Walking on a Work of Art (SPAB study day on historic floors 8 June 2016)

SPAB study day on historic floors, which will take place on 8 June at Canterbury Cathedral.

Historic floors are not just functional features of a building but can be works of art in their own right, often demonstrating skilled craftsmanship and incorporating decorative materials or features.  Through a combination of lectures and case studies, including the cosmati pavements at Canterbury and Westminster Abbey, the day will explore the significance of historic floors and technical aspects of maintaining and repairing these works of art, which are constantly worn by the feet of worshippers and visitors.  The event will include a walking tour of the cathedral to think about these issues on site.

To complement the study day, SPAB are also offering two hands-on workshops on 9 June where, with expert guidance, participants can explore the techniques and materials of medieval tile making and mosaic floor laying.

See the SPAB website for more information:

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