Ardington Pottery Minton & Co Oxfordshire England VG25 2010
ARDLEIGH St Mary the Virgin Essex England VG12 2010
ARKESDEN St Mary Church Minton & Co Essex England VO 2010
ARLINGTON St James Church Powell & Sons Devon England VG9 2010

The entries in the Verification and Other Verification fields are not comprehensive i.e. not all locations that are NT, EH, gone from the Tile Gazetteer, LBD / NHL listed, in GE or the Journal, etc. are identified as such.

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